Estrus symptoms in male cats after castration

       Male cat after sterilization urine is still shy, only after the sterilization operation, the cat will not appear random micturition situation.

       The urine of male cats will still smell after sterilization. The smell of cat urine itself is relatively heavy, which has little to do with never sterilizing. It is just that after sterilization, hormone secretion will gradually decrease, and there is less phenomenon of random urination marking. Essentially, sterilization will not change the taste of cat urine. The owner should consider this point clearly. In addition, male cats do have to be sterilized, because it can prevent male cats from getting inflammation and other reproductive system diseases in old age.

       Is male cat urine still shy after sterilization

       Male cats after sterilization surgery will appear disorderly urine, because of the cat’s previous estrus habits or incomplete surgery.

       1. Habits left over from previous oestrus

       Both male and female cats will develop a habit at the first estrus. Female cats become restless and like to go out frequently. The female cat in estrus will also emit similar whoops day and night, and the call will be more intense at night. A small number of female cats will urinate around or have poor appetite. During the estrus period, they will squat on the ground with their buttocks high and wait for the male cats.

       When the male cat is in estrus, he likes to urinate everywhere. When he is in estrus, he will take a standing position, hold his tail high, and spray urine on a vertical object. When spraying urine, the tail will be accompanied with shaking phenomenon. These cats will form a habit, even after sterilization, some cats will still have the symptoms of estrus.

       2. The operation was incomplete

       In addition to the cat will leave the habit of estrus before, there is another reason is that when the cat is sterilized, it is not done thoroughly, resulting in the cat will continue to estrus. Therefore, pet owners must choose a good hospital and veterinarian when sterilizing cats. They should not go to small clinics without business license or pet hospitals with poor evaluation to sterilize cats.

       3. The heat should be restrained

       If the cat will urinate after sterilization, the pet owner should take the cat to the pet hospital to check whether the operation is not done well. If not, the pet owner can only restrain the cat’s estrus. Pet owners can feed some anti estrus powder to the cat when the cat is in estrus, so as to temporarily restrain the cat’s estrus.

       The cat needs to be reexamined after sterilization.

       1¡¢ Sterilization methods are different

       Speaking of the advantages and disadvantages of sterilization, it is estimated that many excrement removal officials can say the truth, but do you really distinguish the sterilization method? If it’s a cat with ligation, oestrus is not really its pot.

       Some novice excrement shoveling officers are inexperienced and muddle along their cats after ligation, thinking that the owner of the cat will not be in estrus. I can only say to you with regret that you think too much.

       2¡¢ The operation was incomplete

       3¡¢ Sterilization time

       Many excrement removal officers think that they are once and for all after sterilization. However, within half a year of sterilization (castration), due to the stimulation of surgery, the hormone levels in some male cats need a period of time to reach equilibrium, which is not so fast and stable.

       These gifted cat stars will continue to oestrus under the influence of androgen. Although in the end, they can’t do anything shameful because of hardware problems, but they still have to rub their kittens.

       4¡¢ Psychological impulse

       This way of oestrus is called psychological impulse. Even the male cat after sterilization may not resist the “temptation from the next door”, which makes the excrement removal officials eager to incarnate as the hero of a family ethics drama and shout: “Hello, Sao!”

       In fact, it is not difficult to solve such problems. First of all, we should try our best to separate the sterilized male cat from the estrous female cat.

       5¡¢ After the estrus, you go to sterilization.

       So we must pay attention to the above points when we sterilize the cat, otherwise we will suffer from it and the cat will suffer with it!

       Usually, the second and third phases are the most likely to succeed. Female cats in estrus, eyes bright, loss of appetite, increased activity, like to go out wandering, especially at night, appears restless. At this time, he was gentle and liked to linger in the master. If you touch and lower the cat’s back with her hand, the estrous female cat will be still, sometimes holding her tail high and making a “Mimi” call. Sometimes it makes a call of £¢ to attract the male cat. After seeing the male cat, he is extremely excited. He takes the initiative to approach the male cat. When he sees the male cat, he will make a “ouao” call and show his special intimacy with the male cat. He squats down, steps and raises his tail to allow the male cat to climb.

       If the oestrus female cat is locked in the room, it will rush around and be very restless. If a male cat walks around the cage or hears the male cat’s cry, it will violently scratch the doors and windows and rush out. Cats can reach sexual maturity after 6 to 8 months of age. At this time, the male cat’s androgen can produce androgen, the female cat’s ovary can ovulate, and appear periodic estrus performance. However, it is best not to let the cat reproduce at this time, because the cat’s body is not yet mature, and its bones, muscles and viscera are still growing and developing.

       If you do not intend to let the cat pregnant and give birth, you should close the cat, not let it run around. Some cat owners think that their neighbors don’t have male cats, so they can’t let the female cats out. This is a misconception, because male and female cats have strong sexual attraction and communication skills. In rural areas, if there is a estrous female cat in a village, and the male cat in the neighboring village will “hear” the news within a few kilometers.

       The female cat can’t more than three times in one estrus. Male cats should not be more than twice a day, with an interval of more than 10 hours. Frequent sexual intercourse will make the cat tired and seriously affect its growth and development. If the male and female cats are not suitable for reproduction, they should be castrated in time to achieve the goal of once and for all.


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