How about the tabby cat’s character??

       First of all, this is because many people call the most common standard spot, or classical class Tabby, as tiger spot, while for mackerel, it is also known as tiger spot, because the real tiger is indeed fish bone spot. But the civet cat is basically fish bone spot. Many people also think that the markings of different cat species are different. For example, they will think that Persian cats are not striped, but striped. As long as they are “tiger spots”, they are all cihuahua cats, and now they are renamed Meijian….

       Secondly, the color of brown class tabby is also known as brown tiger spot. Many people think that it is very similar to cihuamao. In fact, if you can see a real brown tiger spot, you will find that the color of the real brown tiger spot should be coffee color, with golden color; while the color of the cat is brown and gray. Therefore, Hong Kong people translate Brown tabby as “brown tiger spot”, because the English word “Brown” means both brown and brown.

       Because of these two factors, brown tabby is confused with civet cat, while silver standard tiger is the most common color in China Tabby), because its color is really rare, no matter how beautiful and short the cat looks like, there is no such color. In this way, many people think that the beautiful short is the Silver Tiger spot, and the Silver Tiger spot is the beautiful short.

       As for how to identify a cat as a real beautiful short cat, or a civet cat, or even a hybrid cat with short cat, we would like to introduce our experience

       1¡¢ Head shape and face shape

       The short head and face are square, while the head and face of cihuahua are wedge-shaped or triangular.

       2¡¢ Eyes

       The short eyes are apricot karyotype, while the eyes of cihuahua are slightly flat. Beautiful short eyes should be relatively flat, looking more simple; while the eyes of cihuahua are a little bit canthus (or triangle eyes), looking more fierce.

       3¡¢ Body shape

       Cihuahua is thinner and longer than beautiful short body. The adult male cat looks like a tank and a beaver looks like a bulldozer

       4¡¢ Character

       They are short, gentle and boring; cihuahua, hard to say, have different personalities. However, most of them are fierce and independent, and they are not easy to accept the guests at home.

       5¡¢ Wool

       The hair of civet flower is thick and hard, and the short hair is more flexible and dense.

       1. Different kinds

       Tabby cat, native to the United States. Yellow brown background, with pure black stripes, and a circle of light copper ring surrounded.

       Civet cat. In animal classification, it belongs to feline and leopard cat. It is good at running, can sneak attack, can climb up trees, often in the forest area, also seen in the Bush, bold, ferocious, night out activities.

       2. Different living habits

       Tabby cats are independent, lively, intelligent and resourceful. They are very sensitive to the changes in the surrounding environment and show great dependence on their owners. Once the owners have changed, their psychology will be damaged in varying degrees.

       There are many habitat types for civet cats, ranging from tropical rain forests in Southeast Asia to coniferous forests in Heilongjiang. They also live in shrubbery, but do not inhabit grasslands and steppes (except marginal areas and riverside ecosystems), and are not distributed in areas of deep and continuous snow cover more than 10 cm thick.

       3. Development is different

       The cat has a round head, a short neck and well-developed muscles. The eyes are large, bright, round, almond shaped, and can be colored from yellow to gold to green, usually with eyeliner. Nose is brick red, with nose line. It is short and hard. Independent, lively and alert. The ability to catch rats is strong.

       Civet cat is also called “money cat” in China because its spots are very similar to Chinese copper coins. It’s the same size as a domestic cat, but it’s thinner and has longer legs. The color of the southern species is light brown or light yellow, while that of the north is grayer with dark spots. The pattern is always unique, and generally from head to shoulder there are four main stripes, very wide and obvious, but to the spine disappeared.

       Source: Baidu Encyclopedia civet cat

       Source: Baidu Encyclopedia – tabby cat

       Cihuahua generally refers to a kind of tiger spotted fur color in Chinese native cats. Now, brown civet flower has been recognized by the world Cat Lovers Association. However, many people in China call the yellow striped civet flower. The cat is more active. The cat can be called “tiger spot” has a variety of fur color distribution. In fact, our long haired civet flower is not pure civet flower, but only part of the blood. On the medical record card of the hospital, it is still “tiger spotted cat”. There are a lot of tiger spots in foreign countries. The famous elephant is short. Everyone says “tiger spot is beautiful and short”, but “cihuamei is short”.

       In China, we don’t pay much attention to maintaining the genetic traits of cats. I hope you will pay attention to the local cats, so that the cat species such as cihuahua and lion cat will be welcomed. There are a lot of beaver flowers now. Because they have the blood of other cats, their offspring may not be beaver flowers.

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       Tiger cat is short and beautiful

       American Shorthair is a kind of cat native to the United States, whose ancestor is early in Europe

       A new breed of cat brought to North America by immigrants, similar to the British and European Bobcats. According to records, several cats were carried on board the Mayflower to help deratization. This breed of cat is selected from the cats collected in the streets and mixed with imported breeds such as British Shorthair cat, Burmese cat and Persian cat. American short haired cat is famous for its big body, strong bone, developed muscle, intelligent nature and gentle character. It is a large and medium-sized short haired cat. The coat is thick and dense, and there are more than 30 kinds of coat color, among which the Silver Stripe variety is particularly valuable.

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