How can a cat not scratch – how can a cat not scratch


       Cat slaves should have had the experience of being caught by a cat. Cats are very happy. Maybe you touch her sensitive nerves when you are not careful. So how should we train cats to avoid hurting people?

       1¡¢ Water spray

       The cat is afraid of water. If the cat obviously attacks you, you can spray water on it to stop it. For several times, you must think about it when the cat bites again.


       Although the cat can’t understand the content of our speech, it can hear the change of the tone and tone of our speech. If the cat launches an “attack” on you, you should clearly reprimand him and pat him to warn him that this is not the right behavior. If the cat repeats it, it can get good results after a period of time

       3¡¢ Visual field shift

       The kitten has unlimited energy and will want to find someone to play with him. If possible, the family can have two cats, so that they will not be lonely when the owner is not at home, and they will not have the energy to attack people.

       4¡¢ Venting

       Prepare some molars, claw stones, toys, paper balls, etc. for cats. Cats will catch mice and be aggressive. They will let them vent with toys to satisfy their nature of biting.

       5¡¢ Nail clippers

       If the cat at home is used to catching people and can’t change it, the best way is to cut their nails! This at least reduces the pain.

       Don’t cut your finger!! I just took my cat to have sterilization operation yesterday. I heard that the anesthesia for sterilization can be used to amputate the finger, so I did it together. I didn’t know about the amputation operation before. I thought that there should be no pain in general anesthesia, but I didn’t expect it! After returning home, the anesthesia failed. The cat was in a coma for several times! The cat didn’t like to be covered with gauze at all, and tried to break it open, for fear that it would infect the wound. This night, he kept dressing it up, and it would bleed a lot of blood! Small claws are purple, estimated to be blood stasis inside, looking at the pet so painful, I hate myself! I’d rather it scratched all the furniture in the house! I admit that my ignorance has hurt it, and I feel very guilty! I really want to tell all cat owners not to do this operation! The pain of the cat is unimaginable! Really?

       It plays with you, you find it a few toys that can make it interested, it won’t hurt you when looking for you to play?

       After a year old kitten, you ask it, it may not be willing to play with you, kittens on this time the most lovely.

       When it grabs you very hard, you should tell it softly, gently, gently hug sister.

       If it hurts you, pick up one of its small claws. Don’t pat it too hard. Tell it that if you do, you’ll be beaten.

       Often talk to cats, such kittens grow up with human nature is also sensible.

       Buy him some toys to play with

       For example, a table tennis ball, a board that can be scratched, and a ball that can sing and move by itself, I bought a ball for my cat. As soon as the ball pressed the switch, it sang, jumped and flashed, scaring the cat all over the room. I bought this for 15 yuan. The quality is also good. I haven’t changed the battery for half a year.

       The cat scratch board is a very useful tool. It’s best for the cat to grasp it since childhood. It is usually placed in the place where the cat sleeps. It is usually fixed. If it is not fixed, the cat does not like to scratch it. Cut your nails frequently. Cats don’t want you to cut their nails. When it’s sleeping, pick up its claws and gently press the meat pad. The claws will be exposed. We just need to cut off the most sharp and short point. We can’t cut it too long. The cat’s claws will be hurt.

       Playing with each other is an important way to learn the importance of strength. When a kitten fights with a cat’s mother or other kittens, if the bitten party has pain, it will remind or bite back through a cry. The biting party will get this reflex and know what kind of force is appropriate. If the lack of such a learning process in childhood, small strength is not a problem, but it is easy to hurt people when they grow up. Therefore, it is necessary to set up the reflex artificially, but it will take a long time to change the habit when he grows up.

       When cats are half to one year old, they should learn to hunt with their mothers. So at this time, the cat will practice biting. If there is no other cat at home to accompany, the cat will take people’s hands and feet as imaginary enemies. But we can’t get used to it. If it bites, we won’t play with it. Don’t punish it, said a well-known pet doctor. For cats, the most effective way is to reward, not punish.

