Four month old cats don’t understand names – cats don’t listen to names. They don’t bark!

       Many cats are not relatives, which is why most people choose to have dogs. Cats like freedom by nature. They often recognize it in your home when they eat, but they will run away after eating. Or go out and come back ten days and a half months. Therefore, if you are domesticated, it is better to give it a more spacious and convenient space for activities. If conditions permit, try not to bolt. In addition, it is about training him to urinate. A cat is a very hygienic animal. If you buy it litter and put it in a suitable place, it will know how to urinate in the past. If you don’t know at the beginning, you just have to pack it to the place where you want it to poop, and then it will know.

       PS: it caught you bleeding??? For safety’s sake, it is strongly recommended to take a rabies vaccine!

       I’m not in a good mood. I’m used to it. By the way, when I go to the hospital for an injection, I remember that the cat should also take it to the pet doctor for injection. Don’t tie it with a rope, so it will think that you want to hurt it. Let the cat urinate in the basin. First cover the cat with the litter. Remember the name of the cat. Play with it more every day and caress it. Remember its good words~~~

       PS: my family has three cats

       Cats also have personalities. Some cats are naturally untouched, and some are naturally clingy. I used to think that kittens would stick to people until they were big, but our cats have been caught by us since we were born. The big ones (they will struggle off when they are small and then run away). Now they are still the same… But most cats will stick to people. You are too anxious. Cats should come slowly… And they are lazy, Be patient! Hold it more slowly, and it will be very docile in the future

       When I picked it up for a month, I touched its head and said to it that you would be called “Congwen leopard”. I was afraid that it could not understand, so I explained why it was called. I called it “Congwen Bao”, and it said “ah!” I thought it understood, and then called several “Congwen Bao” to strengthen its memory At the end of the sentence, “ah!”. Then I picked it up and called it “cheetah”. It began to promise with a long voice. I think it knew its name at the first time and remembered it.

       Some cats are afraid of loneliness and love to bark. They need a playmate

       Newborn kittens blind and deaf, unable to keep warm by themselves, the mother cat uses her tongue to stimulate her kittens to excrete urine. A cat’s nose is fully developed by the time it is three weeks old, but a cat can distinguish its mother’s smell as soon as it is born. Kittens sleep for a long time. If they sing, they are usually too cold, uncomfortable or hungry.

       A kitten weighs about 100 grams at birth and doubles in about two weeks. The normal heart rate of kittens under two weeks old is more than 200 beats per minute, and the breathing rate is about 15-35 beats per minute. The body temperature of newborn cats is relatively low, which is about 35 ~ 36 ¡æ. It will rise slowly in 1 ~ 2 weeks after birth, and it will rise to about 37.7 ¡æ at the age of four weeks. Pain is present at birth, but the neuromuscular reflex associated with pain is not developed until 7 days old.

       Kittens open their eyes 5 to 14 days after birth, and their irises appear gray blue, which is called gray blue eyes. In the next few weeks, the eyes will gradually become the color of the adult cat. The development of visual acuity was completed at about 3-4 weeks of age. At the age of 7-14 days, they began to crawl slowly and began to swing on the 16th day. On the 21st day, the pace was more mature and stable.

       Cats usually don’t settle down until the third week of walking. Before that, they only rely on the female to move them. Cats grow their first set of teeth at two weeks old and go to the bathroom by themselves in three weeks. At this time, the cats will start to play, and the big ones will bite each other to learn how not to hurt each other. Kittens weaned at the fifth week also become independent on hard food. At this time, the cat’s sense of balance has developed completely, and knows how to comb its hair. During this period, cats must learn to know themselves and other animals.

       Two months after birth, the cat’s muscles are fully developed, but more exercise is needed to accurately judge distance, height and speed. Hunting skills were also learned during this period. Generally speaking, when cats are three months old, they have a sense of territory and a good sense of direction. It is best for kittens to leave their mother after three months of age.

       When a cat is six months old, it is an adult cat. Most adult cats are very energetic in the early morning and dusk. At this time, the cat can run, jump and hunt. Puberty in cats is extremely rapid. Female cats generally have their first estrus from 7 to 8 months after birth, and the first estrus will be different according to the cat’s breed and living environment. Siamese cats are usually born 7-8 months and Persian cats are born in 10-18 months. Recently, some Siamese cats began to oestrus at 5 months, perhaps because of adequate human feeding. The male cat is 2-3 months later than the female cat, about 1 year old when the oestrus can be carried out until about 10 years old. Cats gather at the time of the festival to make a song, which is usually called “cat’s spring call” at night.

       The growth rate of cats is much faster than that of humans, and the stray cats that have not been raised by human beings grow the fastest. Usually, when a domestic cat is one year old, it is equivalent to 20 years old, and when it is two years old, it is equivalent to 24 years of human beings. That is to say, most cats only need to be one year old, and when they are 12 years old or 48 years old, they will enter old age.

       It’s not supposed to be estrus for four months. It’s still so small. How long have you kept it? It’s not just started, is it? If it’s still like this, you have to see if it’s hungry or wants to go out to play. Of course, you can’t give it to play alone. It’s too dangerous. In fact, some cats are very fond of barking. I’ve met cats barking all the time except sleeping. The owners can’t bear it. By the way, some cats are afraid of loneliness and love to bark. They need a playmate A playmate may not be you, but a similar one. Study it yourself=

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