How about the price of the American short cat?

       This is the American short haired cat.

       American short haired cat, also known as American short hair Tiger Print cat, is a traditional domestic cat breed bred by improving European cats and native cats from American continent. In 1971, it was selected as one of the best cats in the United States. American Shorthair is a kind of cat native to the United States. Its ancestor was brought to North America by the early European immigrants. It is similar to the British Shorthair cat and European hairy cat.

       American short haired cat is famous for its big body, strong bone, developed muscle, intelligent nature and gentle character. It is a large and medium-sized short haired cat. The coat is thick and dense, and there are more than 30 kinds of coat color, among which the Silver Stripe variety is particularly valuable.

       Price of American Bobcat:

       There is no specific price for American short haired cats, because we all know that these are determined by the cat’s appearance, blood line and purebred. Generally speaking, in Shanghai, the market price of a season’s American short hair cat can reach 8000-12000 yuan, and the price of purebred cat will be 5000-7000 yuan. Generally speaking, the average price is about 2000-3000 yuan, which can be used as a reference for the cat friends.

       How to buy American short hair cat

       1. When purchasing American short hair cats, pay attention to check whether the body surface of American short hair cats is healthy, whether the skin is red and depilated; at the same time, check whether the cat’s eyes are clear and bright, whether the inside of ears is clean, and whether * * is clean.

       2. You can touch the cat’s nose with your hand to see if it is cool, moist and has a little mucus.

       3. At the same time, American hairy cats can be fed with some food to observe the cat’s reaction to the surrounding food and diet, so as to judge whether the cat is healthy or not.

       4. Similarly, when choosing American short hair cats, in order to ensure their own interests and purchase pure and healthy American short hair cats, buyers should buy them in regular pet shops instead of at roadside stalls.

       5. On the whole, American short haired cat has a gentle temper, lively personality, and is full of curiosity and desire to explore the outside world. Judging from the appearance of American short hair cat, American short hair cat is a large and medium-sized breed of short hair cat with big body, strong bone and developed muscle. American Bobcat has the character of brave and hard-working ancestors. They are gentle, always patient, and very amiable. American Bobcats don’t get angry with their families.

       In the breeding history of American short haired cat, this cat species was first called “short haired cat”, and then changed to “short hair domestic cat”. It was not until 1966 that the name of “American short hair cat” appeared. This cat species is also one of the five first approved by CFA in the initial cat breed certification. To this day, the American short haired cat has been one of the top ten popular cat breeds.

       There are a wide variety of American short hair cats on the market. There are great differences in bloodlines, hair and appearance. Therefore, the price of American short hair cats varies greatly in different regions and pet shops.

       The price of kittens is different from that of adult cats. If the price is too low, it is not recommended to buy them (there will be slight differences among different breeds).

       1. Pet grade: 500-1500 yuan.

       2. Blood level (with birth paper): 1500-5000 yuan.

       3. Competition level: more than 5000 yuan.

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