Feline triple rabies

       Cat triple is a vaccine project, which does not include rabies vaccine. However, the first dose of cat triple is usually given with one dose of rabies vaccine.

       Cat triad can prevent three common and serious viral diseases: feline plague (Pan leukopenia), feline rhinotracheitis and calicivirus disease.

       The reason why the cat triple vaccine is called “triple vaccine” is that it can prevent three kinds of viruses. It does not mean that it must be given three times in a row (usually two injections, and the second injection is given 21 days after the first injection). However, some pet hospitals will give three injections.

       Extended data:

       Precautions for vaccination of cats:

       1. Cats and cats can be vaccinated at the age of more than 8 weeks, and vaccination should be carried out in strict accordance with the instructions;

       2. Before vaccination, cats should be kept healthy and free from respiratory diseases and diarrhea;

       3. It is better to select the vaccine that you want to inject in advance and inject it in a regular hospital or epidemic prevention station. If you have to inject yourself, please don’t buy the vaccine with unknown channels. At the same time, pay attention to the temperature on the way to see whether it can reach the storage temperature of the vaccine;

       4. Try to use the same vaccine as many times as possible to avoid changing the brand of vaccine;

       5. Pregnant cats should not be vaccinated as far as possible. If necessary, they should choose inactivated vaccine as far as possible, because the attenuated vaccine will cause certain damage to the embryo.

       Reference source: People’s Daily – you must know the common knowledge of these vaccines when you walk a cat or a dog

       Hello, the cat triad does not contain rabies, so after the cat triplet to fight rabies vaccine.

       Cat triple therapy is a cat vaccine to prevent feline panleukopenia, calicivirus infection and cat rhinotracheitis (one injection can prevent three diseases), which is called cat triple. The first immunization needs two consecutive injections, and the second one is given one month after the first one, so as to enhance the immune effect. The rabies vaccine is given when the cat triple is given the second dose. In the future, one injection of cat triple therapy and one injection of rabies vaccine will enhance the immune effect.

       1. The cat triple vaccine is an imported cat plague vaccine. It is an international product for the prevention of cat distemper (feline pan leukopenia), feline calicivirus infection and infectious rhinotracheitis.

       Methods: cats over 2 months old should be immunized twice (intramuscular injection) at an interval of 2-3 weeks, and then once a year. At present, the effect of this vaccine is confirmed clinically.

       2. There are two kinds of domestic and imported rabies vaccine, which are used to prevent the occurrence of rabies.

       Method of immunization: cats over 3 months can be vaccinated, the protection period is 1 year, should be vaccinated once a year. In terms of clinical effect, the imported and domestic rabies vaccine had better effect.

       3. Expelling insects regularly, once or twice a year, once every 3 months for kittens, and the second time for 6-7 months, and then once a year in spring


       Kittens can be deworming in three months, depending on what kind of medicine you buy, insect fighting drugs are very cheap, and each one is about 10 yuan. 2.5 kg kittens can be vaccinated, cat triplet and rabies. I think that as long as the cats in the home don’t go out and contact with wild cats, they don’t have to fight every year. Although it’s prevention, the vaccine is actually a virus

       People who want to have dogs and cats and are afraid of rabies are thieves.

       Dog lovers, cat lovers and thieves, have a fluke mind.

       Keeping cats and dogs and stealing are bad habits.

       But dog lovers and cat lovers and thieves are always lucky.

       The thief hoped that his theft would not be found.

       People who have cats and dogs want to avoid rabies.

       But this fluke mentality is very shameful.

       The masses will force against thieves.

       The masses will also be angry against the bad habit of keeping cats and dogs for their own health!

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