Garfield wiped the ear mite medicine is still scratching the ear – Garfield cat has ear mites how to do

       Cat’s ear mites rub on the hair, if not treated in time, may also cause mite skin disease

       Therefore, cats infected with ear mites need timely treatment

       First of all, you can clean the dirt and wax in the cat’s ears

       Then use meowi ear wash solution directly into the cat ear canal to kill mites and bacteria

       For cat skin, it is necessary to prevent mite skin disease

       If the symptoms of mite skin disease have already appeared, it is necessary to spray the infected area with meoway spray

       Also remember to put Elizabethan rings on your cat to prevent it from licking

       In order to completely cure the ear mites in cats, in addition to the use of mites, then environmental problems are also very important. It is best to spray insecticide once in the place where cats stay at home to prevent mite residues. Pay attention to check whether there are mites on the cat, if some, pay attention to expelling insects.

       It is recommended to choose a mild and non irritating ear washing solution for cats, and meowi ear washing solution is recommended. Because it contains tea tree essential oil, it will not stimulate the cat’s ear canal.

       When treating ear mites, it’s better to wrap the cat with a big towel so that it doesn’t move around, so it’s more convenient for you to take medicine. After wrapping the cat, fix the cat’s head, turn its ears outward to expose the ear canal, and gently wipe the dirt on the external auditory canal with medical cotton dipped with oil. Pay attention to the gentle manipulation to avoid hurting the cat. After cleaning, prepare meow’s ear washing solution, directly drop a few drops of it into the cat’s ear canal, then cover the cat’s ear gently for a few times, and then rub the root of the ear for about a minute to wash out the ear mites in the ear canal. After both ears are finished, release the cat and let it toss the liquid and ear mite by itself, and then wipe the dirt on the ear canal with clean cotton. When a cat shakes its head, you’d better stay away from it, otherwise it will throw you face water. I was once dumped ~ ~ the treatment of ear mites in cats focuses on persisting in medication. Use it once every morning and evening. If the mites in the cat become few and almost gone, use it once every two days for consolidation.

       Every time you give your cat a dose of medicine, it is recommended that you give your cat some reward food so that you won’t resist the next treatment.

       During the period, it is best not to give the cat to the grass, and try not to give the cat out to play, so as to avoid being infected by other cats. When bathing the cat, pay attention not to let the water flow into the ear, which will aggravate the ear mites.

       This is how my meow is cured. Vic’s ear drops on his ear. He must stick it in with a medical elbow tweezers to clean the ear wax. It’s better to use a small flashlight to shine on the ear to clean all the earwax that can be seen. Don’t pay attention to meow’s howling, you can buy a cat washing bag to put meow in it, clamp meow with legs, and try not to move when meow washes his ears. One hand holds the ear and turns it over to clean it. Earwax is a place where mites hide. Make sure you clean it. After washing, drop (boric acid ear drops), * * is sold, and the price is less than 10 yuan. My meow is what medicine has been used, red dog, ear skin Ling, Er Kang, can not cut root, repeated for more than a year, I am crazy. Finally, it was my father who bought pigeon medicine. The boss of the veterinarian told me that this man used boric acid ear drops to cure the ear mites. Tens of hundreds of drugs have not been cured, but the medicine of a few yuan has worked. I am speechless.

       The environment at home is not clean, or the cat’s ears have not been cleaned for a long time, or the cat’s ears have been watered when bathing. All these reasons may cause the cat to suffer from ear mites.

       Cats with ear mites do not need to go to the pet hospital for treatment, ah, buy their own medicine back to cure it, it is only a few dozen yuan. Generally adhere to medication every day, about two weeks can be cured.

       To treat ear mites, you can use meowi ear lotion. First, wet the ear lotion with a cotton swab to clean the external auditory canal. Then drop a few drops of ear washing liquid into the inner ear canal, covering the cat’s ears and rubbing the root of the ear. Both sides of the ears are ready, let go of the cat to throw out the liquid by itself, and then wipe the dirt on the ear canal with clean cotton.

       Hold the cat in your arms, gently turn the outside of your ear over and buckle it on your head. The ear canal will be exposed. Use a cotton swab to wipe off the dirt in the external ear and ear canal.

       Note that the cotton swab should reach about 1cm inside the ear canal. The technique must be light and careful. Wipe it according to the wrinkles in the ear canal of the cat.

       Don’t poke hard, so as not to hurt the cat. And pay attention to the action of the cat, must be relatively stable in the cat wipe.

       Then use chongshuntang huichong drops spray evenly on the affected area, 1-2 times a day, and it will be almost good in five days. In the future, regular use can effectively prevent ear mites and other inflammation.

       Cat ear mite is a common ear canal disease in cats. To cure the ear mite, it is necessary to use ear canal cleaning liquid to clean the ear every day, and then to use special medicine to kill the ear mite. First of all, pour the cleaning liquid into the cat’s ear canal, then rub the root, let the cat shake its head, throw out the deep dirt, and then gently wipe it with a cotton swab. After cleaning, use ear mite killing drugs for a week. Use it for another week after getting better. After healing, clean the ear once a week, usually do a good job in vitro anthelmintic, can cure the ear mite.

       Otonychus felis is a very common external parasite of cats. It can be removed by proper treatment without excessive worry. When my cat came back from the rescue, we also had the problem of otonychus felis. This is mainly because of the malnutrition caused by the vagrant life in the past, so the immune system is poor, so it is easy to have such problems. Until now, I still insist on using Brayne to repel the insects on a monthly basis. Although the cat ear mite is not a serious problem, it can be transmitted between cats and cats, so we must attach great importance to it. After the occurrence of otonychus felis, the larvae and adults that can be seen should be removed with drugs, and the situation should not be further developed. Then, you need to use anthelmintic drugs regularly to kill the eggs to avoid the recurrence of T. felis. In the choice of anthelmintic, I’ve always been using Blaine. As long as it is applied on the back skin of the cat’s neck, it can effectively kill a variety of common internal and external parasites including mites, such as fleas, ticks, Ascaris, hookworms, tapeworms and so on. It can better protect the health of cats in daily life and keep away from parasites.

       The main reasons for cat to get ear mites are as follows

       1. There are mites in the environment. Mites will crawl into the cat’s ears to parasitize and breed. For example, the cat gets into the grass and soil;

       2. Contact with cats suffering from otonychus and be infected with ear mites;

       3. There are mites on the cat. Mites will crawl into the cat’s ears to form ear mites;

       4. If the cat’s ears are not cleaned for a long time, a large amount of earwax will be accumulated in the ears, which will breed ear mites for a long time;

       When cats take a bath, it’s not easy to let the cat’s ears get wet.

       Methods: to treat ear mites

       First, dip cotton swab with oil, wipe the external auditory canal, wipe the dirt, and then clean the inner auditory canal with meowi ear lotion. Directly drop a few drops of ear washing liquid into the cat’s inner ear canal. Cover the cat’s ear, rub the root of the ear for about a minute, and then make the cat shake his head and throw out the liquid. After that, use a clean cotton swab to clean the dirt stuck in the ear canal.

       Give the cat medicine once a day in the morning and evening. Insist on taking medicine every day to get better results. Do not fish for three days and dry the net for two days.

       During the best not to let the cat go out to play, in order to avoid contact with unclean things, ear mites again.

       Don’t let the water flow to the cat’s ears when bathing. If the ears are wet by accident, dry them in time.

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