Garfield often licks its paws. Is it hand washing?

       Garfield is a naturally clean species, so she often licks its paws. Generally speaking, it is because she is washing her face and washing her hands and cleaning her hair. In this case, there is no problem. But if the cat is licking its paws and showing abnormal feelings, it’s time to see why.

       If Garfield’s limbs are swollen, it’s likely that it’s an allergic condition caused by food or season. After allergies, Garfield doesn’t feel very comfortable on her limbs and will lick it all the time. In addition to see whether there is a cough, or there is no red spots on the skin to judge, if it is allergic, it should be treated in time.

       In addition, if Garfield’s paws have foreign bodies, such as nails or broken glass, Garfield will also lick its paws. If found to be caused by foreign bodies, then its feet will become swollen, if not handled in time, it is likely that there will be infection, causing more trouble. If Garfield’s movement is slow recently, or there is inflammation in the feet, or even deformed, these are likely to be caused by joint problems, which usually occur in old cats, and cough. If they feel uncomfortable, they will continue to lick their paws.

       Licking your paws can also be a habit, or it can be caused by infection and inflammation. In fact, for cats, as long as the house is kept clean and the cat is kept indoors, there will be no problem with the claws. Mainly free range cats and dogs, it is necessary to pay more attention to.