Fold ears and curly ears – is this a curly or a curly? How much can it cost?

       Downstairs!! You can really make a rumor. Several of my family’s folding eared cats live better than anyone else, play better than everyone else, eat more than anyone else. I love them very much. There is no disease, no very healthy, and one of them has been healthy for six years. I never know what mentality you are out of. Please don’t talk nonsense. This man is really, uneducated and terrible Blind B times sound is still big, tell the majority of friends who want to raise a folding ear cat, don’t worry about bold to raise any problems

       I’ve heard of a cat with folded ears, a curly eared cat? I’ve only heard of a reverse ear cat. Are they Scottish or American? Yes, yes, but the breed they produce is not pure. It seems that many kittens follow their mother’s nature. Which breed of female cat may determine its general appearance, but not every cat is like this. It’s hard to say about genes

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