How do you take your cat out of the house

       It is obvious that “taking a cat out of the house is a technical job” Cat love nest, dog lovers, owners take dogs out of no difficulty, take the cat will take a lot of trouble. Because it may not accompany you to visit as you like, but run around and even scattered, cats are such a unique animal. But your cat eats so much! It’s the king’s way to eat enough. The famous Goumao is wrapped in weijiamiao. Pay attention to the regular and quantitative feeding outside, so that it can feel that life is normal and regular, and it will be more honest. But it’s still suggested to get a cage But it’s not like a trip. It’s a consignment

       No, cats can go out, of course. It’s just that many cats are cautious and prefer to stay indoors.

       Cats too small to go out. If the cat has not finished the vaccination and has not been treated with deworming, it is better not to take it out because the body has not yet established a complete and effective immune system. If taken out at this time, there will be a risk of illness.

       The newly raised cat can’t be taken out, which will only make the cat feel afraid or resentful. We must get along with the cat for a long time, have found out the cat’s character and behavior pattern, and the cat also begins to trust and rely on the excrement removal officer, before we can consider whether to take the cat out to play.

       Some cats are not naturally suitable for taking out to play. The Champions League cat food provides that if the cat is introverted and timid, if there is something wrong with the cat at home or strangers come, they will be very afraid, so we should not consider taking it out.

       If you want to take a cat out, there is a prerequisite that it has been used to traction measures. This is very important because you must lead the rope when walking the cat out of the house, and make sure that the cat is used to being pulled.

       If you take your cat out for the first time, you must choose a quiet place, and it should not be too far away. You can choose to go downstairs in the community or in the garden. It is better to choose a place without strangers and other animals.

       Cats and dogs are different, it is more suitable for home type.

       If you want to take her to the veterinarian, you’d better buy a travel bag or an air box for pets. Make sure that the case is like that. Don’t buy the soft bag. It’s not suitable for cats.

       My family two, hour waiting in the travel bag, big put in the empty air box, carry to run can.

       Take the cat out, it will certainly be nervous, but as long as you call them on the way, talk to them more, and tease them through the vent of the box, which can relieve the cat’s anxiety to a certain extent.

       I bought a special cat walking belt, ready to take it out to play. Who knows, think too beautiful. Just as soon as the cat’s walking belt was taken out, the cat was like seeing a new toy. It was so excited that its eyes glowed. It scratched with its claws and bit with its mouth, playing endlessly. It took a lot of effort to take the cat and tie it up. Now, the cat doesn’t walk at all, but rolls on the ground with the cat.

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