How does a cat like to pee in bed for two months

       The kitten will urinate in the nest or bed where she is used to sleeping because she has been following the cat’s mother since she was a child. It may also be that the kitten is not very good at urinating, and has not gone to the toilet for a while when she is happy, and then she can’t hold back all of a sudden.

       My own way is to take the paper towel, grab it on the wet sheet, let it smell and teach it; then wipe the urine on the sheet with paper as much as possible, let it watch when doing this, and then put the cat and tissue together in the cat toilet, and let it smell. It’s better to catch it and carry it directly to the cat toilet.

       It can only be taught slowly in this way. In fact, it will soon be good. Don’t hit it, because it doesn’t understand what it did wrong. Instead, it is easy to hold urine because of your anger. In this way, the urinary system is easy to go out of trouble.

       Even if the bed sheet has been changed, don’t leave its smell memory.

       It’s normal for me to go to bed and sleep with you. So is my cat. The cat likes warm places, which shows that he is very close to you. If your cat doesn’t take it out, there is no problem sleeping with yourself, just pay attention not to press it~

       The cat has been able to identify the toilet for two months. At this time, you need to teach it to buy cat litter and carry it into the litter. The general cat will know about it. Then wash the toilet completely on the bed and cover it up because the cat doesn’t know the smell. Otherwise, it will go to the toilet.

       If it doesn’t work, pat your head to let him know he’s wrong. Help his legs to pick up litter or put his poop in the litter so that he can recognize the smell

       It is necessary to stop cats from urinating. Cats always choose the place they think is suitable for excretion. If a cat has used a place outside the litter basin as a place to excrete, we need to stop him before he does it again. You know, the fading smell of cat urine is a sign for him – it needs to be strengthened, that is, to urinate again.

       Therefore, to clean the place where he used to urinate, deodorant can be used, but considering that the cat’s sense of smell is very keen, it is necessary to repeatedly clean to ensure thorough. You can also close the area; you can set up barriers to keep the cat away from the area, such as using double-sided tape, or the kind of plastic carpet with little spikes on it.

       Extended data

       The causes of cat urination are as follows

       1¡¢ Symptoms

       If the cat no longer urinates in the litter pan, it is likely to be related to the disease. If a cat has a condition like renal failure, its micturition becomes so frequent that it can’t even go to the toilet. Secondly, urinary problems, disorderly urine is not what the cat thinks, but can not stop, in this case, it is best to take the cat to the pet hospital to have a look.

       2¡¢ Maladjustment

       It is normal for cats who are facing new environment to urinate disorderly. However, if the cat has been keeping it for many years, it is likely that the environment is not very safe for the cat. Therefore, the cat will choose the place where the owner has strong smell to excrete, such as the bedroom, sofa and so on. It will feel that these places are relatively safe and choose here.

       3¡¢ Oestrus

       When the cat comes to estrus, it will often urinate on the facade of the house, such as the bed, corner, seat and so on. They want to leave their own traces in these places, so as to attract the attention of other opposite sex cats. As long as the estrus period is over, it will be good.


       If a cat is kept in captivity or tied up first, prepare a litter basin for it and put it in the side. If you keep it in captivity for a week, it will recognize that litter basin as a toilet. In the future, it will only go to the litter basin and go to the toilet.

       Pay attention to observe whether the cat is sick or not, and do not rule out the possibility of illness, which is generally related to the disease of the bladder. If you have anorexia and abnormal stool, you should take it to the hospital for treatment.

       Cats will urinate everywhere before they are domesticated.

       After domestication, if you still urinate everywhere, you may be in estrus or have not been given sex. It is the cat’s nature to continuously spread the smell.

       Should be in 6-7 months old when birth control, so as to reduce shouting, disorderly urine left odor mark, in addition to his urine should be washed clean, do not leave a smell, otherwise he always like to urinate with 84 times more than several times.

       Make sure you’re not scared. Sometimes some diseases can cause the cat to use the litter basin. Especially the old cats at home and the cats who can run outdoors.

       Urinary tract infection is one of the most common causes. The cat thinks it’s the litter basin that causes his pain, not urination. Of course, urinary tract infection is not the only cause of this problem. If a cat is sick and does not go to the vet or receive treatment, it may endanger other cats, and the problem may be more and more.

       It is necessary to stop cats from urinating. Cats always choose the place they think is suitable for excretion. If a cat already uses a place outside the litter basin as a place to excrete, we need to stop him before he does it again. You know, the fading smell of cat urine is a sign for him – it needs to be strengthened, that is, to urinate again.

       Therefore, to clean the place where he used to urinate, deodorant can be used, but considering that the cat’s sense of smell is very keen, it is necessary to repeatedly clean to ensure thorough. It can also be closed down;

       In addition, barriers can be set up to keep the cat away from the area, such as using double-sided tape, or the kind of plastic carpet with small spikes on it.

       In addition, cats hate being scared, so if they go to those areas, they can scare them and make them lose their favor. It’s also important to change bad habits and build good ones. To make the litter basin more attractive to cats. The litter basin should be clean and private. In homes with many cats, this is even more important. Make sure that the cat can see a certain distance when using the litter basin, so that he will not be attacked suddenly and be safe on the way.

       It’s not good to put the small sand basin where the cat urinates. Think about how the toilet you use is decorated. There is a door that can be accessed. There are also some trinkets to decorate. Don’t your cat need the same privacy and fun? Maybe you put your cat’s urinating basin in an area where you need to move around a lot, or you may be too close to noise sources, such as the washing machine. It is also possible that the place is too dark. Although cats can see things in very dark light, they still need some light. If the small sand basin is placed in a very dark place, the cat will not want to use it.

