How about a small pet? What’s good about a small pet

       Look at the answer in front of you, then there are cats and mice.

       If the cat, you don’t need to take a walk or something, just play with you after work. The disadvantage is that the cat litter needs to be replaced regularly to remove cat excrement.

       Rats, the price is low, feeding is simple, land occupation is also small. But most nighttime activities may affect rest. It is recommended that you consider raising guinea pigs with a long life span, active during the day and sleeping at night.

       Do parents agree? Let a pet be nice to her for a lifetime. If the parents agree, tortoise, squirrel, fish, bird, these can be. Parents are more supportive, rabbits, hamsters, cats, dogs can, hamsters urine more stinky. Parents can’t stand it. The taste is not big, but after a long time, there will be a strange smell at home. Rabbit, a little bit of flavor, and particularly easy to die, really special easy to die. If parents don’t help, it’s easy to die. Cats and dogs are more human. But if you choose a more stable breed of dogs and cats, the price will be more expensive. Generally, there are thousands of people who are not sick, and those who are a little sick, and those who are ugly will also have to sell for hundreds of yuan. The cost of later sterilization vaccine is also very expensive. Some parents may think it’s a waste of money to adopt a cat and dog if they are willing to feed scientifically. It would be more interesting to raise than the hare and tortoise. It’s up to your parents and yourself. Generally speaking, birds and turtles are good choices. Rabbits and birds are a little more expensive, about 100 to 200 yuan, tortoise and hamster are about 20 yuan, and little turtle seedlings seem to be five yuan.

       Tortoise hamster rabbit goldfish small dog

       Top 10 cheap pets

       1. Snail

       The randomness of feeding: not only once a day, but also once a month. When the environment is extremely bad, it will shrink to the depth of the spiral case and practice in closed door. What other species can’t give you: if you’re not afraid to adopt a lot of snails, try buying two and raising them together. Snail hermaphrodite, two discuss who will be a father and who will be a mother, and then congratulations on your grandfather. The cost of raising snails is low: you don’t have to worry about anything. Go to the seafood market and ask the boss for it. When you make vegetables, you leave a cucumber tail for it. When you eat fruit, you can give it a bite to play with

       2. Tortoise

       The advantages of raising turtles are great. First, turtles are not as easy to get along with people as cats and dogs, which can exercise the patience and love of the breeders. Second, turtles are easy to raise. Most of them are hungry and thirsty. Even if the family members are on business for a few months, they don’t have to worry about starvation. Third, turtles are gentle and naive, and suitable for all ages and classes.

       3. Goldfish

       It goes without saying that many families raise goldfish, which is suitable for office workers and lazy people. Look at the pictures. Don’t you think it’s very colorful

       4. Hedgehog

       More and more people like to raise some special small animals, hedgehog is one of them. As long as you master the feeding method, you can also raise a healthy and lovely hedgehog. Habits: obscene gall, easy to startle, like quiet, hate to make, like dark afraid of light. Feeding: it is best to choose a quiet place with less human disturbance, such as on the balcony, build a nest for hedgehog with wooden box, and spread with hay or cotton. Outside the nest, use some stones and wooden piles to make a rockery as close as possible to the wild environment. Hedgehogs are better fed in the evening, with meat, grain and vegetables in proportion. Caterpillars, snails, earthworms, etc

       5. Hamster chinchilla

       Chinchilla is also a favorite now. Hamsters should be raised. It is recommended to raise a pair of hamsters. I have raised hamsters before and decided that this is very suitable for office workers. Because Hayao Miyazaki’s films are so famous, its stage name has become Tomcat. If it is a mouse, people will not like it. A NYW ay, this may be a cat rather than a cat, a mouse rather than a mouse’s cute pet. As one of the most popular fads nowadays, it is even easier to keep than cats and dogs. But because it is too cute, don’t give it too many snacks, oh, its stomach is very fragile.

