How does the cat fall leg to do

       Although cats are good at running and jumping, they can break their bones when they are not careful. A cat with a foot injury is naturally unable to walk freely. Parents should pay attention to the cat’s leg and foot problems. The cat’s leg may be injured or broken. So what should be done if the cat’s feet are hurt?

       The first is, of course, to determine the exact location of the cat’s foot to see if it is serious or slight. If the cat is only slightly injured and the cat can walk, then parents need not worry too much. If the cat’s foot is seriously injured, bleeding a lot, and there is a fracture, then special attention should be paid to the treatment. (the owner gently touches the cat’s body with his hand. If he screams loudly when touching the bones, it indicates that there is a fracture.)

       Second, if it is only a minor trauma, then debridement, disinfection and hemostasis, bandaging can be used. Cat trauma debridement can use 3% hydrogen peroxide, in the tourniquet 3-4 cm away from the wound near the heart of two circles, a knot. Then give the cat some ointment for trauma.

       Third, if it’s a fracture, there’s a lot of bleeding. Then we should first disinfect and stop bleeding, and wrap the fracture site with sterile gauze, but we should pay attention not to strangle it, in case the cat’s blood circulation is not smooth. In search of a straight stick or board, use gauze to fix the fracture site, so that the cat can not move and bend the fracture site.

       After emergency treatment, the cat will be sent to the hospital as soon as possible. Attention: when carrying the cat to the hospital, you must hold the cat’s body with both hands, especially in the place where the leg is injured. Do not hold the cat in one hand. If you can, find a large board, then move the cat onto the board and transport it to a pet hospital for treatment.

       Observe this evening to see if the cat’s self-healing physical fitness is still useful. If you still can’t move tomorrow, you can take it to the hospital to take a film. If you don’t have much money for a plaster cast, it’s worth dozens of yuan. But if you don’t have appetite tomorrow, you may hurt your internal organs, so you need an injection. In short, if you don’t get better tomorrow, you should take it to see it. The earlier you take it, the less money you spend and the less crime you will suffer~

       A cat with a broken leg usually takes three months to recover.

       After the cat’s leg is broken, it needs to go to the pet hospital for bone grafting. It will take three months for the cat to walk normally. Because the broken tendon and broken bone is a difficult and good disease, the time is relatively long. We should bask in the sun more and eat some food containing calcium and phosphorus at the same time, which is conducive to the recovery of bone injury.

       I’ve seen a cat with a broken spine recovering on its own. And the vet said it was okay. So you don’t have to worry about the recovery of your cat. Secondly, I think you should accompany it more and comfort it. After all, it is injured and needs care. When he calmed down, he should take the initiative to eat and drink.

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