How does eye tear mark do – how should tear mark remove

       If you are a child, you should help your dog wipe your eyes to prevent tears. To remove the tear marks, it is necessary to wipe with light salt water, so as to eliminate the tear marks to some extent. You can also use some tear marks cleaning liquid to remove the tear marks.

       Do not give the dog to eat their own food, it is best to eat professional dog food, their own food is salty, dogs can not eat salty, harmful to the body, a spoonful of salt will make the dog fatal. Food salty will also have tears.

       Expanding information

       Care of dog’s tears

       1. Use a pair of small beauty scissors to cut the contaminated hair, pay great attention to the dog’s eyes. If you don’t want to do it yourself, you can find a professional beautician to cut your hair.

       2. Dip a little Vaseline into a cotton hand or a swab and apply it carefully around the eyes of dogs (CATS) to protect their hair from tears.

       3. Mix a small part of hydrogen peroxide with a bowl and water, dip the cotton swab with hydrogen peroxide, and carefully clean the tear stains on the face.

       4. Soak in clean water with a soft cloth, wipe the area scrubbed by hydrogen peroxide, and remove the remaining AKC silk protein wool protector or vaseline.

       To tear marks should first find the cause of tear marks, and then the right medicine.

       Causes: obstruction of nasolacrimal duct, ear canal infection / ear mite, lacrimal gland inflammation, dental calculus, etc

       1. The best way to check nasolacrimal duct is to go to the hospital for fluorescein sodium detection. There is no way to make a diagnosis at home.

       2. Open the ear to check whether the ear hair is clumped and textured, whether there is a lot of brown dirt in the ear canal, and whether there is inflammation and pus on the inner wall of the ear canal. If there is brown dirt can be taken to the hospital to see whether it is caused by ear mites or fungi or bacteria. If there are ear mites, insect repellents should be used; if there are fungi and bacteria, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory drugs should be used. For different reasons, the drugs used are different. Don’t blindly draw conclusions and use some so-called “folk prescriptions”. It’s OK to clean the ear hair.

       3. Secondly, peel off the hair around the eye to check whether there is trauma around the eye and whether the eyelid is red or swollen; gently lift the upper and lower eyelids to observe whether there are foreign bodies on the eyeball, and by the way, check whether there are more red blood threads and edema on the inner eyelid and the surface of the eyeball; carefully check whether there is trichiasis. Trauma needs the owner to help him clean up the wound around, regularly apply medicine; if there is foreign body, you can use clean warm water or normal saline to wash out the foreign body; if you have trichiasis, you need to carefully remove the trichiasis with tweezers; if there is a large amount of red blood and edema, you need to go to the regular pet hospital to check the cause. Do not casually use eye drops, there are some ingredients of eye drops dogs can not use.

       4. Finally, open your mouth to check if there is gingival swelling, ulceration, dental calculus, etc. If this is the case, you need to go to the hospital to check to see if you need to pull out teeth to wash teeth or inject anti-inflammatory.

       However, there are still some dogs that have been checked and found to be in good condition everywhere. Therefore, it is necessary for the owner to recall whether he has changed food for the dog in recent years, and whether the dog has eaten some food with high salt and fat. If it is caused by the change of food, it shows that the current food is not suitable for the dog’s physique, and then it will be good to change back for a period of time.

       But it’s not easy to do if you eat foods that are too salty and greasy to cause liver damage.

       The tears of dogs contain porphyrins, which are the metabolites of red blood cells and contain iron ions (iron ions turn red after oxidation). Porphyrin is metabolized by * * and excreted with feces. When * * is damaged, the porphyrin will be excreted with the tears and saliva of dogs and cats. When the tears containing porphyrin stay on the light fur for a period of time, it will stain. So, only by finding the root cause can we make it easy to get rid of tears

       For the friends who keep dogs, we all know that dogs often shed tears to form tear marks, especially those white dogs, which always form Brown tears under their eyes, which will be particularly obvious and do not appear to be dry. How to remove the dog’s tear marks has become a problem for many friends, so how can we remove the tear marks?

       Do a good job in daily eye care

       Eye care is very important, with healthy and bright eyes, will not secrete extra tears, tear marks will not form. Check the dog’s eyes to see if there are inverted eyelashes, foreign bodies into the eye irritation, after cleaning, gently rinse the eyes with normal saline. Add 1-2 drops of pet tear remover to prevent the dog’s eye inflammation and improve the problem of excessive tears, so as not to aggravate the tear marks. Usually after taking a bath, you can take a drop to protect your eyes and prevent fungus infection.

