How do curly dogs cut their hair? How do curly dogs cut their hair

       Teddy has nothing to do with beauty. Ha ha, there are many ways to comb hair. The wide comb can be used to comb the hair, but the place where the knot is tied is the same as before. There are special numbers for Teddy. It’s very fine. If you buy that kind of metal, you can comb the hair off the knot. As you said, it becomes straight after carding and puffy. It will be fine in two days. Ha ha ha, Teddy is like this Yes..

       When giving the dog, the owner must pay attention to the grooming skills, and do not ignore the dog’s feelings just because he wants to brush the hair quickly. If it hurts your dog, they may immediately find a place to hide when you pick up the comb. In fact, you can make your dog feel relaxed by talking to them quietly while combing, so that the dog will enjoy the time with you when he is used to combing.

       If the owner finds some abnormal conditions (such as wounds or parasites on the dog’s body, hair knot, etc.) when combing, it should also be handled in time to avoid more accidents. It should be noted that many of the knots are very difficult to untie, so the owner needs to be patient. If the knots can’t be opened, the owner can only cut off the knotted hair.

       Many people think that dogs with less hair loss like teddy don’t need to comb. In fact, there are problems with this idea. Even though Teddy dogs are not easy to lose hair, if they are not groomed all the time, they will have various problems, such as knotting of hair, deterioration of hair quality, etc. So from the dog’s point of view, owners still need to comb Teddy dogs regularly.

       Many people think that dogs with less hair loss like teddy don’t need to comb. In fact, there are problems with this idea. Even though Teddy dogs are not easy to lose hair, if they are not groomed all the time, they will have various problems, such as knotting of hair, deterioration of hair quality, etc. So from the dog’s point of view, owners still need to comb Teddy dogs regularly.

       There are many benefits of combing Teddy dogs, such as timely detection of whether there are trauma or parasites on the dog, improving the quality of dog hair, promoting the blood circulation of dogs, and enhancing the relationship between owners and dogs. If combined with scientific and reasonable diet and moderate exercise, the dog’s mental state will be significantly different.

       Ha ha, how is Samo’s problem? My dog is Samo. I don’t like to comb when I’m embarrassed. I may be violent. I just press it on the ground and force it to comb. I get used to it after several times.

       I guess it bit the comb because I haven’t seen it before. Maybe it’s because I haven’t seen it before. Maybe it’s because I don’t want you to scratch it with strange things.

       Your comb problem is very popular, the general comb is used to comb a large area of non knotting hair, with the best comb with the hair dryer counter combing! Comb arrangement is used to open the knotting hair and comb the longer hair! As long as Samo combs diligently, he doesn’t need to be ready to comb~

       The hair on the belly can be gently combed with a comb~

       The left side of the picture is the needle comb, and the right side is the row comb!

       [name] pomegranate. Pomeranian dog is also transliterated as Pomeranian dog or Pomeranian dog. It is also called squirrel dog because of its appearance like a squirrel.

       [lineage] the ancestors came from the Arctic Circle and later spread to several European countries. However, the Pomeranian region was the best, so it was named after it.

       [color] the coat colors are black, brown, red, white, blue and orange yellow, and orange yellow is the best.

       [height] about 20 cm.

       [character] the pomegranate is intelligent, lively and alert, quick in movement, gentle in temperament and popular. He loves his master’s gentle caressing, but sometimes he will serve his pet. He is prone to lose his temper, bark or challenge the big dog. He should be strict so as not to form bad habits.

       [key points of purchase] the coat of pomegranate dog begins to grow long hair at 6 months old, and reaches the best state at 3 years old. When selecting dogs, in addition to paying attention to good coat color, thick hair and symmetrical body shape, the best weight should be 1.8-2.3 kg, and too short degenerate should be avoided. Too small female dogs are prone to dystocia. The claws should be small and compact and should be cat shaped. Taboo: monochromatic dogs, with white markings on their breasts, white legs and feet, a round shovel shaped head, and a downward facing front. The eyeliner talks about red, and the nose flesh is too big, soft and soft, flat to the sides, the hind limbs are wide open, the elbows are low, and the cattle pose.

