Gentle cat – what kind of cat is good

       Basically, all kinds of cats have inherited diseases, but the incidence rate is different. If they pay attention to it, they will still be able to maintain well. In fact, health problems can be found in all breeds, and native cats will also get sick. I don’t know what the definition of character is. If we have to breed, Siam, puppet, Himalayan cat and Garfield seem to be good. In fact, cats of the same species also have their own personalities. For example, my family is an ordinary cat, but it is very nice and sticky, and people are very gentle. Purebred cats also have bad personalities. The relationship between personality and nature is the biggest, and the education after education is also related to human beings. So… Look at fate (it seems that I played so much, and the result is nonsense =). =£©

       In fact, the cat’s character is the same as most people, there is no born bad tempered cat, there is no natural good temper cat! And if a cat is docile or not, it mostly depends on how you treat it. If you starve it every day, don’t give it food, beat it, or keep it in the cage, everyone will have a temper! No, it’s just a natural mania or something!

       Many stray cats have been bullied, so a large part of stray cats are not too friendly to people. After all, if someone bullied you, would you treat him gently? The truth is the same. Everything is mutual. How you treat it depends on how it treats you. It’s impossible that you treat it badly, but it has to treat you gently and treat you as before!

       Gentle cat everyone likes, and sticky cat words more attractive! And I have several cats, which are picked up from the garbage can. It can be said that I brought them up by peeing and pooping. At that time, they were only a few days old when they were born. I went to buy milk bottles, goat milk powder, and imitated female cats to help them defecate and urinate with wet paper towels! Up to now they are almost two years old, one by one fat. Before I went out, I was afraid that they would run around and mess up the house. They were all locked up.

       Later, they were released. They had not been disordered. They came to me every day when they opened the door. And they are no longer a pet cat, or a Chinese country cat! Later, because of various reasons, I added a British short blue cat. They have no fight, and they are very harmonious tomorrow. They are very gentle and clingy! When I go to bed at night, I wake up in the morning and find that I sleep in bed again!

       At present, the pet craze is becoming more and more frenzied. Many girls want to have a kitten of their own. They have bright eyes and soft and dense hair. Anyone will be in a good mood. These cats look domineering, but gentle personality, very suitable for girls to raise!

       1. Hairless cat

       This kind of kitten is especially suitable for girls with personality. If you are a girl who pursues difference, you can buy a hairless cat. This kind of kitten looks strange, and intelligent, it can also be a good listener. Most importantly, this kind of cat has no hair, so there is no need to clean up the annoying cat fur.

       2. Maine cat

       This kind of cat is suitable for girls who don’t like dogs but like big pets. Some girls are really interested in big, hairy animals, because these big pets can bring a sense of security. Maine cat looks majestic, but the character is very gentle, is a gentle “loyal dog” type companion cat. Although the Maine cat is huge in size and ferocious in appearance, its personality is really super sweet and likes to be coquettish.

       3. American short haired cat

       Meishort is called the most suitable kitten for girls. It has moderate price and strong body. The beauty is short and looks like a little tiger. Although it is not big, it still has enough momentum. Although we can’t raise a real tiger, it’s OK to keep a “little tiger” as beautiful as a short one. I personally feel that American kitten is really a kind of temperament cat. It is the best in body shape and manner.

       4. Puppet cat

       The Muppet cat, known as the goddess cat, is the most suitable cat for girls. Puppet cat looks good-looking, gorgeous fur and gentle blue eyes, will make girls feel instantly cured. I believe that no girl would like this doll like doll cat. Puppet cat is bigger than other cats, so it looks sweet with royal aristocratic temperament. It’s really cute.

       It’s hard to see the character from the appearance. It’s like my cat in the mirror. But he’s very quiet and docile. Can’t a cat be judged by its appearance~

       If you want to keep a purebred cat, British shorthair cats are generally more docile. If you don’t have to be purebred, there are a lot of tame domestic cats. But any breed of cat may have exceptions, and kittens are noisy, at least to half a year old. During this period, it can be done slowly by the host.

       I don’t know where you are going to buy a cat. If you want to start from a kitten, you must choose a cat that grew up in a healthy environment. It’s best that you can visit many times. It’s most suitable for kittens to leave their mother in about 12 weeks. Before that, you can go to see the kittens, observe them once or twice, and ask their owners more, so that their personalities will be better judged.

       It takes a lot of energy to raise a kitten, or you can consider adopting an adult cat. You should consult the local animal rescue station.

