How can the chinchilla see how old it is? How big does it recognize people?

       I can recognize people in a month. My new born chinchilla will come into contact with it every day. As soon as you open the door, you will jump into your hands

       However, most of them are two months old before they leave Ma Ma Ma to recognize people. This matter is later developed to the new owner. If you have a good character, you can get familiar with it in a week. If you don’t care about others for several months, you have to choose the one you like when you buy it

       Generally, a kitten born just now is the size of a fist. After 2-3 months, it becomes two fists big. Generally, cat friends will not hide their age. Here is a secret. If you buy a cat, you can buy two fists a little bit larger, usually 4-6 months. It is good to cultivate feelings, cultivate good habits, and you can see the standard of health. Generally, if there is no problem in 4-6 months, there will be no problem. Ha ha ha Hope longmao home can help you

       Full moon 150g, left body length 12cm (excluding tail length)

       About 250g in two months, body length about 16cm (excluding tail length)

       5 months 400g + body length 18cm + (excluding tail length)

       Because chinchillas also have large skeletons and small skeletons, there is also a saying of growth speed. If the basic age of last month is more than 5 months, the weight of 400g + can not judge the specific month age.

       Only a few months after birth, can the sex of chinchilla be clearly identified, because their sexual characteristics are very small. Both male and female chinchillas have little sex

       The difference is that the chinchilla female’s penis is attached to the excretory orifice, while the genital orifice is usually just a slit that is hard to notice.

       There are also some differences in personality between different genders and different fur colors. Generally speaking, male chinchillas are more active and naughty, and, um Lecherous

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