       6. Pet rabbit

       Generally speaking, the rabbit refers to the Chinese white rabbit. There are many varieties of rabbits. According to the data statistics of the American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA), there are about 45 purebred rabbit varieties in the world, which can be further subdivided into three categories: edible rabbits, wool rabbits and pet rabbits. The color of rabbit eyes is related to the color of their fur. The eyes of black rabbits are black, the eyes of gray rabbits are gray, and the eyes of white rabbits are transparent.

       7. Pet cat

       The cat belongs to the high cold animal, also likes clean very much, is not as sticky as the dog.

       8. Pet mink

       At present, the most popular pets belong to the rich. Pet mink can be divided into two kinds: Angelu and Machel. They belong to carnivore and Mustelidae. Their body is slender and similar to that of domestic cats. Male mink is about 40 cm long and weighs 0.8-2 kg. Female mink is 35 cm long and weighs 0.5-1.5 kg. It has a life span of 8-12 years. It belongs to a polar animal. It is cold resistant, but it has no sweat glands and has poor heat resistance. At present, the common domestic pet mink is mainly introduced from Denmark angoru pet mink, and also from the United States Marcel pet mink.

       9. Small dogs

       For example, teacups, dogs, Chihuahua, fawn dogs, etc. dogs are the best friends of human beings, but they need owners to spend more time with them.

       10. Pet Spider

       Why raise spider? The requirement of daily life diet is much simpler, neither can shed hair, also won’t make noise. Red rose has low environmental requirements, strong adaptability, gentle temperament, simple feeding, and is one of the most popular pet spiders.

       When a pet is raised for the first time, he does not know how to keep and manage it scientifically. He is always afraid of being hungry, so he continuously or massively feeds the pet. As a result, the pet gets sick or even dies, especially kittens and puppies, which are caused by excessive feeding.

       Breeding dogs and cats, mostly from the young start. The digestive and absorptive functions of kittens and puppies are not perfect. Some kittens and puppies are greedy, so they are prone to vomiting and diarrhea due to excessive eating. If the treatment is not timely, they will often die. Pet not “pet” into, happy into sad. Generally speaking, newly bought kittens and puppies from the market are hungry and thirsty, and their new owners make them eat and drink too much, which is most likely to cause vomiting and diarrhea.

       Therefore, for the kittens and puppies just bought from the market, they should be allowed to drink water first and then feed food. In the first few days, the kitten and the dog usually eat 80% or 90%. The best food to feed is kittens and puppies on the market. This kind of food is not only rich in nutrients, but also appropriate in proportion, which is conducive to the digestion and absorption of kittens and dogs. In addition, it is better to consult an experienced person or animal doctor when you first raise a small pet, and take them to the animal hospital for health examination, and formulate vaccination and deworming plan.

       Small pets, soft cute type of dog, rabbit, hamster, turtle, squirrel. Cool lizards, harmless bats.

       Good breeding should be hamster, put it in the hamster cage, give it a daily diet, at the same time, she is also very cute. In contrast, puppies love to be noisy. Rabbits are never easy to raise. They have high environmental requirements and are also picky about their diet. Squirrels are too capable of running. Once raised, they can make trouble. Sometimes they are even more terrible than dogs.

       I suggest that hamsters and tortoises be at ease.

       Recommend in order of effort:

       1. Fish, make a fish tank and raise a few at will. It’s easy

       2. Birds, get a cage, remember to replenish water and millet, and walk the birds regularly to bask in the sun

       3. Hamsters are easy to take care of, and their negative effects can be ignored

       4. Cats are not easy to raise. They are affectionate and need careful care, but they usually don’t destroy anything

       5. Dogs are very easy to keep. They are good for stuttering. But it’s very hard to keep them well. If you keep them in the city, you have to take a bath. It’s not too dirty. There are also dogs like husky. Once you can’t watch them, your house will look like being robbed. It’s a mess for your family. But dogs are also the best-known and most intimate pets

       I think it’s better to keep a dog. If you have a dog, you should have a small one

       The big one is very tiring

       And it’s expensive

       If the condition is good, you can raise it. Otherwise, I feel tired to bathe it

       Such a big dog

       And eat more and use more

       But keeping a dog always needs more attention

       But the rewards are great ~ the most interesting pets

       It’s easier to raise hamsters

       Hamsters have a lot of things and they’re fun

       It’s fun, ha ha~

       It is suggested not to have a male and a female

       It’s breeding too fast

       I can’t stand it!

