How big a cat can be – how old can a cat breed

       When the male cat grows to 7-8 months old, the gonad begins to mature, and the male cat has the ability to breed offspring;

       When the female cat is about 6-8 months old, the follicles on the ovary begin to develop and ovulate, and the phenomenon of oestrus appears.

       The appropriate age for mating is usually sexual maturity, and then half a year later to reproduce offspring. Premature mating not only affects the body of female cats, but also produces fewer offspring, smaller individuals, weak physique, low survival rate, and even miscarriage, premature delivery, dystocia or abortion, and may directly affect the subsequent estrus interval, the success rate of mating and the number of litter, which is not worth the loss.

       It is helpful for the realization of eugenics and breeding to choose the right mating time for cats, which is good for cats themselves and future kittens.

       Extended data:

       Signs of estrus in cats:

       Through observing the behavior, we can find out whether it is in the estrus period. Although the female cat in estrus is not bleeding like the dog, it is obviously different from the usual, so the owner can easily find out. First, fidgety, no appetite. In the master’s feet to rub to rub, but also made the male cat upset call, in the room a small amount of urination.

       While walking, he rubbed his buttocks on the floor. He squatted and sat with his tail up. He bowed his waist and made a low voice. He put on a posture of being a man. Male cats, on the other hand, are oestrus by the smell and call of the oestrus female. The urine stinks more than usual, barks restlessly, and rushes out. In the cat world, it must be the female cat who chooses the male cat.

       If the male cat that he doesn’t like comes up, the female cat will make an angry cry and lie down on the ground to make it unable to succeed. The immature male cats will not pay attention to them even if they are close to them. If you don’t want to make the cat pregnant, sterilize it as soon as possible. The period from winter to early summer is the estrus period of the cat.

       5-10 days each time. If not, oestrus again after 2 or 3 weeks. If it is not allowed for a long time, hormonal imbalance will shorten the interval between estrus, and it will continue to oestrus. So if you don’t want to breed a cat, you should sterilize it as soon as possible.

       Source: Baidu Encyclopedia – Cat

       Source: Baidu Encyclopedia – domestic cat

       The cat is usually in 6-8 months of estrus, estrus can be sexual intercourse, and then give birth to kittens BB.

       But if you don’t know how big it is, and you want to know when it’s in heat, it’s very simple. One day, you find your cat girl barking at night, and the sound is very different from that when you see her. She comes and touches your feet, rolls around on the ground, and stands on the ground, raising her tail slightly and using her fingers at the root of her tail bar£¨ If you touch it, the whole body trembles, then it is estrus! At this point, you can choose to have it with another cat, or to have it sterilized.

       When a cat is about two months old, it is almost ready to give birth to a kitten. As the saying goes, “three cats and four dogs” means that cats are generally born three months old and dogs are generally four months pregnant. However, our cats are generally born in more than two months.

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