Good looking and easy to keep pet rabbit recommended

       Rabbit is very popular with girls, oh, think it is small, gentle character, so rabbit is a very common pet animal. From the body shape, pet rabbit can be divided into large rabbit, medium-sized rabbit and small rabbit. The weight of large rabbits is generally 3-7 kg, the weight of medium-sized rabbits is about 2-3 kg, and the weight of small rabbits is generally less than 2 kg. In addition, the variety of pet rabbit is very many, and many are both good-looking and good-looking varieties.

       For example, rabbit, dodge rabbit, Angora rabbit, French rabbit, eight point black, Dover rabbit, meat rabbit, German rabbit, Rex Rabbit, mini Rex Rabbit, Huaming rabbit, British long eared rabbit, tevudo lamb rabbit, British Giant Rabbit, short hair rabbit, panda rabbit, Jersey Angora rabbit, French Angora rabbit, Begonia rabbit, bihualun rabbit, lion rabbit, Angora rabbit, rabbit, Rex Rabbit, Lana rabbit, Champaign rabbit, himulaya rabbit, Dutch rabbit (detailed introduction), long hair drool rabbit, virante rabbit, chinchilla rabbit, American chinchilla rabbit, Silver Rabbit, silver mink rabbit, New Zealand rabbit, Florida rabbit, California rabbit, big chinchilla rabbit, etc.

       Strictly speaking, all rabbits have their own characteristics, and are particularly lovely and beautiful. Compared with other pet dogs and cats, pet rabbits are not easy to raise. Rabbit’s character is timid, immunity ability is poor. For the novice, it is not easy to raise rabbits. Therefore, no matter what kind of rabbit it is, no matter how strong it is. Breeders should do enough preparation work, detailed understanding of the rabbit’s life habits and personality characteristics, formulate a reasonable and scientific breeding plan, before starting to raise pet rabbits.