       Bichon frise, English Name: Bichon frise, weight: 3 ~ 6kg, height: 23 ~ 31cm, origin: France. Bichon is covered with fluffy white spiral curly hair, small ears, big round black nose, bright eyes and big round face. It looks like a big fluffy toy.

       After the 14th century, Bichon drifted with European sailors among European countries, and was the best companion of sailors. From the 15th to 16th centuries, Bichon was a royal pet dog in the Royal Court of Europe, and was very popular with his wife at that time. In the 19th century, he was once out of favor, which led to his exile to perform in the side of circus or street entertainers.

       Bichon is friendly, lively, intelligent and has a good memory. It can do all kinds of actions to make people laugh. But it is fierce to strangers. Because of their long-term company with people, they are very friendly and are good family companion dogs. The only reason why it takes up too much time for daily maintenance is that it takes more time to dress up.

       Papillon, also known as Papillon and Babylonia, originated in France. The name of Papillon is named by the French. In French, Papillon means butterfly. Originated in the 16th century, it is one of the oldest varieties in Europe. After the introduction of the butterfly dog to France, at that time in and out of the French palace and noble door, become the treasure of the rich and noble women. In the preserved works of Western art in the 16th century, we can often see its magnificent appearance. In the 19th century, French and Belgian dog lovers devoted themselves to breeding butterfly dogs with erect ears. The long hair on the ears was upright, just like dancing butterflies. Butterfly dog enthusiasts in the United States and the United Kingdom are also trying to breed this breed, which is smaller than other countries. In 1935, it was officially recognized as a pure breed.

       The butterfly dog is 20-28 cm high and weighs 3-5 kg. The head is small and arc-shaped, with symmetrical white spots and patterns. The nose is round and black, and the eyebrow angle is obvious. The nose mouth is sharp mouth shaped. The eyes are of medium size and not protruding. The color of eyeballs and eye sockets is dark. The appearance is smart and beautiful, and the appearance is close and lovely. The most prominent characteristics of the butterfly dog are concentrated on its ears: the ears are upright, symmetrical on the left, and flat and relaxed, much like the wings of a butterfly. There is a cluster of white hair in the middle of the forehead. It is like a butterfly flying. The coat of butterfly dog is beautiful. The coat color is mainly white black or white brown.

       Butterfly dog is intelligent, lively, bold and coquettish, easy to train various movements. It is a kind of noble and elegant companion dog and enjoyment dog. Although it is small in size, it has strong adaptability. It looks very beautiful, small and exquisite, elegant temperament. She is intelligent and lively, sensitive and cheerful, obedient to the master, and never barks at random, especially loved by beautiful ladies

       1. Buy a shower gel for your dog. Wash your dog’s body first.

       2. Buy a special comb for dogs, blow dry it after bathing, and comb it again!

       Note: Teddy’s fur is curly, so don’t take special care of it. Follow my steps, the dog’s hair will be perfect!

       This is how I cut the dog’s hair. I don’t need to take a bath first. The main purpose of bathing is to smooth the hair and cut it well. When you cut the dog’s hair, use a straight shear to level it, and then thin it. Don’t pick up the hair to cut it, so as to avoid cutting the skin. “Because the dog’s skin is loose”, it is no longer willing to let it be cut. After cutting, take a bath and blow dry. Do not cut it in the cold season If you are too cold to be afraid of catching a cold, it is best to go to summer.

       Teddy’s curly hair is particularly easy to knot, so it takes time to groom your dog’s hair~

       First, give little teddy a bath every four or five days

       Second, special comb should be used to comb the hair from the root to the outside,

       If the hair of eyes and mouth is too long, you should go to the pet house to trim it.

       Third, the dog’s diet is also very important, the nutrition can keep up with, the hair naturally also grows very good~