Estrus time of kittens

       1. Cat development:

       The arrival of puberty in cats is extremely sudden and rapid. Cats develop very early. When they are still kittens, as long as they pose casually, they can get estrus, which makes people gape. Female cats usually have their first hair 7-8 months after birth, at the latest when they are 1 year old. According to the cat’s breed and living environment, it will be different. In general, Horo cats develop in 7-8 months after birth, while Persian cats develop in 10-18 months. Recently, perhaps because of the good nutrition, some cats have been in estrus for about one year old, and can have sex until they are about 10 years old.

       Through observing the behavior, we can find out whether it is in the estrus period. Although the female cat in estrus is not bleeding like the dog, it is obviously different from the usual, so the owner can easily find out. First, fidgety, no appetite. In the master’s feet to rub to rub, but also made the male cat upset call, in the room a small amount of urination. While walking, he rubbed his buttocks on the floor. He squatted and sat with his tail up. He bowed his waist and made a low voice. He put on a posture of being a man. Male cats, on the other hand, are oestrus by the smell and call of the oestrus female. The urine stinks more than usual, barks restlessly, and rushes out. In the cat world, it must be the female cat who chooses the male cat. If the male cat that he doesn’t like comes up, the female cat will make an angry cry and lie down on the ground to make it unable to succeed. Immature male cats will not pay attention to them even if they are close to them.

       If you don’t want to make the cat pregnant, sterilize it as soon as possible. The period from winter to early summer is the estrus period of the cat. 5-10 days each time. If not, oestrus again after 2 or 3 weeks. If the period is not allowed to have sex, hormonal imbalance makes the interval between estrus shortened, will continue to oestrus. So if you don’t want to breed a cat, you should sterilize it as soon as possible.

       2. The first time

       Discuss with experts on the selection of mating cats. If you want purebred cats to breed, you should first choose a son-in-law. First go to the cat club and pet store to consult and tell them what they think. Experienced experts will help you with the mating procedures. For the first time, females should choose experienced males. Lead the unskilled female cats to success in a short time. In addition, the following conditions shall be met:

       1. Whether they are over 2 years old, healthy and fertile.

       2. Whether it is authentic and pure breed.

       3. Whether the owner has many other cats, and whether it has an elegant environment.

       4. Whether they are closely related to each other. After determining the object, negotiate the conditions. ***How much is the fee and whether to “return the child”, that is, to send a kitten to the other party after birth, should be negotiated in detail to avoid disputes. Female cats who go to someone else’s house for sex education are very tired both physically and mentally. They should be given a health check before the event, whether they have been vaccinated, whether they have skin diseases, fleas and ear lice, and have stool tests to see if there are parasites.


       3. Take care of pregnant female cats

       ***Three weeks later, the pregnant cat had a 90% chance of pregnancy. The gestational period is 63 days, but it is generally considered to be 56-65 days. ***Three weeks later, the cat’s penis swelled and turned pink. This is the first sign of pregnancy. Cats rarely “vomit”. However, they will have mild vomiting 4-17 days after the event, and their preference for food has also changed. It basically lasts for 2-3 days. ***After 4-5 weeks, the stomach bulged slightly. The size of the stomach varies from fetus to fetus. During this period, cats are prone to miscarriage, so don’t touch their bellies. Short hair varieties, due to the role of hormones, hair color is very shiny. After 7 weeks, the stomach was more obvious and the mammary glands were opened. The body weight increased by 1-1.5 kg, and the movement was also slightly slow.

       Pregnant cats, which are rich in protein and calcium, have increased appetite at 4 weeks of fetal development. For the cat with appetite, you can double the amount of food, but you can’t give too much at a time. You should give it 3-4 times. Food should be rich in protein and calcium necessary for fetal growth, such as liver, lean meat, eggs, milk, cheese, dried fish, etc. should be fresh and easy to digest. Severe diarrhea during pregnancy can lead to miscarriage, so pay attention not to have a full meal or indigestion.

       Consult the veterinarian about the diseases and abnormal conditions during pregnancy. If you get sick after pregnancy, you can’t take medicine for the cat without authorization. You should consult the veterinarian. At this time, the most important thing is to tell the veterinarian the exact time. In addition, it is necessary to observe it regularly and ask a veterinarian to check if there is blood, even if it is very small. If the cat can be treated quietly, even if some of the fetus died, the rest can still be saved. When pregnant, moderate exercise is also necessary, but jumping from a high place or being with a male cat may lead to miscarriage, so take care of it carefully.

       Why pay first?! Should not only match and give birth to purebred kittens and then pay! What if she gave birth to a woman?!

       He put the blame on your female cat. Is his male cat not in estrus?

       It doesn’t take 60 days to mate with cats. If they are in estrus, they will not be shy and shameless. The male cats will be eager to ride up under your eyes with the female’s neck, and the female cats will not resist. After that, the female cats will roll around, and they will repeat the actions after a few times. At most, they will stay together for a day or two at most. The frequency of sexual intercourse on the first day will be very frequent, The next is next. After mating, you can take the baby back and wait for the birth of the kitten!

       Experience for reference.

