How big is a cat

       1¡¢ Cat’s hair ball

       Cats are clean animals. They like to lick and comb their hair. In the process of licking, the hair will also eat into the stomach. Generally, seven or eight months old cats start to spit their own hair, but not all cats can spit hair, and if they can’t spit out, they will form fur balls.

       Normally speaking, the cat is to spit twice, there is no law to speak of, that is, the frequency of hair spitting is low. If the cat can’t spit out, the hair has formed a hair ball, it means that the situation is serious, and appropriate measures should be taken in time, otherwise the cat’s life will be lost.

       2¡¢ How does hairball disease do

       The cat with globus disease will first appear frequent vomiting, sometimes can vomit hair, sometimes nothing. At the same time, it will also be accompanied by dry stool, hair stool, constipation and other symptoms. When the situation is serious, hirsutism will block the intestines and stomach, causing dehydration and organ failure symptoms.

       The cat has Mao ball disease, can give it to eat meow want to make hair cream, select high concentrated cat grass, honey, cat mint, plant vaseline and other essences, especially add the golden formula of prebiotics, regulate and improve the gastrointestinal environment effectively inhibit and solve the vomiting caused by hair ball disease, constipation and so on.

       3¡¢ How to prevent hairball disease

       To prevent hirsutism, parents should regularly give cats to eat Maoxiang hair cream. In addition, if you have time, you can often comb cat hair, comb off dead hair and dirty things. This can not only prevent hirsutism, but also enhance the relationship between you.

       There is also an old method, in the home plant a pot of cat grass, can promote the cat to spit hair, but this method is relatively slow. So much said, as the parents of cats, we should be responsible for it, do a good job in the prevention of diseases, and usually pay more attention to it.

       The time for a cat to vomit is not fixed. Each cat has a different condition of Globus, so the time of hair spitting is also different. What can be sure is that globus is already present, and you need to help your cat get rid of it. Can properly prepare some hair cream to feed the cat, I generally feed Wowo hair cream, prepare more clean warm water for the cat to drink.

       Generally, a cat will spit hair balls when it is one and a half years old.

       Because the cat’s tongue has barbs, often licking the cat’s fur will not be able to eat some hair, the hair can not digest, so the cat will spit out. Individual cats who can’t spit out are likely to suffer from “hairball syndrome”.

       One of the ways to help cat vomit hair ball: Grass

       Subordination type: primitive ancient prescriptions

       Those cats living in the natural environment are troubled by the hair ball, and will find some grass to eat, so as to promote the discharge of hair ball. But cats who live in apartments are not so lucky. Cats transfer their desire for grass to the flowers and trees planted in their homes or vegetables in the kitchen. Many beautiful plants, such as lilies, contain toxic ingredients that can cause harm to cats. Therefore, planting cat grass at home is a better way. The method of planting cat grass is simple and rapid, which can meet the health needs of cats.

       Vegetable oil: the second way to help cat vomit hair ball

       Subordinate type: simple economy

       Some long haired cats will swallow a lot of their own body hair in the changing season, forming a large number of hair balls in the stomach. If your cat is suffering from anorexia and depression caused by hairball, you can solve the problem by feeding vegetable oil. The specific method is: the vegetable oil is extracted into the needle tube, according to the amount of 8 ml per 2.5 kg. It can be excreted from the cat’s stomach in 16 hours.

       A cat cleans its own hair in three months, and a long licking of its hair will engulf a lot of waste hair into the gut to form a hair ball. So a 1-year-old cat may have hirsutism. Sometimes cats will spit out their own fur balls, but most cats need their owners to feed some cat grass or hair balm to spit them out. After that, you have to adjust your cat’s diet. 1. Feed some cat grass to the cat. If the cat’s owner has some cat grass in his house, it can be used now. Cut some cat grass and mix it into the cat’s food. The cat grass can stimulate the cat’s throat and make the cat spit out the fur ball in his stomach. If there is no cat grass in the house of the cat owner, you can plant some now. Soak the seeds with water for 12 hours, and then plant them in the soil. This will grow faster. It will grow well in about a week. The cat will eat it when it needs to. After the cat eats some, the cat grass will grow back after a period of time. 2. Feed the cat with Huamao cream Sometimes there are too many hair balls in the cat’s stomach. If the cat is picky and unwilling to eat it, the cat owner should mix the hair cream into the cat’s food and feed it. If the cat likes to be clean, the cat owner can also put the cat’s fun ball into the cat’s food Put it on the cat’s paws or mouth. If the cat can’t stand the hair stained with something, it will lick it with its tongue, so that it can eat the hair cream. 3. Comb the cat’s hair frequently. The reason why there are so many hair balls in the cat’s stomach is that the cat is licking the hair all the time. In the process of licking the hair, it will eat a lot of hair by mistake. The hair affects the cat’s digestive system, so the cat will retch. If the cat owner has time, he should comb the cat’s hair more, comb along the direction of the cat’s hair growth, comb away the dead hair that is about to fall off, and comb the cat’s hair regularly, which can greatly reduce the amount of hair it eats. In this way, the cat will not be prone to spit hair balls in the future.

       Whether it is a long haired cat or a short haired cat, it is possible to develop globus. The cat will not spit the hair ball until it is 7-8 months old, and the cat will begin to lick its hair when it is three or four months old. At this time, it is necessary to start to give the cat hair removing cream. In addition, the cat should be regularly fed with insect repellent tablets, because there are insects and hair in the body, which are easy to cause vomiting in cats and cats!

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