Especially want to have a cat but can’t – like a cat but can’t, what should I do?

       I had this experience. I had two cats, and one of them couldn’t be kept for some reason. My suggestion is to choose the cat lovers around you to get rid of them and raise them. If you are an acquaintance, you can visit the cat from time to time. Because people around me don’t particularly love cats, so I asked my friends in the circle of friends if they wanted to have a cat, and then a few good friends forwarded it, and then the friend’s friend chose to adopt my cat. Friends of friends, although you are not familiar with, but at least have your friends for protection, it is better than strangers who do not know anything. It’s better to take the cat out than to let it wander.

       1. [benefits] you are in a good mood when you watch all kinds of cute cats every day. Youmuyou is very soft. It’s very comfortable to sleep with. You can warm the quilt in winter. The cat’s body temperature is higher than that of people. When you watch TV on the couch, you can put the cat on your leg..

       Disadvantages….. It seems that as long as the owners manage properly, there is no harm..

       2. The germs on cats are almost the same as dogs and people. It seems that they discriminate against small animals. In fact, the germs on people are much older. Good in vivo and in vitro deworming is no problem, unless the owner in preparation for pregnancy, must go to the pet hospital for Toxoplasma examination, the owner himself should also check.. No more problems.

       3. The young cats have weak resistance and can’t bear the cold. They can’t feed freely. Otherwise, they are easy to get sick. However, after three or four months, they seldom have very serious diseases,

       4. Cats don’t need to run, which is much easier than keeping a dog (unless the owner has a strange idea and has to take it out for a walk…)

       5. The question of what kind of cat to keep. In fact, it really depends on the edge of the eye. In other words, whoever keeps the cat looks like who, and the fate of the fate is arranged. It’s ok if you like it. It doesn’t mean that it has to be a breed of cat. I personally think that the average cat can be like a cat.

       If you have to have a breed of cat, the Russian blue cat is one of the more gentle cats,,

       If there are many decorations, it is not very convenient if it is fragile, because cats like to jump to high places. It thinks that high places are the safest places

       Keeping a cat needs to do internal and external deworming for it. There are such services in pet shops or pet hospitals. Many people say that there will be Toxoplasma gondii in pets, but it can be done after deworming. And although the Toxoplasma gondii is said to be infectious, it is transmitted through feces. An article jokingly said that as long as you don’t eat pet’s feces, it will be OK

       The better a cat is, the more expensive it is, and it is easy to have gastrointestinal problems. The most common place for a cat to go wrong is its intestines and stomach, but usually it will not have too serious consequences. However, compared with dogs, it is still tough, but after all, it is alive, and the disease can not be completely avoided

       Domestic cats don’t like to go out. If you want to raise them, let them go out to play by themselves and give them a way to go home. However, it is necessary to sterilize them to avoid more lives coming into this strange world~

       Ordinary cats are very good. You don’t need any famous species. If you keep it, you will feel that your cat is the most lovely, beautiful and precious cat in the world. If you want to be famous, I personally prefer British short haired cats. They are quiet, sticky and gentle, and their intestines and stomachs are also good. But in fact, my baby is the most common one

       When I was in primary school, I wanted to have a Wang Xingren. The reason was that it was fun. My parents rejected me because I was too young to have a pet. At that time, I was not too sad. I was more excited to go to work with my feet. When I was in junior high school, I still wanted to have a Wang Xingren. My parents said that I was very nervous in junior high school. I didn’t have the energy and time to raise this thing. I didn’t want to raise it very much. I had to give up. Now that I am in high school, I once again expressed to my mother that I want to have a little pet. She said that high school is busy and it is not suitable to cultivate puppies. To keep them, I have to raise them since I was a child.

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