       There are too many things to pay attention to when raising a cat First of all, what you should prepare: cat bowl, cat litter basin, cat climbing frame, cat nest, cat stick, cat dry food, cat wet food, cat litter are basic items. In the future, you may have to add additional items such as brush, hair dissolving cream, nutrition cream and cat snacks. Cats must eat cat food. Their bodies should not be loaded with excessive salt. As for going to the toilet, kittens will learn to use litter from their mothers (12 week old cats should learn to use litter completely, even smaller ones should, but it may be unstable), while adult cats can use it, which is their nature. Of course, if you don’t want to spend the money on litter, you can train them to use the toilet (only for cats over 3 months old, and ask the owner to be patient).

       If your family can’t fully support it, I’d advise you to think it over. If you can’t guarantee the happiness of its whole life, then not supporting it is a kind of respect.

       In this case, it is recommended not to have fun and raise a kitten under one year old. Kittens are not stereotyped, and they are crazy and noisy. Even some kittens leave their mothers too early to use litter. But if it’s a big cat of one or two years old, the general character will be fixed. Depending on what kind of character it is, it will be like that.

       Cat belongs to the cat family, is a more extensive family pet in the world. The following cats are gentle and suitable for pets.

       1. Exotic short haired cat: with thick fur, it retains the unique lovely expression and round body shape of Persian cat. He is also as quiet and friendly as a Persian cat. His body shape is medium to large, with short feet. His head is wide and round, his nose is obviously sunken, and his fur has a soft luster. He is independent and does not like to make noise.

       2. Abicynian cat: like to live alone, good at climbing trees, light body, gentle temperament, very human. It is happy to live alone, for climbing trees is like. It has a very pleasant voice, does not like strangers, hate to hold it up to play.

       3. Persian cat: gentle, responsive, very understanding, like quiet, not like moving, its temperament is very noble, the sound is also very beautiful, its adaptability is super.

       4. Russian Blue Cat: quiet personality, the most common thing is to lie quietly in its favorite place or quietly follow the owner around. Because it is too quiet, so do not like to see strangers, a stranger to see, will find a place to hide. But to the host, it seems more enthusiastic, will try to please the master, also very trust in the master, like to let the master touch its body.

       5. Siamese cat: Frank and straightforward, it is also known as the “Prince of the cat.”. Not only has a distinguished and distinguished identity, its appearance is also very noble and elegant. Siamese cat is not only frank and sincere, but also very brave. It is active but not quiet. Quick witted and curious. It does not like loneliness and indifference, does not like the host long-term indifference and neglect. It is eager to get the care of the host, hope to communicate and interact with the host. It can build deep feelings with the master, very trust and obey the master.

       6. Puppet cat: it’s a lovely pet cat. Puppet cats are widely loved for their quiet and gentle character. They are very friendly to their owners and strangers and have no sense of vigilance.

       7. Maine cat: docile, close to people, intelligent, independent, understanding, is a good pet. Maine cat is stubborn, brave and smart, like to be alone, but can get along well with people, is a good pet.

       8. Sphinx: honest, very tolerant, good tempered, and in some ways more like dogs, easy to get close to people and loyal to their owners.

       9. Devon curly cat: very naughty, like a naughty elf. It wags its tail like a dog when it is happy. Because of this habit, and because of its curly coat, it has won the nickname “curly dog”

       10. American short haired cat: gentle character, will not change because of the change of environment or mood. It is always full of patience, amiable, will not lose temper, do not like to shout. American short haired cats are beautiful in appearance, quiet in character, clever in nature, and attach importance to feelings. As long as they are respected, they are very close to their owners and families. Moreover, they are kind and amiable to children. It is easy to raise them.

       Maine cat Muppet cat hairless cat is very docile relatives, the price is relatively high

       Local native cat, cow cat, pear blossom cat, orange cat, gentle relatives

       Among them, the Maine cat pear blossom cat likes to be touched by people very much, and the hairless cat likes to be close to people for warmth in winter

       There are also Maine cat sounds very good, and usually do not bark, not noisy

       [Top1] puppet cat

       1. Cat character: puppet cat is very smart, and good at pleasing the owner, always inseparable around the owner. This kind of cat is very quiet, but also likes to play with toys and like to participate in the daily life of the family. Puppet cat is extremely gentle and lacks protection. Therefore, it must be kept in boudoir as a pet and not allowed to go out.

       2. Cleverness index

       3. Make up comments: gentle and intelligent, tough and understand human nature. The most important thing is that puppet cats can get along easily with anyone, especially children. How to make fun of children? Puppet cat is always gentle with you.