       You can have two females

       Turtle? Better care

       The tortoise is not human

       Hamsters will respond to their names for a long time

       Some of them are very close and fun

       I don’t like cats personally

       Jumping up and down

       Not obedient

       And not very loyal

       By contrast, of course, dogs are better


       ` ` ` `


       It’s a terrible cry“-


       Cat and cat

       The voice is gentle and lovely“

       Hey, hey~

       And you don’t have to play with her often. She can play with herself“`

       And the cat is very clean“`

       And what’s more, the cat has a personality that doesn’t love it

       Clinging to people

       “`But she will squint at you when you hold her (this is a cat friendly way, equivalent to a dog licking you) ` and then lean on your arms’ ` so cute!

       And, and, and

       Please read the following materials patiently and carefully!! It’s all about the detailed answers to your questions and some of my personal experiences!! I hope it will help you a little bit!! ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£¡£ 10 of the world’s most adorable famous small dogs:

       ¢Ù Chihua Hua Hua: remember the classic advertisement of Olympus? Chihuahua is probably the smallest dog in the world. There are many names for this cute little guy. I like “qihuahua” which is closer to transliteration. The origin of “exotic flowers” has been debated for countless years like a mystery. Now the default view is: Mexico. The baby is small and small, not timid to other dogs. She is brave and intelligent. She often does nothing and runs around the house happily. If you are going to pursue a girl, or if your girlfriend is tired of your flowers, then on one anniversary night ~ ~ you accidentally take out this little guy from your pocket and give it to her. I think she may faint with excitement ~ ~ ha ha ha ~ ~ it is worth noting that this little thing is very afraid of the cold and has a strong monopoly on the host. Oh, by the way, dolls are divided into long hair and short hair, so you must consider carefully when purchasing.

       ¢Ú Basset hound: hehe, it seems a little far fetched to put bagido here ~ ~ it may be that he can’t rely on the impression of short legs in my impression. Bagido, originally from France, is a very excellent trace tracking dog, which can work in very complex terrain conditions. This is a short legged dog with plenty of bone (heavy bones) and, compared with other breeds, body shape is crucial. His movements are calm but not clumsy. He was gentle and obedient, slow but intelligent. Has the stamina to work long hours in the wilderness and is very engaged.

       ¢Û Pomeranian: I believe you are familiar with Bomei, but many parts of China like to call this furry little thing affectionately: Squirrel dog. How to say This is a very noble small animal, with a proud character, gorgeous appearance. Born in Germany and the Western Polish moral education area of Pomerania, Bomei is very cheerful and active. Its facial expression always looks like a smile. Although it belongs to a small breed of dog, it will show a brave and fierce side in case of emergency. Bomei has a lot of fur color varieties, among which golden yellow is the most precious. At present, many people in the mainland are keen on Bai Bomei~

       ¢Ü Yorkshire Terrier: Yorkshire, also known as Yorkshire, Josephine. Of Yorkshire, northeastern England. The head of the Yorkshire Terrier is often decorated with ribbons and has the mischievous character of the terrier. It has the charm of “Lady of the upper class”. Its body is petite, the fur is soft and smooth like silk, like a girl’s hair, from the head and neck, trunk pouring down, shining. He is lively, intelligent, docile and kind-hearted, with quick and light movements,

       As early as Queen Victoria, it was a fashionable pet, loved by men and women, old and young, and had a strong position in the dog industry. It is also one of the most popular varieties in the world. A small terrier (which should be next to the dog’s character, but can’t be written in Pinyin) contains the blood of the marzis, the black brown Terrier, the Manchester Terrier, and the short foot long hair terrier. Although Yorkshire is small, she still retains the nature of a terrier. She likes walking and running in her apartment yard. As long as you put some toys to it, it can also make its mind active and happy. He thinks that he is a big dog and is determined to protect his own territory.

