Garfield eats cats very slowly – Garfield is too thin to eat and is extremely picky

       I just don’t want to eat. I don’t want to eat anything. There are many reasons for anorexia, such as body discomfort, poor food, etc.

       It is suggested to check whether the cat’s mouth is well, and then to see whether the stomach and intestines are in good condition. If there is no problem, it is suggested to feed some meow. In order to improve the bad problem of picky eating and anorexia, stomach power should be strengthened

       There may be many reasons, such as bad intestines and stomach, parasites, bad food

       It is suggested to change the brand and taste of cat food or cat can

       Not all cat food or cans are palatable

       If you don’t like to eat food of a certain brand and taste, it is not necessarily that the cat is anorexic~

       Let’s see what people say.

       Garfield is too thin and doesn’t like to eat. It depends on the reasons. The common problems are gastrointestinal problems and low appetite. In addition, some may have parasites. So take a closer look at what kind of reason it belongs to. If Garfield’s spirit is normal and there is nothing abnormal, but she doesn’t like to eat, it may be that the intestines and stomach need to be conditioned. Take some nutriments to regulate the stomach, such as meow’s stomach power. If it’s a parasite, you’d better take it and have a look. According to the insect body, you can use baichongqing and coccidium Qing, but use them under the guidance of veterinarians

       Garfield’s face is relatively flat, ordinary cat bowl is not very easy to use, nose is short, easy to shed tears. Garfield is not a natural breed. It is artificially bred. It has some genetic diseases. There is a certain incidence. If you eat cat food, you must feed more water. It’s not good for cats to drink less water. If you make your own cat meal, give more soup.. If you don’t want him to have a baby, try to sterilize it. Weight control after sterilization.. Bring it to vaccinate every year. Sick to the hospital, do not ask Baidu. Remember to shovel excrement and urine in time every day. The bedpan should be cleaned and disinfected frequently.. After the road is still very good to raise..

       My family has a Garfield cat Ma Ma Ma, a cat father, and a pair of baby cat brothers have just been born~

       Garfield is really willing to shed tears. I didn’t know when I had a cat father before. I bought all the imported and self-made ones on the Internet. The tears and tears can’t be cured for a long time. Fortunately, Garfield is always fat. Otherwise, I feel more distressed if I lose weight. Later, my friends told me that it was because I ate commodity food because it was too oily and salty. I wanted to save my baby calcium Later, a friend of mine, who also had a cat in, sent me the cat food he always fed to me. The price was on the back, and the postage was not as expensive as the import. But if the tears were less, I asked her to buy a milk cake for my baby cat brother. Now Xiaobai has no tears. Xiaohei is still a little bit, but she doesn’t want to Yi always bothers her. She goes online to search for natural cat food. When she sees the red kraft paper package, she is very familiar with it. When she knows that it is from her family, she buys it back. It really seems that they have started to do domestic business this year. Because there has been legislation on cats there, cats are more respected, so cat food is very strict. Only in the past two years in China has cat raising started. I will know the place If you want to continue to feed this milk cake, because it’s really creamy and fragrant. Watching the video said that 30% of goat’s milk was added. I soaked it with warm water. I really have goat’s milk. I’ll show you the photos and try to cure their tears

       Sometimes it’s not surprising that the cat is fed up with food. Honey can’t be fed directly. You can only feed the cat with honey water. You can also feed some old yogurt. Maybe it can make the cat eat more. Usually, pay attention to prepare more food for the cat, or feed it. Meow. Think. Stomach. Move. Force. It’s OK for the cat to eat. Let the cat exercise more and drink more warm water for the cat oh

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