How about raising golden hair in the village

       During the Spring Festival, my wife and I just had a wedding and started to prepare for our honeymoon.

       Before marriage, my wife had a golden hair named Harry. She was five years old. We wanted to foster it, but my grandmother in the countryside liked him very much and said that if we could rest assured, we would put him with her.

       Of course, we were very happy that grandma was willing to help with the dog. So, the day before we left, we sent Harry to grandma’s house.

       But who would have thought that this is the most wrong decision we have ever made in our life!

       What is a village bully!

       The goods not only break the chain itself, but also break the chain of the big black dog!

       As soon as she saw that she couldn’t hold it, she just let it go. When she saw no one, she became more active.

       He even went to the mud pit beside the village to play diving!

       Also dig a half meter deep pit in the back wall of the neighbor’s house!

       I can’t believe that grandma told us what happened this month. This is the obedient big golden hair we know!

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       In history, it was used as a bullfight, with ferocity and aggressiveness. Later, bullfighting with dogs was prohibited by law, and the breed developed to pet dogs. Nowadays, this breed is very popular for its fierce appearance and kind and steady character. It is a famous pet dog breed and can also be used as an excellent guard dog.

       The Dogo is lively, frank, modest and friendly. It is not only barking, but also aware of its own strength. He has a strong sense of domination and will fight with other dogs for territory, especially for male Dugao. As a hound, he is smart, quiet, brave and fearless.

       German shepherd dog after domestication is absolutely competent to guard the home work. German shepherd has a very high IQ, ranking the third in the dog IQ ranking. It also has absolute obedience and vigilance, which are born in it. If the parents can give correct guidance and domestication in the life after tomorrow, Demu will certainly become an excellent watchdog.

       Once used to guard cattle, the Rottweiler is a smart, strong and approachable breed. Now in the police dog, widely praised, but also can become a very valuable family dog. The Rottweiler is an outstanding police dog capable of attacking intruders. In order to ensure that the breed will obey the orders, the breeders should be trained strictly. The Rottweiler was born with the ability of guard. In the middle ages, in order to avoid money, some merchants hung their money bags on their necks. This dog has a steady personality and is very emotional. It can also be used as a family companion dog.

       Dobermans are bold, sensitive, resolute, resolute and biting. Dobermans are born guard dogs, intelligent and powerful. Doberman is a dual-purpose dog for both military and police. At the same time, some people in China also use Doberman without cutting ears and tail as hunting dogs. In China, Dobermans are usually used for guarding and hunting.

       Labrador dogs are often trained as guide dogs. The character of Labradors is very gentle. Although they are larger, they are not aggressive. Labrador is a very good working dog and a beacon for the blind.

       Labrador is a kind of dog with very stable temperament. It has a high IQ and is easy to be trained. The learning ability of Labrador is very strong and the obedience to the owner is high.

       Golden Retriever is one of the most common domestic dogs. It is easy to breed, patient and does not require much from its owner. It has friendly expression, warm personality, alertness, self-confidence, and is not afraid of life. Its personality is pleasant. Golden Retriever was originally a retriever, and now it is mostly guide dog and pet dog. Be very friendly to children or children.

       Chinese garden dog is gentle in character, not easy to attack human actively, can live in groups, strong regional, easy to raise, high loyalty, not easy to have skin disease. It is widely used in the countryside to guard homes and early hunting.

       My grandparents wanted to keep a dog. My parents thought about buying a smart and gentle dog. So I chose Jinmao and found that I was wrong.

       I thought everything was going well.

       Generally, golden hair has a strong swimming ability, and can take the prey back to the owner from the water. I just want to let my grandfather have nothing to take out for a walk, but also to catch a fish together. This has not started training, I don’t know how the effect is.

       The next thing I didn’t think about.

       First of all, servant. It’s true that Jinmao is docile and obedient, but you can’t resist over enthusiasm. Every time I go back to my hometown and enter the yard, I’m afraid. I wag my tail and listen to my ears. You know that this product will not attack you, but it will surely knock you down. Smell you lick you, at the same time vigorously wag tail, ears back.

       Fortunately, I’m not weak without wind. There are no children under the age of ten in my family. However, my grandparents said that they found the house a little lonely. Many people didn’t like to come to visit. It’s OK and clean. But what I’m worried about is that if there is a burglar at home, I’ll still smell and lick it after being knocked down?

       The bigger the golden baby is, the more mischievous he is. When he sees a puddle, he will go and drip. How many bacteria does that have? But I went to find what the United States Shakespeare imported tea oil oil, liquid soap, and let the grandmother wash it. The south country has very humid climate. It’s the most suitable one, so that dogs can get sick of germs everywhere. The old people are getting older. There is something wrong with the dog. It’s really hard to take care of it. The key is that the bath liquid is natural, so the foam is less, and the washing is less. I’m also afraid of tired old people. I also bought a collar for sargin’s fleas, lice and ticks. There are so many insects in the grass in the countryside. It’s too terrible to prevent them. Fortunately, the effect is good, the shape has been very good, walking in the village, the color of the hair, the figure is still very high rate of return.