How about Fuli fresh cat can – what brand of canned cat is good

       New Zealand beef flavor can is good, but also recommend some other brands can.

       1. ZiwiPeak peak (New Zealand) – beef flavor 33 yuan / 185g

       Introduction: New Zealand origin, meat quality pollution-free. Although the product of this brand is good, the price is also hot enough. If you don’t think about the economy, you can choose.

       Wellnesscore (USA) – beef flavor 20 yuan / 156g

       Introduction: word of mouth has always been a good brand, although it is not cheap.

       3. ForMo Fromm (USA) – chicken + duck flavor 26 yuan / 155g

       Introduction: the dry food of Fumo is very good, the formula of canned food is general, and the cost performance is not high.

       4. Lingcai lnnovaevo (USA) – chicken flavor 16.5 yuan / 156g

       Introduction: the price of Evo is OK. It is said that the palatability is not very good. Some cats don’t like it.

       5. Tikicat (USA) – chicken beef 17 yuan / 80g

       Introduction: rich in protein, but low in fat. Cats who want to lose weight can choose this one. But in China, there are only canned fish and shrimp flavor, and fish and shrimp can not be used for a long time. There are many flavors on Amazon.

       Extended data:

       Nutritional value and selection of canned cat.

       Canned cats should be determined according to the age of the cat, if the cat is still in the developmental stage. Then we should choose foods with high nutritional value, such as canned tuna, which is suitable for this growing stage. If you want to make your cat healthy, you should choose canned beef.

       Compared with canned beef, canned fish may be more attractive to cats because cats like the smell of fish. If cats like to eat fish, it is better to buy imported brands. Most domestic brands are additives, which are not real meat. So don’t be greedy for cheap tins for cats, otherwise it will affect the health of cats Health!

       Reference: Baidu Encyclopedia – cat food

       Reference: Baidu Encyclopedia can

       There are a lot of people who eat golden. But I don’t recommend long-term canned cats, because there are too many additives and preservatives in canned cats. It’s not good for cats to eat them regularly for a long time, but it’s not good to eat cat food alone. After all, cats are carnivores. It’s recommended to freeze-dried lonno. My cats have been eating them all the time And the ingredients of freeze-drying are very simple, that is meat. Cats will like it very much. Unlike canned cats, a pile of everything is not good for cats. Cat friends should give less to cats.


       Can of cat

       Can of cat is undoubtedly a kind of cat food, and can of cat is rich in a lot of nutrients, can be said to be a cat’s big meal, and cat can more moisture, and compared with dry cat food is not easy to grow fat. This is great for cats who want to keep fit. ????????


       There are many kinds of canned cats, and it seems that it is not easy to select them. For experienced cat friends, a really good cat can can can’t see fish and meat. It must be homogeneous and semi-solid. The ingredients in every part of the can are the same. In this way, we can really mix various nutrients. Of course, the so-called crude products, that is, when you open a can, you can always see fish, shrimp, crab meat, etc. Although it is difficult to accurately mix the percentage of various nutrients in such foods, it can also be delicious, and it may become a favorite of cats. ????


       There are many brands of canned cats, such as wellness, Junbao, Evo, Xueshan, etc. If you buy more and have more experience, the owner will divide the canned cats into several different categories, such as Japanese canned cats, European canned cats and American canned cats. Of course, there are some differences in the taste and food material selection of different categories of canned cats. Therefore, it is important to consider whether cats like and palatability when choosing suitable canned cats. ??????


       If your cat has a preference for seafood, canned seafood cat with black chicken and mushroom should be a good choice. Black chicken soup has the functions of nourishing yin and clearing heat, tonifying liver and kidney, strengthening spleen and stopping diarrhea, etc. it can relieve the maladjustment of cat’s intestine and promote the health of cat’s intestinal tract. Black chicken and mushroom partner, is to improve the cat’s physiological function, delay aging, prevention and treatment of osteoporosis, rickets, iron deficiency disease has obvious effect. ????


       Wuji mushroom seafood cat can or Yiqin brand Oh, Yiqin cat can, let your pet eat health. ??????????????????


       Alcohol essence natural food is a pet natural food brand among domestic brands. Since its establishment, it has been focusing on the development and innovation of o-addition, strict selection of food materials and food grade natural food. It provides high-quality nutritious food for pets and makes pets grow healthily. It has been certified by authority and tested by authoritative food grade organizations.

       (1) Promote intestinal digestion and care for intestines and stomach

       High meat content of natural food, milk cake, baby cat food, selected high-quality chicken, deep-sea fish, and ground into powder, mild and easy to absorb, care for the sensitive intestines of young cats.

