How does hot air help the cat cool down?

       Although it is autumn now, autumn tigers occasionally have hot and dry times. How can we help Garfield cool down reasonably when the weather is hot? Garfield cat because there is no sweat glands on the body, so the heat will not be emitted through the body like people, but a very wonderful position, through the foot pad for heat dissipation.

       Garfield’s foot pad actually has a great function. For example, it can be anti-skid, especially in some relatively slippery tiles and other places to walk is able to play a good anti-skid effect. In addition, it can also dissipate heat. When the weather is relatively hot, Garfield is through its own footpad to heat. Therefore, if Garfield’s foot hair is too long, it will affect Garfield’s heat dissipation; and there is shock absorption. Garfield cats jump from high places, generally not easy to get hurt, mainly because of its foot pad. In addition, cats are good at climbing because of the fixation of cat’s feet. Garfield’s feet will also prevent slipping if they are too long to grip. So Garfield, like dogs, needs to trim their feet regularly.

       Of course, the way to trim Garfield’s foot hair is also very simple. When trimming Garfield’s foot hair, try to prepare a knife with round head as much as possible, so as to avoid stabbing the cat’s paws when Garfield moves. Then, when trimming the foot hair, you must remember to trim the foot hair between the toes. If the cat does not cooperate, first add more comfort, and then trim it. The length only needs to be trimmed to expose the meat pad of the feet. After trimming, Garfield can be rewarded with a little snack, so that Garfield can gradually develop interest in shaving feet.

       Of course, if you shave your feet, everything will be fine. Especially in summer, parents should not put Garfield outside or raise them on the balcony. If the weather is hot, it is easy to get heatstroke. It’s better to be in a cool room, and the water must be prepared enough, because the summer is dry, the cat drinks more water, and must frequently add water.