       ¢Ý Bichon frise: a bear that is ten thousand times more cute than a toy must be a girl. Originated in the 15th century, it is mainly used for royal dog. Frise means curly hair in French and Bichon means cute in French. The whole meaning is “lovely curly dog”. The name means the cute and charming image of the Beagle. It is the most popular breed of dog in the Renaissance of Europe. It has a friendly and positive personality. It is more robust, lively and playful than other pet dogs. The Beagle is considered to be a French breed, but its true origin is unknown because it is similar to the Maltese, indicating that the two species share the same ancestry.

       ¢Þ Schnauzels: the most popular breed of schnauzels came in the late 19th century, when it was first bred as a small companion dog and to capture voles. After years of rearing, there are several recognized characteristics that can be used to distinguish other varieties. In addition to the distinctive features of her small size, she has brown eyes, elongated eyebrows, stiff back hair, and soft leg hair. The beard extends from the lower part of the eye to the nose. Most Schnauzers have their tails cut, usually at birth. They get their ears clipped, and some of them are naturally drooping. In some countries, ear cutting is not allowed by law (similarly, cutting the tail also involves legal issues in some countries). In the United States, ear clipping has been increasingly controversial. He is energetic in nature and kind in character. In Taiwan, he is called “Lao Fu Zi” because he looks like a little old man~

       ¢ß French Bulldog: the French Bulldog is a small guard dog, which is one of the most robust and agile Bulldog breeds. It was once famous in the European bullfight competition for a time. Later, after the legal prohibition of bullfighting, it became a popular and fashionable companion dog, especially loved by women. The appearance of French cattle is very cute, intelligent, quick and cheerful, kind, faithful, but not often barking and quiet. In addition to affecting its normal growth and development, it will also affect its breathing due to the hypertrophic abdomen compressing the diaphragm. French Bulldog is an excellent companion dog which is very suitable for urban families.

       ¢à Chinese Crested Dog: although it is called Chinese Crested dog, it is said that its origin is not China. Some people say that it is from Mexico, and some say that it is from Africa. The dog was named after the man who named it thought that the hair crown on the dog’s head was similar to the hat of an official of the Qing Dynasty in China. The dog is a rare breed of dogs. Its appearance is very peculiar. Except for a little soft decorative hair on the head, tail and toe, the rest of the dog is hairless, with dark skin color and plaque. Chinese Crested dog is lively and faithful, docile, smart and lofty. It doesn’t like fighting. It is clean but afraid of cold. It is rare and precious. Chinese Crested dogs are not only strange in appearance, but also strange in behavior. For example, it can even grab things with its front paws. Its posture is very similar to that of a person grabbing things with his hands, which makes people laugh. At present, this variety is very rare in China and its price is very expensive.

       ¢á Maltese: Maltese is the oldest dog breed in Europe. It is named after the island of Maltese, a British dependency in the Mediterranean Sea. The Maltese dog has a history of nearly 3000 years. In ancient times, it was favored by ladies because of its dignified and elegant posture. In the artworks and art works along the Mediterranean coast, we can often see the vivid artistic image of the Maltese dog. Marzis dog is rich in expression, lively and playful, elegant, calm and calm. It is a companion dog for children and women.

       ¢â Shapi dog: the skin of a Shapi dog looks loose and funny on the surface. In fact, it has a bright future. Otherwise, the title of “China’s first fighting dog” will not fall on its head. Its skin is absolutely thick enough to cover the whole body like “armor”. It is not easy to be injured when fighting. That is half the success. Shapi looks clumsy, but he is very lively, brave and aggressive, and loyal to his master. It is said that once introduced into the United States, the terrier from China immediately became a popular breed. The sad expression of Shapi is actually quite optimistic and cheerful. He is not only independent, but also quite fun like a naughty boy. It’s very suitable to be kept as a playmate pet.

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