       (2) Balanced nutrition, enhance body function

       It is rich in vitamin E, vitamin C, taurine, lecithin, lysine, etc. it can provide rich nutrition for cats, enhance the cat’s resistance and help the healthy growth of young cats.

       (3) Scientific ratio of calcium and phosphorus to promote skeletal muscle development

       The scientific ratio of calcium to phosphorus and vitamin D can promote the development of skeletal muscle in young cats.

       It should be noted that food with high salt content must not be fed to kittens. In addition, if the owner wants the kittens to grow healthily, they can feed some health products such as canned cats and nutrition cream with cat food to strengthen their resistance.

       The list of canned cats is pretty good. It depends on what the subject wants. You can search the introduction of each type of canned cat and their characteristics. Such as royal and Guanneng, these big brands of cat can, is relatively expensive, but it is really good, with guaranteed quality, balanced nutrition, suitable for all kinds of cats. Sears, Xueshan and lingcai are the best canned cats on the list. The nutrition depends on which kind of cat. Some cats are not suitable for these kinds of canned cats. The more affordable canned cats are Xiyue, Weijia and Baolu. Many people say that Weijia and Baolu are poisonous food in China, so we suggest not to choose them. Xiyue is still OK. Whether the foreign or domestic prices are consistent, they are good in the cheap cat food. If you buy a high cost-effective canned cat, you’d better give it to your cat.

       1. Ocean star cat can, 120 / 12 cans

       This is recommended by the cat’s predecessors. From childhood to large, the whole meat can be canned, and the meat is relatively complete. You can see what there is. The cat still likes it, but it can’t finish one whole at a time, so it should be divided into two parts.

       2. All things a mouthful of cat soup, 50 / 6 cans

       The cat likes it very much. The soup is white and milk white. It can replenish water and restore physical strength. The chicken shreds inside are also very good, but they are very good to eat. They can be eaten one whole at a time. There is no grain in it. The wall is cracked Amway.

       3. Riqing Huaishi, 188 / 10 cans

       It’s almost the same as everything else. The soup can be canned. The soup is relatively clear. The stewing time should not be long. The cat still likes to eat it, but I don’t think the last one is cost-effective.

       If you can’t eat it, the contents don’t feel good

       1. Eply, 94 / 8 cans

       In fact, the cat also likes to eat, but the meat inside is relatively thin and broken, only some large pieces of meat are in it. It is hard to see what the cat has. It feels like stewing in a mess.

       2. Yiqin, 60 / 10 cans

       The contents are like skin jelly. My cat doesn’t like this type of canned food very much, so I’d like to eat some. However, the meat inside is relatively large. You can see what there is. Generally, it will not be bought back.

       I don’t like it very much. I suggest not to try

       1. Cat love, 55 / 12 cans

       It’s thick and thick. At first glance, it’s filled with all kinds of additives and other things like crab sticks. It’s not crab meat. It’s like we eat hot pot soup. It’s not recommended at all.

       2. Tiki 88 / 6 tank

       The price is not cheap. It’s dark inside. It’s completely invisible. It’s like fermented sauce. The cat actually eats it. It’s supposed to be a kind of food attractant.

       3. Fuli fresh 82 / 12 cans

       Similar to Yiqin’s, it feels like meat skin jelly. At best, Yiqin is a large piece of meat. This meat jelly made of completely broken meat is not recommended for cats.

       Recommend a way to save money by buying canned cats. The selling price of “one mouthful of cat and cat soup” is 49.9 £¤, and you can get 20 coupons. With this method, you can save a lot of money.

       Hello, many cat friends like to feed canned cats to their cats. They want to give their cats something good to eat and add water. But it’s not good for cats to eat canned cats for a long time.

       Cats may not be able to replenish nutrition if they eat cans. I used to feed canned cats to our owners. At first, I thought that there was more water in the cans, which could also replenish water for cats. But I didn’t expect that cats would not like to drink water after eating cans. Moreover, I saw on the Internet that canned cats are wet food, which contains more water Preservative. Since then, I have never fed canned cats to the owner.

       I found a substitute for canned cats: lyophilized lano. My personal feeling is good. In fact, I prefer freeze-drying products, because they are not only high in nutrients, but also easy to store. Freeze drying belongs to dry food, so it has a long shelf life and the most important thing is hygiene. It is also a welfare for me, a severe cleanliness addict. I usually fear that the owner will eat too dry, so I soak it in water and feed it. I think lyophilization is better than canned cats.

       The above is a personal point of view, for reference only~

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