Feeding requirements for KONIS curly cat

       KONIS curly cat is more lively and active, greedy cat (in fact, there are no small animals that are not greedy). When feeding KONIS curly cat, you should not only choose high-quality and delicious cat food, but also pay attention to the interests and hobbies of this active cat. If you are not careful, it will scratch your furniture. The following editor will nag with your cat friends.

       1¡¢ Selection method of high quality cat food:

       1. Ensure grain quality

       Choose quality cat food, it is best to go to pet hospital or regular store to buy, to ensure product quality, or supermarket can also accept it. Don’t go to the vegetable market to buy it, and don’t buy some bulk cat food. The cat food there is really cheap. However, the raw materials are all plants. After eating for a long time, KONIS curly cat will have heart disease or more serious disease. Cats are carnivores. The raw materials must be meat and necessary nutrients.

       2. Taste selection

       Now there are many brands of cat food and dog food on the market, which have different tastes, such as “beef flavor”, “chicken flavor”, “mutton flavor” and so on. When a pet food label says “beef” or “chicken,” how much beef or chicken is in it? We don’t know.

       The ingredients in professional pet food are listed in descending order of weight. For example, if chicken ranks first in the label list, it means that chicken is the main ingredient in the pet food and its content is higher than other ingredients.

       Therefore, you must pay attention to the ingredient ratio in the ingredient list when you buy it. If a certain cat food is written with “chicken flavor”, but chicken is not in the first place in the ingredient ratio behind it, it proves that this cat food is not high in chicken content.

       It’s normal for pets to prefer a certain taste, but it’s better for the owner to change the taste or mix the flavors regularly. This can avoid picky eating. What’s more, you won’t be in a hurry when the food of this flavor is out of stock.

       2¡¢ How to train KONIS curly cat not to scratch furniture

       1. KONIS curly cat always likes to pick at the same place or the same part when catching objects. This is because there are abundant glands on the cat’s feet, which can secrete viscous and flavorful liquid. During the process of scratching, the liquid adheres to the surface of the object being caught. The smell of the mucus will attract the Cornish curly cat to the same place again. In addition, KONIS curly cat wake up after stretching, often pick and scratch behavior. According to these habitual movements of KONIS curly cat, corresponding measures can be taken for training.

       2. Before training, a wooden post should be prepared, which is 70 cm long and 20 cm thick. It should be upright and fixed near the cat’s nest to facilitate the claw of KONIS curly haired cat. The wood post should be solid in texture.

       3. Training should start with kittens. During the training, KONIS curly cat was brought to the wooden post, and the cat’s two front legs were grasped with both hands, and placed on the wooden post to simulate the cat’s pawing action, so that the secretion from the glands on the cat’s feet could be smeared on the wooden post.

       4. After a lot of training, coupled with the smell of the secretion, the cornes curly cat would go to the wooden post to scratch. Develop such a habit, it will not pick on the furniture, so as to protect the tidiness and beauty of the furniture.

       5. For KONIS curly fur cats who have developed the habit of picking and scratching furniture, they should first cover the outside of the scratched parts with plastic boards and wooden boards, and then place a solid wooden column or board in the appropriate position in front of the picking parts. The same method can be used to train the cats to scratch on the wooden columns or boards. After the Cornish curly cats get into the habit, they can slowly move the wooden posts or boards, To the place in your mind. The distance of moving the board each time should not be too large, 5-10 cm is appropriate, and should not be done too quickly.

       In the breeding and training of KONIS curly cat, Xiao Bian said so much. Some cats may be picky about food, but it is very rare in KONIS curly cat. Cornes likes any kind of cat food and has a good appetite. This can cause problems in weight control, so carefully control their diet. In terms of training, cat friends must not rush, each cat’s ability to accept is different, patience and correct training methods can make the cat’s training twice the result with half the effort.

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