Good digestion of old cat – my cat is an old cat, excuse me, 10-year-old cat dyspepsia, 10-year-old cat dyspepsia can be cured? It doesn’t matter,

       A 10-year-old cat is already an old cat. The average life span of a cat is about 13 years old. The internal organs of a cat will also age with the age of the cat. Moreover, the cat lacks exercise. If the diet is not paid attention to, it is easy to cause indigestion. Well, indigestion in old cats is the best. The problem is not very serious. It can be cured.

       The beneficial bacteria in the intestines and stomach of old cats will slowly disappear with the growth of age. If the cat does not pay attention to drinking water, it is easy to accumulate food in the intestinal tract throughout the year, causing indigestion. If the food in the intestine is not cleared, it is easy to cause the cat’s gastroenteritis or colitis. In this regard, we need to take long-term probiotics to regulate the intestinal tract, increase the consumption of beneficial bacteria in the intestinal tract, help cats promote intestinal peristalsis, prevent and alleviate dyspepsia. In addition, the digestive capacity of the cat’s intestines and stomach will also become worse. Therefore, it is suggested that in addition to feeding probiotics, it is also necessary to feed meow’s gastric motility to help cats strengthen their stomach and eliminate food, promote digestion and improve indigestion.

       As the gastrointestinal function of the old cat is weakened, it is no longer allowed to eat high calorie and high nutrition cat food and canned food. It is easy to exceed the gastrointestinal load and cause indigestion. Therefore, it is necessary to eat cat food or canned food for old cats instead. In addition, some meat is not suitable to eat more. It is easy to indigestion if you eat it more. You can feed it 2-3 times a week. The meat should be cut into small pieces or mixed into paste, which is convenient for the cat to absorb and digest. It is better to mix vegetables into food to promote gastrointestinal movement.

       In addition, we should pay attention to let the cat drink more water. If the cat doesn’t like to drink water, you can feed some water containing food, such as cat milk powder, shredded meat, food intake, fish soup, etc. the cat can drink about 10ml of water every day to meet the water requirement of the cat’s body. The owner can often massage the cat’s stomach when he has time, which can also relieve indigestion.

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