Gray white English short price

       Blue and white British short hair cat. Tiger spot English short price how much is a blue and white British short hair cat

       The third eyelid should not be exposed from the corner of the eye (many cats are the first to appear the third eyelid); 6. Moderate physical development, strong muscles, thick limbs without bending, normal walking, pulling legs and feet with hands, strong reaction; 7. The abdomen should be slightly round, the hand feeling root to the middle of the eyes, from the middle of the eyes to the chin tip. Ears: medium in size, with thin rounded tips and natural separation at the top of the head. The distance between the ears is twice the distance between the eyes. Forehead: Viewed from the side, the forehead is smooth in shape and moderately curved and elongated, which is not balanced enough for the development of a small beauty. In fact, it’s not complicated to let it grow healthily. In terms of food, you just need to feed it special cat food for kittens to supplement all kinds of nutrition it needs. There are many kinds of sand. You can ask experienced friends about the quality of various kinds of cat litter. If you don’t care about the price, crystal or paper cat litter are good choices. 3. Cat scratch board and nail clipper. The cat should polish its nails every day,

       Some other ideas should be made clear…

       Blue cat blue white milk white milk Buckle Black and white

       The price in the middle and high-end price level, blue cat is the most expensive, followed by blue and white, the remaining milky white, milk color decreasing. Black and white, black, the best is very expensive, should not be in China. White. It’s hot recently, but actually it’s an accidental product. It doesn’t have any real breeding value. It’s good to be a pet.

       Three flowers, blue milk, hawksbill all look at the quality of the talk, cheap words naturally reasonable, specific why… To be honest, I don’t teach without tuition, ha ha.

       Let’s get to the point. Regular cat house, I only represent my own home… But familiarity also includes the following: first, the Outline:

       This cat house at least still has the mainstream lineage straight blood, even the top extraordinary lineage can see the price.

       So if you question, please note that I don’t need to trust you.

       Please go back in private to experience the mystery.

       As for the cheapest one, there are… I didn’t…

       This is the affirmation to oneself. I believe that the people who see here are also positive to themselves

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