       If you can’t get rid of it for a while, you can put your hand into the cat’s mouth (away from the canine teeth), because if you do, the cat will be confused for a while, and then you can take this opportunity to break free. Although the cat may bite you in the end, the damage to the big canine teeth far away from the cat will be reduced a little.

       If your cat left the mother cat early and didn’t play well with her brothers and sisters, then the lesson on how to control the strength of the cat in the game may be missed, so they may not grasp the strength when playing with you. In addition, the cat is also very curious. When you tease the cat with your hand, the cat will naturally take him for granted It has become a potential enemy or prey, but because our hands are not as thick as the cat’s fur to protect, so it is inevitable to be bitten and scratched by the cat.

       Buy toys and cut nails again

       The cat is a very curious animal, but sometimes it is a very quiet species, so this is why the cat people will think that it is a contradictory animal, so the cat people are entangled.

       Cats like to scratch everywhere. First of all, it must not be done well. The owners think that a cat is a qualified cat if it is bought back, given food, and then put into a cage. In fact, cats need the owner’s attention just like dogs. Let them know clearly that some things that can’t be done, such as arresting people.

       Secondly, we should buy toys for them. Because cats are very curious animals, we need to buy toys to distract them, let them play with toys themselves, and buy cat scratch boards, cat mint and so on. All these things can attract its attention very well. In this way, it can reduce the number of times it climbs the TV cabinet, and it can also be a good way to have sex with it.

       Third, you must cut your nails regularly, because the nails of cats are very sharp. If you are not careful, you can easily get scratched. Many cat owners forget to cut their nails, which leads to the scratch marks on their bodies. Therefore, we should pay special attention to this. We must clean the nails of cats in time and regularly, so as to avoid scratching And it won’t let it scratch things.

       In addition to these, the cat also needs the owner’s good company, because for the cat, the owner is all it has. If you don’t play with it, it can only amuse itself, so it often can’t be quiet.

       That’s why you’ve kept your cat too long. In fact, you don’t have to put the cat in the cat shed all the time, and then put it out at a specific time. If you hold the cat for a long time, the mind is full of anxiety and curiosity. Can you stop scratching? The cat can be trained to be very good. If you tell him where he can move and can’t move for a long time, she will remember that unless you make your cat angry, she will retaliate against you. Ha ha, my cat is usually kept free. Now he is not interested in my things. He sleeps on the balcony all day long, getting fatter and fatter

       In fact, kittens like to scratch. And the cat’s claws are very sharp, it is easy to hurt others. Cats have strong ideas about new things, so try not to tempt them with things that are interested in them. Secondly, you can repair the cat’s claws. It won’t scratch others when it scratched. Or you can consult a professional and buy toys for your cat, so the cat won’t scratch around when playing with toys.

       Cats are very lively. When their fingernails are too long, they will habitually scratch and grind their claws. They should trim their long nails in time to prevent them from scratching. You can also buy some cat scratch boards and cat climbing frames to scratch cats. The natural materials should be selected as far as possible. In this way, the cats will be more friendly and pay attention to those things instead of catching other things You must stop the cat from scratching, such as yelling to remind the cat that you can’t make it a habit. Don’t leave it alone, interact with them more, and don’t let the cat scratch unhappily~

       You can buy some toys for cats, such as carpet combination for grinding claws, hanging balls, toy mice that can move, etc. Help cat to cut nails, repeatedly take it to a special place to grind claws, to prepare special claw grinding tools. They did it very well. Just wrap a piece of cloth around the board. If possible, prepare a few more and put them where the cat likes to go. If the cat starts to grind its claws on the furniture, immediately say “no” and take it to a place where there are special boards. The master can hold on to its front foot and make it grind its claws. At first, the cat may be noisy, but after a few times it will patiently grind its claws. Praise him when he can grind his claws very skillfully, so that the cat will naturally remember where to grind his claws.

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