How can adult Muppets grow so big?

       The beauty of puppet cat is irrefutable. It is also recognized as good-looking in the cat industry. It is also praised as “fairy cat”. Although this kind of cat looks beautiful, it is really big. How big can it grow? Such a fairy face cat with such a huge body, is it not harmonious?

       Generally speaking, the first oestrus of Muppets is about 8 months. At this time, they have reached sexual maturity. However, Muppets only reach physical maturity after one year old. Muppets develop slowly, so it takes a longer time from kittens to full adulthood. It will take at least four years for the Muppet cat to develop its size and weight at least until it is 3 or 4 years old. That is to say, it will take 3-4 years for the Muppet to be finalized.

       As mentioned above, the size of the puppet cat is very large. After fully grown up, the weight range of male cat is generally 7 kg to 10 kg, and the weight range of female cat is 5 kg to 8 kg, and the length is about 1 m. here is about the weight of the Muppet cat under normal circumstances. If the food of the Muppet cat is very good and the owner does not control feeding, the Muppet cat may be heavier. However, although the Muppet is a general cat, it does not mean that the heavier it is, the better. On the contrary, if the Muppet is fed too fat, it is easy to get sick, especially when it is old.

       Although the Muppet cat is very big, it seems that the proportion is relatively harmonious, and the overall look is relatively good-looking. However, although the Muppet cat is big, it has a gentle temper and is also a favorite breed in the family.

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