Fat paper, lose weight! ¡ª¡ªHow to lose weight

       Weight loss is an eternal topic on the blue planet, and it’s a world problem to lose weight for meow people, OK?! Finally, I made up my mind to feed less. As a result, I came home to see their innocent big eyes blinking at you, and their small voice kept shouting at you Or simply overturn the plate, bite the cat food bag, get angry with us Nine out of ten blue star people will give up, OK?! I’m not afraid. I’d like to give you a weight loss strategy. Let’s start to lose weight scientifically!

       Strategy 1: my meow people are fat or not! What is the standard?

       Please bring yourself a meow man, and a pair of hard-working hands, and start to touch the chest, back and abdomen of the meow man.

       If your cat’s ribs are hard to reach, and you’ve got a lot of belly fat, then your cat really needs to lose weight.

       If the ribs are easy to touch, and there is no abdominal fat, then you see god horse weight loss strategy, asshole! Are you here to draw hatred!

       Strategy 2: how can fat Mi lose weight? Kneel down for the secret script!

       First of all, we have to find out why we grow fat, then we can know how to lose weight, right!

       The basic principle of weight gain: the intake of calories > the consumption of calories, can not be consumed in the form of fat hoard down.

       The basic principle of weight loss: the intake of calories is less than the consumption of calories, and the body starts to use the stored fat to provide calories.

       So weight loss strategy can be simply summed up as two points: reduce the intake of calories, increase the consumption of calories.

       Strategy 3: talk about what to reduce calorie intake with food? Isn’t this kengdao!

       Eating food to lose weight is challenging, otherwise what strategy is needed! We need to work hard on “what to eat”, “how much to eat” and “how to ensure implementation”.

       What do you have to eat?

       During the period of weight loss, both cat food and canned food should choose those with low fat content and high crude fiber content, and try to avoid feeding snacks (including low-fat canned non-staple food)

       1. 1g fat can provide 9kcal calories, which is 2.25 times of protein and carbohydrate. That is to say, under the premise of the same quality, the energy of fat is too high. Therefore, low fat diet should be adopted in the period of weight loss.

       2. Crude fiber can enhance the satiety of meow people, so high fiber diet is also helpful to lose weight. However, excessive intake of crude fiber will reduce the digestibility and even cause constipation, so the content of crude fiber in the diet should be less than 5%. Let’s choose a high fiber diet in the range of 5%.

       3. Like blue star people, meow people have to say goodbye to snacks during weight loss, even low-fat canned non-staple food should be avoided as much as possible. Therefore, the nutrients intake during the weight loss period will be reduced due to the decrease of total calories. To ensure adequate and balanced nutrition, it is necessary to feed the staple food cat food or staple food can.

       If you are too overweight, you can consider diet cat food, because diet cat food is not only low-fat and high fiber, but also can add some nutrients beneficial to fat cat, such as L-carnitine, glucosamine, chondroitin, unsaturated fatty acids, antioxidants, etc., to help fat cats overcome obesity.

       How much do you eat?

       Can we stop the buffet during the weight loss period for meow? But how much cat food should a fat cat eat every day? First of all, let’s find out how much calories (me) it takes to maintain your weight. First of all, we put forward a formula

       The caloric requirement (me) = 130kcalx body weight (kg) is 0.4 power.

       Well, the math formula is so annoying. Take a look at this favorite table:

       Weight / kg

       Four point five


       Five point five


       Six point five


       Fat cat me / kcal

       Two hundred and thirty-seven

       Two hundred and forty-seven

       Two hundred and fifty-seven

       Two hundred and sixty-six

       Two hundred and seventy-five

       Two hundred and eighty-three

       Weight / kg

       Seven point five


       Eight point five


       Nine point five


       Fat cat me / kcal

       Two hundred and ninety-one

       Two hundred and ninety-nine

       Three hundred and six

       Three hundred and thirteen

       Three hundred and twenty

       Three hundred and twenty-seven

       Look up your meow fat paper’s me (i.e. the calories needed to maintain your weight) through the table. Then you have to find a figure close to 4000 kcal / kg on the cat food bag, which is the heat density of your cat food. Assuming that the caloric density of a diet cat food is 3850kcal / kg, the calorie of 1G diet is 3850kcal ¡÷ 1000g = 3.85kcal.

       How much cat food to eat every day = me of meow fat paper ¡÷ 1g of cat food calories

       Take 10 kg of meow fat paper and 3850 kcal / kg cat food as an example. The cat food that should be eaten every day is g = 327 ¡÷ 3.85 g = 85g.

       If you want to lose weight by reducing energy intake, remember to reduce cat food by 5-10% based on the number of grams you should eat. Otherwise, even if you eat diet cat food, if you eat enough calories to maintain your weight, you can’t lose fat drops~

       How to ensure that the daily feed does not exceed the planned amount?

       Don’t pour a bowl every day blindly, make an electronic scale! Every meal is said to be very troublesome. Go directly to the Internet to buy a lot of pure aluminum foil self sealing bags (I feel that the size of 10X15cm can hold cat food for a day), and then the planned feeding amount is weighed and sealed according to the day. Feed one portion every day. No matter how many times you feed, it can’t exceed the daily amount. Be cruel, parents! March does not lose weight, April is sad!

       Note: 1. Buy pure aluminum foil bag because of its good sealing and light-proof, which will not lead to moisture, early oxidation or nutrient loss of cat food. 2. The electron scale is necessary. 3. Remember to use boiling water to disinfect the packing tools ~ wipe them dry after disinfection~

       Strategy 4: increase heat consumption? Talk to me about sports! I’ve been in the deep place, and I’ll be natural, OK!

       In addition to increasing the time for parent-child interaction with the cat, you can also try walking the cat? Funny you! Dai Genji, a famous expert in pet psychology in Taiwan, highly praised “walking the cat”. Walking the cat can not only reduce the behavior problems of meow people, but also avoid urinary system diseases and excessive obesity.

       How to walk the cat? In fact, it is very simple. It can be carried out step by step according to the following stages:

       1. Buy a special cat walk suit and be prepared for patience and his favorite snacks (don’t take them out except for training).

       2. The first stage: take out the cat’s clothing. When the cat looks, smells or touches the cat’s clothing, it will immediately reward it with snacks. If the cat bites the cat’s clothing, it will immediately take away the snacks. When one day the cat sees you take out the cat clothing and happily runs over, it means that the first stage has been successful.

       3. The second stage: put on the cat’s clothing directly, and give it a large number of snacks as soon as it is dressed. Then immediately take off the cat’s clothing, stop giving snacks, and take away the cat’s clothing. The third stage can begin until the cat completely ignores the cat’s clothing.

       4. The third stage: put on the cat’s clothes for walking, throw the snacks on the ground one at a time, and let the cat run to pick it up. After taking off the cat’s clothing, stop giving snacks immediately. When Mimi is used to walking the cat and eating snacks, stage three is finished.

       5. The fourth stage: put on the cat walking clothes, hang the traction rope, and repeat the third stage. Until the cat is fully adapted to walking the cat’s clothing and the tow line.

       6. Stage 5: open the door and let the cat explore the outside world by itself. Slowly, the cat will fall in love with going out. When it’s time to go home, take it home and reward it with snacks. Make it like going home on time.

       When the cat has more contact with the world outside the window and has more interaction with parents, eating and eating will not be regarded as the only fun of feline. After mastering the secret of losing weight, take advantage of the warm weather, and start to practice quickly. Wish every fat paper of meow star can recover to the perfect figure of the original green period!

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