       Think this cat house is suspected of fraud! The first time, if the cat is not in estrus, why is it charged? And remember to ask the other party to provide the video next time, so that you can judge what the situation is! As long as in the estrus period, the female cat kicks the leg, basically the male cat can match! In this case, either the male cat will not match at all! Or they didn’t match you! There’s nothing wrong with this request for a refund!

       Solution: trust the cat house again and ask for the video of the whole process of cat matching! Video as the basis! (* *) when the male cat holds the female cat’s neck, the female cat cooperates with the female cat’s legs. The male cat will ride on the female cat’s body with the female cat’s neck in his mouth. When the male cat enters and pulls away from the female cat, JJ will stab the female cat, and the female cat will roar. The male cat jumps away to avoid the female cat’s return attack on the male cat. The female cat starts to lick and roll! Count as one success!)

       In order to ensure the mating time, it should be about a week. If the recent one is taken away, it will not be brought back again. To tell you the truth, it’s basically that after mating, you have to pay for the cat when you come to take it away. It’s impractical like the one mentioned above. You have to wait until you take it away after mating and give birth. Ha ha, to tell the truth, people are afraid that if you take your cat after mating and give birth to a child, you don’t pay for it? If it’s a liar who has ignored her for a long time, it doesn’t matter whether he matches her or not. And it will take at least two or three months for your cat to give birth to a kitten. Now other people have no way to have no match, want to refund money with him to discuss, after all, let you wait so long, he is embarrassed to speak first. Pure or not depends on the situation, not necessarily guaranteed. If her cat has a certificate and pedigree, it is purebred (the certificate can also be bought, but if the regular cat house is at least at ease, if it is a private self calling cat house, it is not necessarily), but your cat must be pure? If one of them is not purebred, how can we get purebred offspring?

       This question… Generally speaking, it can’t be refunded because the money you get is easily refunded to you when you are in business. Generally speaking, it will be matched again for you. Cats are different from dogs. They are not as simple as you think. If you put the male and female together for several times, even if it is successful, it is not so simple. You must have the estrus of the mother Male and female together for a few days, is a few days Oh… These days will not stop the sex, generally no accident, 2 days to a week can be pregnant

       The Bai phase of estrus cycle in cats is seasonal. Du usually begins in September and reaches its peak in March to April, Dao, June and September. Generally speaking, from October to December. Female cats don’t oestrus, but there are exceptions. This seems to have something to do with the intensity of the light. Therefore, domestic cats fed indoors are less likely to have no estrus. In any stage, two or three two-week cycles can occur, each lasting 2-4 days.

       For cats that have already been in estrus, the hormone levels in the body need a period of time to completely subside, so they will still have the behavior of making trouble with cats within 2 or 3 months after sterilization. As hormone levels decrease, this phenomenon will gradually disappear.

       According to the relevant Bai literature, the female cat will have Du estrus every 21 days. In fact, it may not be so frequent. It may occur once a month. Of course, the signs of estrus in some breeds of cats are very shallow, and they may not even have the expression of estrus. During the estrus period, the female cat will cry innocently, lose appetite and lose hair. If there is no plan, it is better to sterilize them immediately.

       Just kept a few months of small milk cat, growing up day by day, shovel excrement officer deeply pleased, but one day suddenly began to appear abnormal behavior.

       The kitten will roll and howl. The little male cat will do indescribable actions to toys and urinate.

       When a lot of excrement shoveling officers still think their cats are babies, these little guys are maturing at a speed that can’t be heard.

       1¡¢ How old is a cat in estrus?

       Cat estrus and age has the most direct relationship, the most recognized saying is that the cat in 5-6 months, is the period of estrus. Some cats, such as Siamese, will be in estrus when they are 4 months old, and some cats may be in estrus at 10 or 12 months.

       Authentic cat film

       If the cat is alone, the oestrus period will be later. If the cat has a life with other cats of the opposite sex, the estrus period will generally be earlier.

       The estrus of short hair domestic cat is earlier than that of long hair cat. Generally, the short hair cat will enter the estrus period at 5-6 months, but the long hair cat may enter the estrus period after 10 months.

       2¡¢ What is the estrus cycle of a cat?

       Grapefruit once mentioned that a cat’s oestrus lasts about 7-14 days, and it repeats every 14-21 days. We can clearly see the track of the cat’s oestrus through the following figure

       The female cat has multiple courtship periods and is in estrus throughout the year. This is very different from Wang Xingren. The dog has only two estrus periods a year.

       In general, the breeding season of cats is in spring and early autumn, so as to avoid the low survival rate of kittens born in winter. Because domestic cats are affected by artificial lighting, the seasonality is not obvious.

       3¡¢ Characteristics of cat hair

       1. Listen to her voice

       At this time, the cat will often walk around the room, and make a wail, as if crying. This kind of call is usually loud and continuous, so you can’t sleep at night.


       2. To see if she behaves restlessly

       Constant walking, difficult to sit down or lie down, is an important feature of cat estrus. Usually accompanied by a call.

