How big is a cat? How big is a cat?

       Generally speaking, a one-year-old cat is an adult cat. The Muppet cat will develop relatively late, which is a late maturing variety. Their fur color will not be full until two years old, and their body and weight will not be developed until at least 4 years old. The whole body of the newborn cat is white. After a week, the color of the face, ears and tail of the kitten will change. The fur will not be stable until the age of two Many people will buy fake cloth

       A cat is an adult when it is six months old.

       The arrival of puberty in cats is extremely rapid: female cats generally have their first estrus from 7-8 months after birth to 1-year-old, which may vary according to the cat’s breed and living environment; male cats are 2-3 months later than female cats, about 1-year-old when they are in estrus, until about 10 years old.

       The average life span of a cat is 18-20 years old. People are in puberty at the age of 18, but cats are in advanced age at the age of 18. The puberty of cats is between 1 and 2 years old. A 10-year-old cat is basically considered to have entered the old age society. After that, the cat needs to be more carefully cared for by the owner in order to make the cat live a long life. The specific age stages are shown in the table below:

       One and a half months = 4 years old, 3 months = 6 years old, 6 months = 10 years old, 9 months = 13 years old, 1 year = 15 years old

       2 years = 24 years old, 3 years = 28 years old, 4 years = 32 years old, 5 years old = 36 years old, 6 years old = 40 years old

       7 years = 44 years old, 8 years = 48 years old, 9 years old = 52 years old, 10 years old = 56 years old, 11 years old = 60 years old

       12 years = 64 years, 13 years = 68 years, 14 years, 72 years, 15 years, 76 years, 16 years, 80 years

       17 years = 84 years, 18 years = 88 years, 19 years, 92 years, 20 years, 96 years, 21 years, 100 years

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