How about Thailand with Siamese cat – what is the price of Thai Siamese cat?

       Siamese cat is a pet cat that many cat friends like to keep. Everyone is very concerned about how much Siamese cats cost. How to choose Siamese cats.

       First of all, it’s better to buy Siamese cats with bloodline certificate. Some are obviously impure and sell you thousands of yuan. In fact, the price of such impure Siamese cats is only a few hundred yuan. Some pure Siamese cats can be sold for tens of thousands of yuan, and kittens are more expensive.

       When it comes to Siamese cats, we should especially talk about the price of Siamese cats in Thailand.

       Siamese cats are originated from Thailand. They have short hair, long body, thin body, dark blue beautiful eyes and dark face. Siamese cat is believed to be the oldest cat species in the world. They like company and contact with people very much. They lie on your bed, chair, legs and body. They are very intelligent and affectionate. They are gentle and tolerant to children For the elderly as a companion, they usually like to stay at home, do not like to run outside, is an ideal pet companion. But some Siamese cats are loud and like to talk.

       The general price is 200-1000, the price of key color Siamese cat is 500-600 yuan, the price of tiger spotted Siamese cat is 800-1000 yuan, if you bring belly, it is about 2000 yuan

       Thailand’s return to China is relatively simple. You only need to have been vaccinated against rabies (within the validity period, it is better for the veterinarian to provide a certificate) and an official health certificate (which shall be stamped and valid within 2 weeks).

       According to different places, some places need to be isolated. If not, you can consult some service companies, such as “pettour China”.


       It’s really troublesome to transport pets internationally. If you want to bring something back from abroad, you’d better give it up and lose your life in vain.

       Siam is sold locally, but it is bred in the backyard. If you like them, you must think clearly before raising them. It is the responsibility of the master to raise them in a healthy way and never abandon them.

       Well, the answer downstairs is right. Siamese cats can be bought in China.

       I didn’t realize how much danger it would bring to the two gods (the name of the cat), so I bought it and shipped it directly to the international market. After landing for a long time, the two gods are very difficult to adapt to, during which diarrhea or something, fortunately, the doctor took good care of it. So he was lively again.

       No matter what the final decision you make, I hope you will have a little life around you.

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