       3. There’s a lot of freaky little movements

       When a female cat is in estrus, it is usually sticky and affectionate. If your cat is usually cold and cold, she may become a little girl during estrus. Keep rubbing your ankles to keep you from walking

       Rub your cheek against the furniture, the corner of the table

       Pee everywhere, leaving their own smell

       Male cats may***

       4. The cat’s tail will lean to one side

       A typical feature of a cat’s oestrus is that its tail will lean to one side. When you touch her back close to her caudal vertebrae, she’ll turn her tail to one side. This is to facilitate the male cat to enter her hole.

       5. Pout your ass

       The cat will put its front paws out, its head against the ground, and its buttocks pout high.

       6. Can you roll

       Some cats roll on the ground when they are in heat, and they howl at the same time. This situation, generally not because your cat is sick, so don’t worry.

       7. Will you lick the shy part

       When a cat is in estrus, her hole is usually swollen and the cat is not comfortable, so she will lick it. This kind of swelling is slight, you can’t see it under normal circumstances.

       8. The cat wants to go out

       If there is no heterosexual cat during estrus, she may want to go out and find one for herself.

       4¡¢ What should we pay attention to in estrus

       1. In the cat’s estrus period, you need to pay attention to is, remember to seal the door and window, do not let the cat have the opportunity to go out. Windows can not leave a gap, when you go out, remember to take care of the door. The cat in estrus has a strong impulse to go out to seek a mate, so you must pay attention to it!!


       3. Don’t buy anything disorderly. It’s deceptive to publicize drugs that can inhibit cat’s oestrus, cat food and so on. These things are deceptive. I think there are many such things in the market, so I specially write them out to remind those white cat friends.

       4. Of course, you must be patient and endure the howling of cats from time to time for 7 to 10 days. So it’s a great thing for you and your cat to be sterilized before the cat’s estrus.

       Throughout the year, it is the season of the cat’s oestrus, and the female cat is no exception, but the frequency is more frequent in spring.

       Generally speaking, each oestrus for 4-6 days, the interval between about a week, will continue to estrus. In winter, the frequency is slightly less frequent.

       Female cats are sexually mature after 6 months, and generally more than 5 months will have oestrus.

       Under natural conditions, except for the hottest dog days in summer, cats can estrus, but the best breeding season is spring and autumn. After sexual maturity, the female cat oestrus once every 20-28 days. The estrus lasts for 3-7 days, and the required time is about 2-3 days. Female cats in estrus, eyes bright, loss of appetite, increased activity, like to go out wandering, especially at night, appears restless. At this time, he was gentle and liked to linger in the master. If you touch and lower the cat’s back with her hand, the estrous female cat will be still, sometimes holding her tail high and making a “Mimi” call. Sometimes it makes a call of £¢ to attract the male cat. After seeing the male cat, he is extremely excited. He takes the initiative to approach the male cat. When he sees the male cat, he will make a “ouao” call and show his special intimacy with the male cat. He squats down, steps and raises his tail to allow the male cat to climb.

       Estrus characteristics

       If there are many obvious changes in your body and behavior, such as increased pleasure, increased activity, irritability, barking, and bright eyes, these are all signs of the mini Schnauzer’s estrus. If the pup’s ass is bloody with blood mucus, then you can be sure that your dog is in estrus.

       Estrus cycle

       Estrus of female Mini Schnauzer: the estrus period is 6 months. The first estrus period is 6-10 months after birth. However, once the oestrus period is over, it is not allowed for a male dog to have sex with him before the arrival of the next estrus cycle of 6 months. Estrus of male Mini Schnauzer: there is no special estrus period for male dogs. If they are sexually mature 6-8 months after birth, any time can be used. Once a female dog is stimulated by the scent of her estrus, she wants to have sex with her.

       Best period

       When the estrus comes, the mini schnauer female dog will have increased urination frequency, congestion and swelling of the * * part, and soon begin to excrete bloody mucus, which starts bleeding after 3-4 consecutive days.

       After 10 days, the bleeding was stopped, followed by a yellowish liquid leucorrhea, which was the ovulation period. It’s also the best time for the mini Schnauzer to be exact, 12-13 days from the beginning of bleeding.


       Mini Schnauzer puppies can be born before the age of 8, which is a low pregnancy rate. Moreover, they can’t aspire to give birth to a fully healthy Miniature Schnauzer. Let the dog have a baby before 6. But the production itself means life-threatening for a skinny female dog.

       Generally, it starts from about 6 to 10 months, and individual starts from 14 months

       The estrus and maturity of male cats are generally 4-6 months later than that of female cats. Some male cats have already had sex when they are 4-5 months old. It can also mate with female cats, but it needs at least 3.5 kg to be able to mate.

       Estrus is the pregnancy period of a female cat. Generally, a female cat has oestrus once every two to three months. The number of oestrus varies with breed, environment, constitution and age. The female cat’s call will be lower, the number of calls will increase, will become very friendly to people, will also use the body to rub people or objects, or roll on the ground. A few female cats in puberty have poor appetite or urinate everywhere.

       The female cat will oestrus once every 2-3 weeks until the event succeeds. Each female cat has its own cycle, but once the estrus cycle begins, it follows a similar cycle. Generally, the estrus period of a female cat is 4 to 6 days.

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