Golden earwax wiped clean – why did dog earwax take out more?

       If there are a lot of earwax in the golden hair’s ear, the pet owner will take out more and more, and can’t clean it up. It may be that golden hair is infected with ear mites. Pet owners need to check the ears of golden hair immediately. If they have been infected with ear mites, they need to clean their ears immediately to inhibit the growth of ear mites.

       1. Check the ears of Jinmao to see if there are ear mites

       If the pet owner finds that the earwax of golden hair is getting more and more after pulling out the ears for golden hair, it may be that the ear mite has grown. If golden hair is infected with ear mites, there will be more and more earwax. How to clean it is not clean. The earwax inside the ear will turn black or dark brown. When the pet owner is close to Jinmao, he will also find that his ears have a strong smell. If a pet owner touches the fur ear, he will find that the temperature of the golden ear is higher than that of his body. If the owner of the pet lights into the golden hair’s ears, there will be many small white insects crawling in it.

       2. Wash the ears with ear drops

       The pet owner of T. aureus must pay attention to clean the ears of golden hair mite, and should not leave it alone. Dogs infected with ear mites can be very painful, there will be a strong itching, very uncomfortable. If pet owners want to help alleviate the discomfort caused by ear mites, they can use ear drops to clean their ears. When the ears are clean, the mites will recover naturally. Pet owners should be careful when choosing ear drops for Jinmao. They should not use ear drops at will, which may not only have no effect, but also cause adverse reactions. It is suggested that pet owners should use special ear drops such as Wang Xiang ear drops for Jinmao.

       3. If there are other dogs in the house, they need to be isolated

       After the house golden hair infects the ear mite, the pet owner must immediately isolate the golden hair. Isolation of golden hairs can prevent the transmission of ear mites to other cats and dogs in the family and avoid unnecessary trouble. Pet owners can find a clean place at home and put the golden fur in a cage to isolate them. During this period, the mites should not be allowed to come into contact with other pets.

       Dog’s ear canal structure is complex, the ear canal will secrete oil. Usually if you don’t develop the habit of cleaning, earwax will accumulate day after day, and gradually become a breeding ground for “mold” and “parasites”. Once you find that the frequency of scratching ears increases, or there are a lot of secretions, or obvious lacrimal gland traces, body odor becomes heavy, the owner may need to be alert No, the dog has ear discomfort. Because the dog can’t speak, the owner must pay more attention to observe.

       The common ear canal diseases of dogs include:

       1. Otitis externa

       Otitis externa is usually caused by bacterial infection in the earwax. If not treated, the skin of the external auditory canal will gradually thicken and narrow the ear canal, resulting in hearing loss. Especially, dogs with drooping ears or with atopic dermatitis or seborrhea are more likely to suffer from the disease;

       Generally speaking, the route of bacterial infection is water residue, improper cleaning, allergy and ear scabies mites. If dogs constantly scratch their ears, tilt their heads and shake their heads, or touch the parts near the ears, they will growl and bite.

       2. Otitis media

       If the dog’s ear inflammation does not improve, it will gradually spread to the middle ear and the disease.

       Dogs with otitis media will not itch, but will have fever, pus in the middle ear, severe pain and other symptoms, and even cause eardrum rupture, nerve paralysis and other situations.

       3. Otitis media

       Otitis media usually occurs in dogs with chronic otitis externa, dental disease or older dogs. Because the inner ear is responsible for the balance of the body, the sick dog may have unstable steps, spinning in situ, falling and other symptoms, if not treated in time, it will be life-threatening!

       4. Ear hematoma

       If the dog often scratched because of ear discomfort, it is easy to make the blood and fluid in the ear shell deposit in the blood vessels, making the ear shell swell and fever, resulting in “ear swelling”. In addition, dog fight caused by ear injury, or immune system abnormalities may also occur, must not be ignored.

       * * *

       To sum up, the dog’s ear disease needs long-term treatment. The owner should take the dog to see a doctor in time to confirm the cause of the ear disease, and continue to use the medicine according to the doctor’s instructions. It is not allowed to stop the drug without authorization because it is “should be recovered”, otherwise the ear disease may relapse or become more serious.

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