How does kitten not sleep in its nest

       There are several steps to solve your troubles: 1. You can let the cat sleep in bed, and then put it in the cat’s nest to sleep.

       2. The cat’s nest must be more comfortable, and it’s better to be more comfortable than your own.

       3. The clothes in the cat’s nest, you can first try to make it stained with its own flavor, because the cat is also used to the taste of its owner.

       4. Put some small toys in the cat’s nest, some soft toys. Try to provide a more comfortable environment than a bed.

       5. Try to buy different cat nests and see which ones your cat likes to sleep in.

       Be patient. He’ll sleep in his nest sooner or later~

       1. Cat nest placement

       We should pay more attention to observe where cats prefer to sleep and rest, so this place is the preferred place to place the cat’s nest. If it is not fixed, it can be placed according to the cat’s usual habit of lying down and resting. Generally, the cat will like a quiet and comfortable place with a wide view.

       2. Cat nest attraction

       The cat’s nest allows the cat to explore on its own initiative. Don’t wait to hold the cat in directly. If it is forced to stay inside, it will have fear and rejection. The cat is very alert to unfamiliar things. You can put your cat’s favorite toy or blanket with its familiar smell. If your cat is interested in cat mint, you can put some cat Mint in your nest.

       As a excrement removal officer, you need to know what kind of nest a cat likes. The choice of a cat’s nest is also very important. What is in line with its preference is more easily accepted. Some cats even like to sleep in an empty box. The owner can spread a blanket in the box, which can be a cat’s nest. The main cats like it. Most cats like comfortable, soft and safe cat nests!

       Cats and dogs are different. Dogs treat their owners as masters and obey loyalty. Cats usually regard their owners as “mothers”, so cats are capricious and mischievous. Cats are very personalized animals. You need to pay more love and tolerance to them. It is common for cats not to sleep in a fixed place. If you lock or tie them in order to make them sleep in a fixed place, I think it will affect the feelings between you. Cats have some spiritual activities matter

       For adoption

       In fact, cats can’t be forced to choose their sleeping places. I have bought five different types of cat beds for the cat, but most of them don’t pay any attention to them. Instead, they find places like bags, towels, laundry baskets and so on. You can say that you are not worried.

       If it likes to sleep in bed, let it sleep well in bed! In fact, three months old cats know how to keep warm. If it’s cold, you can wrap a hot water bag with a towel in the nest, or put the nest next to the heater. It will know how to look for warmth.

       In fact, a lot of times cats are like people. Have their own interests and hobbies.

       Maybe it’s the nest that the owner has arranged for the cat. The cat doesn’t like it. Cats and cats have common characteristics. I like to sleep in narrow lattices or boxes.

       Personal advice is to build a simple nest for cats. Put it where it’s used to. If the cat is not used to the new nest for a while. The owner can also train the cat and teach him that this is the place where he should sleep instead of going to bed

       When I was a child, I had been raised in my family. At that time, I heard from the older generation. They say that the cat will only be released at night when it is brought home, and it should be placed in the cat’s nest that you have prepared for it, so that it can get used to and know where it lives. You now try to put it where you want it to live every night to see if it works.

       Your cat eats potatoes? Yeah! How special! ha-ha! Like the little monsters in big ears picture, take good care of your cat, I believe it will bring you a lot of fun!

       Cats have a temper that they don’t like to be dominated by others. They like to follow their own temperament. I have kept cats for more than ten years. Most cats don’t sleep where you want them to sleep, such as the cat’s nest. Instead, they find the most comfortable places, such as the top of the cupboard, the sofa, under the chair, and on the windowsill.

       Don’t try to order the cat. It’s the nature of the dog, not the cat.

       In addition, kittens like to eat all kinds of food that you think is more strange, such as potatoes, corn and vegetables, which is also normal. In fact, cats will eat some vegetables to balance their nutrition. There is no need to make a fuss. Of course, green onions (which are easy to eat for cats) and lilies (poisonous to cats) should avoid eating them.

       You can try homemade cat rice, that is, rice mixed with fish. If you don’t cook, you can give cat food to kittens. If you can’t bite, you can soften it with water bubble.

       This problem can only be solved slowly. As soon as it goes to bed, you put it in the nest, and then make the nest soft and warm. The main reason is that the cat is too small and sticky, but it can’t be changed after growing up. My cat not only sleeps in bed but also sleeps in quilt, but it is very painful for my family to change hair in summer, and the bed is full of fur.

       When winter comes, the weather is cold. Don’t let it sleep in your bed. It will drill into the cat’s nest. Pets are not as stupid as we think, they are also very smart. It’s better to have a basket style. It’s not so stuffy. Our cat goes to the bathroom at night. After going to bed, she will cover her own quilt and spread an extra piece of clothes. It will only show her face and breathe. There is nothing else to worry about.