       Even if you don’t like a few more urine boxes, you may need to put more small ones in them. It’s more convenient for kittens to use, just like kittens need more control.

       The cat doesn’t like the sand basin you buy for it. The sand basin you buy makes it uncomfortable and limits its movement. Sometimes, if the cat’s box is too high, it will be difficult for the cat with arthritis to get in and out.

       Your cat doesn’t like litter. Some litter isn’t soft enough. Your cat doesn’t like it. If you’ve cut your cat’s paws, the cat may have a little pain digging for litter, so it’s going to look for softer stuff. If this is the case, you can place two kinds of cat litter for testing, one is brand a’s soft litter, the other is brand B’s slightly rougher, to see which one your cat will eventually choose.

       Changes in the family environment have you got a new baby? Or maybe it’s because you’ve changed your job or something, and you’re far away from home. It’s no longer the time when cats used to work and rest at home. Cats like a predictable and controllable environment. Changes in the home environment may not be a big deal for us, but not for cats.

       Your cat needs a sense of security. The scared cat will behave in a fear way. When the cat is near its small sand basin, don’t punish it. This will bring a negative connection between the cat and the sand basin, which will lead to the cat staying away from the sand basin in the future. Similarly, do not force the cat to give medicine around the sand basin or trim its paws.

       Although cats are known for being clean, urinating everywhere in the room is still the number one complaint. Cats urinating outside the litter basin may be due to health reasons or mental stress, and the two situations are difficult to distinguish. Generally speaking, cats may urinate in unusual places when their bodies are out of time to attract their owners’ attention, or they may mark their territory for redefining. The latter kind of situation mostly stems from certain mental pressure, which is easy to cause disease.

       ¡¤Should I see a doctor?

       One of the symptoms of FLUTD is to urinate outside the sand basin. FLUTD can be caused by mental stress and many other reasons. If you want to determine whether FLUTD is more difficult to urinate in the place outside the sand basin, you should pay attention to observe whether the cat has other symptoms of FLUTD, such as hematuria, frequent urination, urgency, difficulty in urination, inability to urinate, etc. Also consider the possibility of the following other reasons. If FLUTD is suspected, send to the hospital immediately.

       ¡¤Sense of territorial crisis

       Cat’s urine and feces are a way of communication between cats and their peers. When a cat leaves a stool somewhere, it tells other cats that “this cat will come here on a certain day, month and year”. Later, the cats in this area can also know that other cats have come by the smell of cat excrement, or know how long the “owner” of the territory has not been here for a long time, and make corresponding response. Mental stress, such as the arrival of a new cat, or the owner’s long absence from home, may cause the cat to think that it is necessary to redefine its territory. There may be one or several characteristics of urination caused by the sense of territorial crisis

       1. On a vertical surface.

       2. Sometimes in a sand basin, sometimes in another place (as opposed to never urinating in a sand basin).

       3. Defecate in the sand basin, but pee outside the sand basin.

       4. The cat has not been sterilized.

       5. Something happened at home that made the cat feel the need to redraw its territory. (for example: a new pet has been added; the owner’s new roommate has moved in; he has just moved to a new home; the house has just been redecorated; the owner has just returned from his vacation; there are other cats around the house, etc.)

       6. Urinate near the door or window.

       7. The problem did not appear until new furniture was added or rearranged.

       8. Cats respond to punishment for other wrongs. 9. The place to urinate includes the master’s bed and clothes.

       10. The same place to urinate every time.

       If the cat urinates everywhere in line with the characteristics of a sense of territorial crisis, the first thing to pay attention to is to clean the place where the cat often urinates and spray some odor that the cat does not like. In the United States, there are some oral stress relief drugs for cats, such as Buspar, amitriptyline, Valium, and substances that can be sprayed indoors to reduce the pressure of cats, such as Feliway. If there are no such options, parents can take measures according to possible reasons to reduce the mental stress of cats.

       ¡¤Cat litter basin “unacceptable”

       The reason why some cats pee outside the litter basin is that it is “unacceptable” for them. They may think that the sand basin is too dirty, not hidden enough, has a strange smell, or is uncomfortable. Here are some of the “unacceptable” signs of litter pots:

       1. Not to the vertical plane.

       2. All sizes are outside the sand basin.

       3. More than two cats share a litter basin (the current recommendation is the number of litter basins in the home or = the number of cats in the family).

       4. Just changed to a new brand of cat litter.

       5. The litter basin has a cover.

       6. The litter basin is not cleaned frequently.

       7. Have negative memories of being in a litter pan (such as being caught out of the litter to see a vet, or being punished).

       8. Cat litter basin is located in the “busy” part of the family.

       9. There is a dog or other cat disturbing the cat with a sand basin.

       Cats with these problems need to be retrained in sand pots. First, put a new sand basin outside the original one. Because many cats don’t like to use the sand basin or do not want to invade the territory of other cats because they think that the sand basin has been “occupied” by another cat. Be careful not to put the sand basin close to the food. Cats don’t like to be convenient near the eating place.

       Then, try different litter to see if the cat prefers one. If nothing works, the cat needs to be confined to a smaller area with the litter basin. If the cat is willing to be convenient in the litter basin, gradually expand his area of activity until his original area is restored.

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