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       Garfield varies from 10 million to tens of thousands, depending on the blood type and appearance. However, if you want to keep a cat, you should go to a pet store or a reliable friend to choose and buy it in person. Don’t believe 58. The information published on the market online, especially the merchants in Guangzhou, Foshan. I was 58. When I saw the information about Garfield published by a rogue merchant named yueyun dog farm in Foshan, I bought it for more than 3000 yuan, The promise is full of hype and health. The vaccine has been made. If there is any problem with the after-sales package, the cat will be infected with coccidiosis when it comes back three days after it comes back, and the phone number of the profiteer will not be able to get through. A person in Guangzhou also bought a little Bomei in this Guangdong sports dog farm and died in four days. We must choose carefully

       Garfield is different from other purebred cats. The appearance of Garfield is different, so it determines the price of Garfield. Even for the kittens born in the same litter, the price of the kittens varies greatly due to the different products (possibly double to more than ten times). At the same time, it is more difficult to breed Garfield than other purebred cats. It is only suitable for family intensive breeding and reproduction, and it is impossible to breed in groups like dog farms. Therefore, the price of Garfield is slightly higher, which is the reason why it is expensive.

       Therefore, the price of Garfield is generally determined as follows: appearance, specifically, nose position (nose small and nose eye line), ear position and shape (ear position must be wide, ears small, and the best ear tip should be round), body shape (including tail should be short and thick, not slender and pointed), bone mass (short body, loose bone), hair weight (thick coat), color (this is Xu) What many people are most concerned about is that the score of fur color in the competition is not high), bloodline, personality and the situation when the breeder sold the cat (ha ha, this is a little difficult to understand, that is to say, there are a lot of cats in hand, so we need to sell them quickly, and the price will certainly be appropriate).

       Breed: tabby cat (American hawksbill) appearance: long hair, Maine black. American long haired cat with no pedigree. It appeared in 1770, with white hair concentrated in the face, chest and abdomen. Garfield is the prototype of Garfield cat, the original form of Garfield — red tiger spotted exotic short haired cat. The red tiger spotted cat is a branch of the Persian cat. It is specially bred for those who like Persian cats but are too lazy to take care of their long hair. This furry, energetic cat originated in the United States. Around 1960, American breeders crossed American short haired cats with Persian cats in order to improve the color of American cats’ fur and increase their weight. In this way, exotic short haired cats, nicknamed Garfield, were born. This is a short haired Persian cat, which was recognized as a new breed by CFA in 1966. During breeding, it was also crossed with Russian Blue Cat and Burmese cat. Since 1987, the allowed hybrid of this variety has been limited to one Persian cat. Fife recognized the exotic short haired cat in 1986. This breed has been very popular in the United States and is becoming more and more popular in Europe. Features of exotic short cat hair: short haired Persian cat, weighing 3-6.5 kg, medium size, short limbs. Quiet character, but slightly more lively than Persian cat. Curious, playful and gentle. Be friendly with other cats and dogs. Easy to get along with, quiet, rarely meow, do not like loneliness. Rich feelings, need the care of the host. The body is strong, mature late, about three years old. The offspring of two exotic short haired cats may be the “different long haired cat” named by CFA (the French Cat Association thinks it is Persian cat). Exotic short haired cats are easy to care for. In general, weekly grooming is enough, but it should be combed daily during depilation. In addition, it developed lacrimal glands, eyes should be cleaned every day. Head: round and large, skull very wide, forehead round. The cheek is plump and round. The snout is short, wide and round. The nose is short and wide with obvious termination. Wide and wide nostrils smooth the breath. The jaw is powerful, broad and powerful. Ear: small, with round tip and small mouth opening at the base. The distance is large, and there is hair in the ear. Eye: large and round with large spacing. The color is deep and pure, corresponding to the coat color (mostly gold to bronze); the lavender and gold coat with green eyes; white and key coat with blue eye. Neck: short and thick. Body: medium size, stout, close to the ground. The chest is wide and the shoulders are heavy. The bones are large and the muscles are powerful. Legs and claws: straight and short legs, claws large and round. It is better to have hair between the toes. The tail is short and thick and drooping. The tail tip is round. Coat: short, but slightly longer than other short haired cat breeds. Dense, fluffy, erect. All Persian cat colors are acceptable. Note: allowed hybrid: Persian cat. Bad features: the head is too long or too narrow. The nose is too long or straight. The snout is narrow and small. The eyes are small, slanting and light in color. The ears are too big. The body is too long or too narrow. Chest stenosis. The legs are long and slender. The claws are oval. The tail is too long. At present, there are few, no more than five, in Shanghai’s regular cat houses. There are more in Beijing, but there are not many good ones. First, the value of exotic short hair is relatively high. Secondly, there are fewer perfect ones. Hong Kong has a lot of exotic short hair. There are many foreign short hairs in Hong Kong. They prefer this breed. Garfield’s color is not very popular in the mainland, and the color is not pleasing. Generally speaking, the CFA of exotic short hair is about 2000 US dollars, and the better one is more expensive. Someone in Beijing once bought an exotic short hair with a high title, and the price was 8000 US dollars.

       To judge the price of Garfield cats, we can first judge the price of Garfield cats by their body shape. The qualified Garfield cats should have large and wide head, small and thick ears, eyes and nose in a line, short and thick limbs, short and thick body, round body and thick hair.

       How much is Garfield worth? For the regular cat house, it mainly depends on the following three grades:

       1. Pet grade

       This grade of Garfield is generally suitable for ordinary cat loving families to feed. It is also of pedigree or purebred cat. Because its appearance generally does not belong to the level recognized by CFA Fur Association, it is relatively cheap. It is very suitable to be fed as a pet. The price of this kind of Garfield cat ranges from 2000 to 7000, which is determined by facial features, body shape, long hair, short hair, gender and color The tiger spot with short hair is higher than Sanskrit.

       2. Breeding grade

       For a conscientious cat house, in order to continue the fine pedigree of Garfield and respect for the breeders of this cat, the idea of breeding grade is bred. This grade of Garfield is used to breed the next generation, because it meets the requirements of CFA and can meet the requirements of breeding cat. Of course, the price of Garfield cat will be much higher than that of pet grade. The price of Garfield cat will be between 9000-20 This kind of cat is usually only sold to cat houses with the same breeding concept and will be inspected.

       It’s about 6000-8000, which is the most standard. If you want to buy expensive lineage, the cheapest one is 10000-30000.

       It’s not purebred

       Are you in a big city or a small city? If it is a small city, it should be 3000-4000

       If you want 800 ~ 1500 appearance, specific analysis of the specific situation.

       No, Garfield’s price usually depends on the product’s appearance, such as whether the eyes are dripping with water, whether there is a line between the eyes and nose, whether there are tears, and the density of hair, which will determine the price of Garfield,

       Among adult cats of the same breed, those of two or three years old are more expensive, while those over four years old are relatively cheap!

       Garfield cat is because the facial features may not be shaped when young, so some cats dropped the line or crooked nose when they were young, and they will look good after adulthood! But this is also a risk, and the longer the line is, the more ugly it will be. So Garfield can’t really see its appearance before it grows up! Of course, pure bloodline, breed good cat, just born appearance is very good!

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