How does Persian cat eye excrement agglomerate to do?

       Persian cat because the face is flat, so the eyes are particularly prone to tear marks, but if the tear marks are more serious, there will also be eye droppings. If the eye droppings are heavy and piled up, they will appear at the corner of the eyes. A large lump of black eye droppings stick to the hair, which looks very ugly. How should we deal with it?

       Cat’s eyes are consistent is super good-looking, their eyes are big, very attractive. If the Persian cat’s eyes suddenly appear black block, not only affect the appearance of Persian cat, but also let the owner worry about whether his cat is sick. In fact, in this case, the general wipe clean is tear marks, not clean is the middle of the hair mixed with dark block. If you can’t wipe it clean, you may lose hair. Maybe that piece of hair will be bald, so the latter will affect the appearance and is the most difficult to deal with.

       As we all know, it is generally caused by the salty cat. If it is, the owner needs to change the cat’s diet, replace the food currently eaten, or eat special food to remove the tear mark. If the dark color is fast, it is basically tear marks and tends to get on fire. Parents should pay more attention to it if there is more eye droppings If the eyes continue to be inflamed, there will be inflammation, so that the eyes are red, sore, and the cat can’t open their eyes.

       In this case, parents should first wipe the eyes of Persian cats frequently. Try not to make the eye droppings stay on the eyes for too long. In addition, they should often drop a few drops of eye drops to cats, such as two drops when wiping eyes. Finally, let the cat drink more water to relieve the symptoms of the fire.

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