Female cat has children, what about male cat – female cat mating is too fierce! What can a male cat do if he dare not get close to him!

       Yesterday, chocolate grandma’s cat under a kitten, small, soft, eyes have not opened, very cute. When I got home today, I found two more kittens. Chocolate was so excited that when she got home, she squatted in front of the cat’s nest to observe the kitten. Yesterday, while eating chicken, he said: “at this time, give Maomao some chicken, it will increase nutrition, and the baby cat will eat well.”

       On the way home, chocolate asked me, “Mom, can a female cat have kittens without a male cat?”

       “No, there must be male cats, and female cats can have kittens. One cell of a male cat combines with a cell of a female cat to produce eggs. It grows and develops in the female cat’s body. In more than two months, the kitten will be born. “

       “But there is no male cat in our family.”

       “Maomao, go outside and look for it.”

       “Oh! I remember that Maomao didn’t go home for a few days, so I went to find the male cat Chocolate makes a sudden realization.

       He did not ask how the cells of male and female cats combined. I think he probably knew, because when I saw dogs on the road, I told him that they were giving birth to babies.

       As for the question of “where do I come from”, many parents are very vague. When children ask, they either talk about them or talk about them. Sometimes I’m confused. I don’t know how to explain it to him so that he can understand and accept it easily. Whenever he asked such questions, I was as natural and easy as answering any of his other questions. I think the child is very naive. He doesn’t think this problem will embarrass his parents. It’s just curiosity and curiosity that make him want to know what’s going on. That’s all. At this time, the attitude of parents is very important. Don’t make a fuss. Don’t scold your child. If you can’t give your child an ideal answer naturally, find a popular science book on sex knowledge suitable for children’s age. Try to let children get scientific sex education through regular channels.

       Friend, do you have any good suggestions?

       Upstairs, the landlord said kittens drink milk, it means that there is a master, there is a master is not a stray cat, understand? It’s your poor thinking. Well, the landlord, is the kitten a big wound? Is it inflamed? If it is not inflamed, comfort it. If it doesn’t eat, you can see where to take a needle, pull out the needle and feed the food bit by bit. My kitten also had this situation. I was sad to see it at that time, but I still fed it patiently. Although it didn’t eat much, it would not starve to death. After two or three months, it would be OK Don’t let the cat see the male cat again, so as not to make the same mistake

       The cat’s process is not as good as human imagination. When some cat friends imagine cats having sex with each other, they only think of the appearance of two furry cats touching each other. In fact, it is not. The process of cat sexual intercourse is quite tragic. Male cats have barbs on their Ding Ding. Female cats will feel extremely painful in the process of sexual intercourse. Even during the estrus period, they can not accept the process. They will be more resistant and will scream in the process.

       There are also some female cats who are not willing to take their cats to the hospital for a good examination, perhaps because of some physical discomfort.

       2. Why can’t it be enforced***

       In the breeding of male and female cats, it depends on the wishes of female cats. Because the cat’s physiological structure is relatively special, if the female cat does not cooperate, has been hanging the long tail does not move away, the male cat is unable to force the female cat to comply. The use of cat owners in the process is also very small, can only guide, can not be forced to dominate.

       3. What should we do if we fail

       If the female cat really does not want to, the cat owner should not force the female cat, can use other ways to let the female cat through the estrus period, in the future, when the female cat is better, then try to make her mating. Some snacks and toys can be used to distract the female cat’s attention, so that the female cat’s spirit can be relaxed, and the female cat can be fed with appropriate amount of meowi’s anti love powder, so that the female cat can stay at the owner’s side. After that, the cat owner can give the female cat a good supplement of nutrition, so that the female cat’s body can keep healthy and healthy. The next time the cat is mated, it may be in better condition.

       If you want to keep them, you have to have an operation. Otherwise, you can’t stop them. As the saying goes, “God controls the earth, I can’t control my baby farting.” if you don’t want to stay, it’s easy to send one away, but the remaining one will surely slip out and be happy. Only the male cat won’t give birth to kittens. The female cat is a litter of cats. The main reason is that the male cat has a bad temper Don’t let him go out to have fun. It will scratch.

       If this happens only after taking a bath, it will be better after a while. That’s probably because you change the smell of the cat when you take a bath. The cat is also the most important way to recognize the smell of the outside world. Sometimes the cat licks our skin, or when we pat the cat, the cat will quickly lick the place you have photographed. All these actions are the cat remembering your smell. In the female cat’s view, after the bath, the male cat’s smell has changed completely, and he has completely become another cat, a strange cat. Of course, he has to defend his territory and even attack him. So the next time you take a bath, remember to rinse the cat and try not to leave the smell of the detergent. But it’s rare for cats who grow up together… It looks like they’re all ashes.

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