Garfield loves gnawing, how to correct it?

       Many parents really can’t understand why Garfield loves to bite. Sometimes Xiaobian really doubts whether he has a cat or a dog? I often go home at night and find that this and that thing at home is broken again. This is a headache for Xiaobian. How can such a good cat become like this?

       Garfield actually has a molar stage, which starts when she is a child. Apart from the special molar stage, other cats seldom have the habit of biting things. However, if the owner does not prepare the corresponding toys for Garfield, Garfield will bite at random. How should we deal with this situation? First of all, you can use the molars first, because some young Garfield cats are biting things around the house, which may be due to the fact that they have entered the molar stage. When Garfield enters the molar stage, their teeth are not very comfortable, so they will ease the uncomfortable feeling by biting things. At this time, if the owner wants to prevent Garfield from biting things, it is better to give them Generally speaking, Garfield’s teeth grinding stick is usually in its infancy, that is, about 2 to 3 months. It will be more obvious at this time. When you think about the tooth grinding stick, you should pay attention to choose some grinders that are not easy to hurt Garfield and not easy to be bitten. This can reduce the probability of injury and the effect will be better.

       If Garfield is not in the molting stage, but is born rebellious, or when Garfield was young, the owner did not do a good job in the correct guidance to develop the bad habit of Garfield biting things. At this time, the owner should scold Garfield loudly when Garfield is biting things, let it know that this is wrong, and then slowly correct this Bad habits.

       Garfield loves gnawing, how to correct it? However, no matter how difficult the education is, parents should not use violence to beat Garfield, because Garfield’s living habits have a lot to do with their parents. Correction does not mean that they can be completely changed in a day or two, or parents need to be constantly trained and guided to achieve good results.