How do big cats stick to people – how do they stick to people?

       The cat’s teeth are relatively sharp. When you scratch the skin, you will feel a tingling pain. At this time, you will find that the normal reaction of pain is to quickly close the hand. It can be imagined that the skin scratch is more serious.

       In fact, cats don’t mean to bite you. They love you. Playing with you, rubbing you with fertile bodies, licking you and gnawing you with teeth are all expressions of love. At this time, cats express their love~

       In the future, if it bites you again, don’t stop your hand quickly, stop it, so that it will know the weight next time.

       For the love of cats, many people like kittens, because kittens are often more fun. They are very clingy and clever. They don’t catch people very much. Big cats are different. They are very tough to catch people I believe that many excrement removal officials have a deep understanding. When their cats were small, they were called good, but when they grew up, they became really cruel. At this time, they held other people’s kittens in their hands. I like them so much. It would be nice if our cats were so good. Why do cats become less and less clingy when they grow up? No matter big cats or kittens, they can feel who is really good to them and who is trustworthy. Don’t beat cats because they are not as clingy and clever as they were when they were young. What they beat is the trust of cats on you. Therefore, both big cats and kittens should be treated as always.

       Your cat is the first time to be a mother or has given birth to before. Generally, a cat is not allowed to be seen. It is not good to take the kitten to its most hidden place. It shouts at you because it is not nutritious. You have to give it more nutrition, otherwise it does not have enough milk to feed the kitten, or where there is inflammation in its body, postpartum care and examination are needed Next, I suggest you give it some nutrition to see

       For kittens, a warm nest is very important, and the material in the nest is also very important. It is suggested to use blankets, which feel a bit like animal fur. Kittens will think that it is their mother, so that they can feel more secure. Because for the kitten, a day more than ten hours sleep, so as long as the nest comfortable, can solve a big problem.

       Man cat relationship is a delicate relationship, it is not easy to get along with each other, but it is not a difficult thing, mutual tolerance, mutual understanding will be good, as the saying goes, step back, do their own duty, their grievances are nothing, can not ask each other how, let him not be afraid of him, but respect him, respect each other is respect himself, cats like to stick to people, prove The cat likes you very much. You should get along well

       Women want to stick to people, remember not to let men feel tired because of your clinging. Two people’s feelings are like eating cake, little by little to enjoy the sweet. It won’t be long before you get tired of it. You can stick your own man, but don’t be too tired, otherwise if your man has a bad appetite, he will not be able to eat it.

       Sticking to people is like getting tired of each other. Just like to follow each other. No matter where you go, talk close, let the other party feel that you are always around to say some boring words. Sticking to people is that you care too much about people, or that they are more dependent. If the other party says so, it is that you are too eager to advance. You should keep a proper distance and develop slowly. Call less, don’t keep asking where you are, what you are doing, who are you with, etc. Don’t always follow the other person’s buttocks, let the other party have their own time to do something they don’t want you to do with you.

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