Himalayan cat food – is Himalayan cat easy to keep?

       In the case of American cans, gold, red and black cans are OK. American cans, snow mountain, add and Lanjue are not expensive. Besides, Taiwan’s Xishi, domestic nori and British kale are all suitable for Himalayan cats. The range of canned food is much smaller than that of cat food. Basically, there is no higher requirement. The daily cans are almost fat free and contain about 80% moisture. If you eat now or go The food, which contains unsaturated fatty acids and other things, can make up for the shortcomings of the day tank

       If you buy a healthy cat, it’s easy to keep it. It’s enough to comb it once every two or three days. You can eat better cat food. You can eat 3-4 Jin a month. A good cat food is only 20 or 30 yuan a kilo.

       Xima is the key color of Persia, but also belongs to Persia. When she was a child, she was a little more lively than Persia. When she was an adult, she was lazy, eating, sleeping and sleeping.

       Because hundreds of generations ago, Siam was used to improve the color gene, so it is more intelligent and lively than Persia.

       I like all kinds of cats myself, but my favorite is Xima, who is gorgeous, smart and gentle

       First, how to judge whether the cat is constipated

       Every cat defecates differently. It is normal for cats who eat cat food to defecate 1-2 times a day. If you only eat canned cats, defecate once or twice a day. Cats that eat raw meat are said to defecate less often. So to judge whether the cat is constipated, it depends on how you feed it. If you want your cat to defecate normally, you should give your cat more fiber.

       Second, food should be diversified

       Although the cat’s diet can increase the cat’s feces for more than 2 times a day, the cat’s feces will not increase once more. Add vegetables, fish, chicken, beef, etc. remember that the meat must be cooked thoroughly before giving it to the cat. Millet porridge, yogurt, etc. can be added to the cat to eat.

       If the economic conditions are better, we should prepare some probiotics for cats to regulate their intestines and stomach and promote intestinal peristalsis. For constipation or loss of appetite, diarrhea and so on are very helpful.

       Third, the amount of drinking water should be sufficient, and the amount of exercise should be increased

       Cats are not so positive about thirst, so owners must drink more water. Increase the amount of exercise and accelerate the intestinal peristalsis. Owners can usually play with the cat and tease the cat stick, which can arouse the cat’s interest.

       Fourth, hirsutism

       Trichoglobosis can also cause constipation in cats. Cats over three months old will have hirsutism. The so-called globosis is that when cats usually take care of their hair, they accidentally swallow the dead hair into their stomach. As time goes by, they can not be discharged, and they will form a hair ball to block the intestinal tract and cause constipation. At this time, the owners must give the cat meow want hair cream, help cat discharge hair ball, solve constipation.

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