Feeding requirements for Siberian forest cats

       The common colors of Siberian forest cats are black, gray, golden gray, etc., but now many improved varieties appear other colors or variegated colors. The market price is generally hundreds or thousands of rubles (1 yuan about 32 rubles), and the cat with better breed can reach tens of thousands rubles. In fact, Siberian forest cats are more clever. They don’t always cling to their owners and they don’t always go around the kitchen looking for food. Generally speaking, after eating, they will “go out shopping”, or play with friends, or do what they want to do.

       When feeding Siberian forest cats, be sure to pay attention to what they are not allowed to eat. Animal livers: some cats love animal livers and refuse to eat other foods. Animal liver contains a lot of vitamin A, but excessive intake of vitamin A can lead to muscle stiffness, neck pain, bone and joint deformation and liver disease. High fat food: if the diet contains a large number of high-fat fish or fresh fat, it will lead to insufficient intake of vitamin E, and then cause inflammation of body fat and extreme pain in cats. Raw fish: some raw fish contain enzymes that can destroy vitamin B1. The deficiency of vitamin B1 can lead to neurological diseases of cats, which can be fatal in severe cases. This enzyme can be destroyed by heating. Therefore, the fish must be cooked before feeding to the cat. Meat: Although the cat’s diet should be mainly meat, if only feed meat food to the cat, it will lead to uneven intake of minerals and vitamins, and then lead to serious bone metabolism disorders. Dog food: the nutrients in dog food and cat food are not the same, and the nutrients in dog food can not meet the needs of cats. Although cats and dogs are carnivorous animals, dogs do not need as much nutrition as cats. Fish liver oil: be careful when adding extra vitamins and minerals to cats. Excessive consumption of cod liver oil will lead to excessive intake of vitamin A and vitamin D, which will lead to bone disease.

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