Haojue natural cat food

       I was skinned. It’s not good.

       1. Use natural food as much as possible

       2. The most suitable safe commodity grain is fabo, latak

       3. The most suitable entry-level natural food, Lanxia, Xueshan, Sulige

       4. Medium and high-end natural food, Fumo, Lanjue, wellness core, now, Evo, go

       5. The price of now’s cat food is low

       Fortunately, the best is royal. As far as I know, Royal nutrition is balanced, and it provides nutrition for cats of all ages. In a word, it is good to buy Weijia or other domestic cat food. Many cats in many families died of renal failure by Weijia. As far as I know, there is no cat food suitable for young cats and adult cats. If your conditions permit, try to buy Royal cat food The age of your cat is selected. If you buy it online, it is cheaper than in a sports shop. I hope it will help you~~~

       It’s OK. My cat is now eating “Marquis” Kitten Food… It’s normal. It’s not lax, it’s not like eating… However, if economic conditions permit, it is recommended to buy natural food, such as “now” or “Evo”. Evo does not differentiate between kittens and cats, but it is very suitable for kittens aged from 3 months to 1 year old. It is rich in nutrition, conducive to the growth and development of kittens, and the color of fur will be very beautiful. However, due to the high content of meat in cat food, it is not suitable for cats with sensitive intestines and stomach to eat, which is easy to loose. It’s less than 200 a month. It’s good for your health… And “desire” cat food is also good… I’m thinking about changing cat food…

       But it’s better not to buy “Vega” or “joy”. I’m not sure. It looks like Vega has an inducer. It’s addictive… “Royal” is quite good, but now “Royal” food source pollution is more serious, some cats eat laxity and vomiting phenomenon, so…

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