       Persian cat

       1. Cat character: Persian is a noble cat. He is gentle and gentle, intelligent and intelligent, understanding, quiet and quiet. His voice is sharp and soft. He likes to be coquettish and elegant. He is born with a delicate and cultivated manner, giving people a gorgeous and noble feeling.

       2. Cleverness index

       3. Editor’s comments: the prince of the cat is the first choice for many cat owners, because girls hope that half of them can be noble and gentle, and always guard by their own side.

       Himalayan Cat

       1. Cat character: most Himalayan cats are not lively cats; that is to say, they will not walk around at any time. They like to play and they are active, but they prefer to lie on your lap, and no matter what you are doing, they always want to participate!

       2. Cleverness index

       3. Editor’s comments: the reason why Himalayan cats rank so high is that they have beautiful hair and color. Of course, every cat owner wants his cat to be beautiful and lovely.

       [TOP4] cat with folded ears

       1. Cat character: they are born with a sweet character like candy. They like to be involved in everything you do, but they are usually quiet and don’t make noises to disturb you. Although their sports talent is average, it doesn’t mean they don’t like playing, but they prefer to be accompanied by their owners.

       2. Cleverness index

       3. Make up comments: this kind of cat is hardworking, can be said to be the most diligent cat. So the owner can train them to do some exercises like taking slippers, because they are happy to do so.

       [top5] exotic short haired cat

       1. Cat character: they are independent in temperament, do not like to make noise, like to look at the owner but will not harass, most of the time will find their own fun. On the other hand, they have a strong curiosity, lively and intelligent, not nervous, can adapt to the new environment immediately, so it is easy to raise

       2. Cleverness index

       3. Comments: this kind of cat comes from the United States. It is a kind of cat produced after multiple mating, so it can be said that they are the perfect embodiment.

       [top6] Abyssinian cat

       1. Feline character: abicynian cat is warm and lovely, lively and active, alert and agile, good at climbing trees, love to bask in the sun and play with water, its call is soft and pleasant, it is very emotional to its owner, and it is an ideal companion animal for people.

       2. Cleverness index

       3. Editor’s comments: abicynian cat is the best match for the elderly, especially for the idle elderly who love pets, are patient and meticulous, and are still childlike.

       British short haired cat

       1. Cat character: the British short haired cat is bold and curious, but it is very gentle and adaptable. It will not change due to the change of environment, nor will it lose its temper or scream. It will only try to climb to a higher place, lower its head, stare at the round eyes and look down at you with a smile.

       2. Cleverness index

       3. Make up comments: this cat from England is very cute, and they can be said to be the most curious cat. But with proper training, English short will listen to you.

       Jinjila cat

       1. Cat’s character: noble and gorgeous, elegant and quiet, gentle and gentle, gentle and individual. It is tender and understanding. She likes to be close to people. She loves to be clean and clean. She has the spirit to communicate with others. She is very obedient. She is close to her master and has strong self-esteem.

       2. Dexterity index: ¡ï

       3. Make up comments: if you want jinjila cats to be obedient, you have to train them constantly, but you must master this degree, because they don’t like their owners who are too strict.

       Linqing lion cat, Shandong Province, has a good character and sticky hair. Mandarin duck eyes are mostly white. In addition to Mandarin Duck eyes, there are also other colors of eyes, such as yellow, green and blue. My family has two all white lion cats, one of which is covered with snow.

       However, long haired cats will have hair loss problems, and most people will find it a bit troublesome ~ to consider it clearly ~ my cat has a PP:


       There are three cats out of my house, a Shih Tzu and a tortoise , and six fish. The animals at home are very harmonious. Sometimes they play like crazy, but they never really fight and repel.

       Remember to adopt it

       Different cats have different personalities, just like people. Kittens will enjoy and please their owners. They will play with you and play coquettish with you. But cats like freedom and can’t restrict them too much. Cat is an elegant animal, very clean, very sensible, sometimes “ungrateful”, and others “run away.”.

       Cats are introverted, noble and elegant, independent, curious, lazy, love clean, have the spirit of exploration, have their own ideas. Cats will think first and then do according to their own will after being instructed by people.

       According to the degree of stickiness, the degree of relatives, and the degree of injury,

       Representatives of the first echelon: puppet, Siam, Devon, orange cat, Maine, Himalaya, Angora cat, jacketed cat

       Representatives of the second echelon: Persian cat, American short, KONIS, British short, exotic short hair, * short tail, curly eared cat

       Representatives of the third echelon: Chinese leopard cat, jinjila, Russian Blue Cat, Bombay cat, Egyptian cat, tailless cat, siberian cat

       The above representation is not absolute, the cat’s character depends on its father!