       Improving diet

       Pet owners who have been keeping dogs for more than three months should know that salty food will cause tear marks. Therefore, if you want to refuse the dog’s tears, the better way is to keep the low salt diet for the dog, and refuse the human food and commercial food with high salt content. They should choose the natural food with low salt and balanced nutrition, such as “full price whole breed dog food”, which is rich in nutrition and rich in meat, and is relatively light A natural food, in order to reduce dog tears, hair loss, skin disease, etc., usually should encourage dogs to drink more water, or appropriate amount of fresh vegetables and fruits, supplement water!

       Use small methods to help clear tears

       Every day, prepare enough wet paper towel to wipe the dog’s tear marks, and use the tear removing liquid and adjust the diet. After a period of time, the tear marks can be gradually reduced until they disappear. Or trim the white dog’s tear marks, cut hair, tear marks will become lighter (need to be completed with the help of a beautician). No matter which method is adopted, it is impossible to get rid of it in a short time. Dog owners should be patient and insist on it.

       The reason why dogs have brown tear marks is that they eat salty food. The most basic thing is to pay attention to diet, and the best is dog food. The second is to use cotton gauze dipped in tea and gently wipe it. After a period of time, there will be obvious improvement. The most important thing is diet. If you eat too much salty, not only will there be tears, but also there will be Dog skin (i.e. equivalent to human dandruff); abnormal hair removal; serious liver edema and liver edema.

       1¡¢ Improve your dog’s diet and refuse hot food

       Internal fire is one of the common causes of dog tears. At ordinary times, the owner often gives the dog some high salinity dog food or too salty human food, which will make the body of Bomei unbearable, and eventually lead to a fire, so that the eyes secrete more tears, forming tear marks.

       I suggest that we should give Bo Mei less human food, and replace dog food with ecological dog food with high vitamin and cellulose content, and drink more water to replenish the body’s moisture, so it is not easy to get angry. In addition, it can also be properly fed some fruits and vegetables, to ease the body fire also has a great help.

       2¡¢ Use eye drops to improve dog’s eye problems

       Dog’s eye hygiene is very important. If you don’t pay attention to it, you may be infected by bacteria or viruses, which may cause eye inflammation. It’s hard to feel the taste at regular intervals. Every day there will be a lot of tears, red eyes, swelling and pain. Some owners are more careless, not timely found that the dog has tears, over time will form tears.

       3¡¢ Take the method of wiping or shaving to assist the mark removal

       Tear marks can not be formed in one or two days, and it is not a matter of two or three days to remove tear marks. After fundamentally curbing the formation of tear marks, it is still necessary to take a long time of nursing to remove the tear marks. Wipe the tears with a clean wet towel every day, gently back and forth, repeat 2-3 times, adhere to a period of time, natural can gradually become shallow and light. Tear marks are more serious, you can take the dog to the pet hospital, shave off the hair with tear marks, which can also reduce the traces of tears.

       First of all, to determine what causes the tear marks, dog tears generally have two reasons.

       First, there are head and face problems, such as nasolacrimal duct blockage, ear canal infection, dental calculus, eye inflammation, etc. when a dog has these problems (except nasolacrimal duct blockage), there will be a surface feature. Parents can help it to check it. Nasolacrimal duct blockage needs to be diagnosed in the hospital.

       Second, sub-health problems. Maybe you can’t connect the two. But it’s really the dog who has a little problem that always has tears. The liver controls the eyes. It must be the way. OK, the eyes are bright. General dogs have problems, low immunity will lead to tears. In addition, parents must also find that their dog’s tears are not only reddening, but also reddening. The reason is that the dog’s body contains a metabolite called porin, which is usually excreted with feces after metabolism. When the dog is in a sub-health state, the metabolic capacity of porin is weakened, and the porin will be discharged from the body with the dog’s tears and saliva. When the tears containing porphyrin stay on the dog’s fur, they will be discharged from the body After a period of time, it will form rust red tears.

       So at this time, we can only solve the problem of tear marks by protecting the liver! Longchang bile acid is to protect, it can improve the immunity of dogs, reduce the secretion of tears, and can reduce the burden of * *, promote the normal metabolism of porin, fundamentally solve the problem of tear marks!

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