English kittens don’t like to eat. They don’t like to move their eyes

       People also secrete eye excrement every day. Healthy cats also have them. And if you pay attention to observation, although cats often bathe themselves, they can’t touch their eyes. But if they secrete too much, they are sick. If they observe their eyes, if the cat’s spirit is normal, and if they secrete too much eye droppings, they will become inflamed just like people. Maybe the weather is too dry Or if your cat has a cold, don’t use eye drops that people use. It’s recommended to go to the veterinarian because the drugs used by cats are different from ours. Some doses we use may seriously damage the cat. If your cat is not serious, just hang some dry ones and wipe it off with a soft dry tissue But the cat’s most healthy time is no eye excrement’s eye big bright ~ ~! My Mimi is suffering from endocrine disorder recently. I’m looking for a doctor to find medicine. The poor little guy is beginning to get acne!

       It’s because of high sodium intake.

       There are many reasons for not eating. It is suggested to observe the defecation and mental state of pets. If you have symptoms such as mental depression and diarrhea, please take your pet to the hospital as soon as possible. If the defecation is normal and the spirit is good, you don’t have to worry about it for the time being. Try to feed some low sodium food, try to feed wet food, and pay attention to the pet’s drinking water

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