How does a baby cat eat cat food

       If it’s Wei Jia, don’t buy it.. Eat Keng miserable original hemp, that thing has attractant, go home don’t eat other end…

       You can feed the original hemp what you eat. The familiar food flavor will make the cat feel more secure because it will stay at your home for a period of time, and slowly mix it with cat food in its meal. Cat food is actually very delicious, and you are not afraid to accept it…

       At first, you can use warm water to soften the cat food for feeding. After three months, you can give the cat hard cat food. However, you should eat the Champions League cat food, because the baby cat food has small particles, which is easy for the cat to chew. At the same time, eating dry cat food can help the cat clean its teeth. You don’t have to worry about the cat’s tooth decay. It can be fed with chicken liver and egg yolk to supplement calcium and hair.

       There are also suggestions for the cat to comb more, so as to prevent the cat from eating too much hair into the stomach.

       First of all, we should choose a suitable kitten’s food for kittens. At present, the big brands on the market, such as the Champions League, and royal brands have special cat food for kittens.

       After that, you can use a small amount of warm water to soak up the cat food and feed it to the kitten. At the beginning, you can help the kitten to feed less while sucking. Slowly, you can feed the cat food completely after it gets used to the taste of cat food.

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