Highland cat is short match with America

       All the fold ear cat must be one fold one vertical match, can not two fold ear match, so your nest is normal

       The so-called purebred refers to the last five generations, if your two cats have no certificate, there will be no pure impure

       But now the purebred is just a gimmick

       As long as the quality is good, the cat is worth a lot

       If it’s a folded ear, it’s recommended to continue to match it with Meiji or fold ear,,

       If it is folded ear stand, then it can be matched with folded ear, beautiful short, British short, folded ear inside.

       It’s a high fold.

       If you match it with Norwegian forest, it’s just a string,

       In addition, the Norwegian forest on the market can be regarded as Maine, and there are few Norwegian forests even in the local area.

       It is also divided into fold ear and standing ear. Highland fold eared cat is a mutant of the cat with folded ears. It has longer hair, so it can be said to be a name for the cat with long hair. Its character is not very different from that of ordinary cat. Folding eared cats are born with sweetness. They like to be involved in everything you do, but they are usually quiet and don’t make noises to disturb you. Although their sports talent is average, it doesn’t mean they don’t like playing, but they prefer to be accompanied by their owners. Folding eared cats like to sleep on their back. When they are idle, they sit there like otters and look out the window.

       The difference between highland cat and Scotch fold eared cat is that it has long hair and short hair. However, the tail bone problems often occur in the breeding process of short haired individuals. A very excellent short hair with broken ears often has tail bone defects. The joint of tail bone is not flexible or the tail length is shorter. This is a big problem for all fold ear breeders. However, the situation of this problem on long hair individuals is much better.

       In the CFA cat show, short and long hair ears are divided into groups, not in the same group.

       All of the progenies of the two groups were long hairs. The breeding of long hair and short hair, or between short hair and short hair, depends on whether the short hair cat carries the long hair gene. Long hair and short hair without long hair gene all have short hair. Long hair and short hair with long hair gene have both long hair and short hair. Two short hair, both sides need to carry long hair gene, offspring have the probability of long hair.

       In foreign countries, especially in the Republic of China, the long hair folded ear is very popular because it is more like the round head without ears and the gorgeous long hair than the short hair. Many breeders will specially breed the long hair folded ears. But in China, because of the lack of knowledge, some people do not know long hair folding ears, and think that long hair must be a string. On the other hand, the peddlers used jinjila string, or even dropped a thread from Persia, to fold their ears, and gave birth to long haired kittens, which were named as rare high fold ears to make huge profits.

       The color of most Highlands in China is silver gradients, which is due to the broken ears and short English of silver gradients. Because of color breeding, the probability of carrying long hair gene is relatively high. As a matter of fact, highland ears are as colorful as short haired ones.

       In terms of breeding, the present CFA recognized highland fold eared cats are simply as follows: first, the next generation of long haired folded eared cats and long haired Scotch fold eared cats is called highland fold eared cats; second, long hair folded eared cats bred by a short haired cat and British or American short haired cats are also called highland fold eared cats.