How long after the cure of cat plague – Cat plague generally how many days can be good

       Four to five days at the most.

       Precautions for treatment of feline plague:

       1. Keep warm.

       2. Cat plague high immune serum is very important. In fact, it is the antibody of cat plague virus. In the treatment, only this serum is specifically aimed at the virus. But should pay attention not to inject continuously for more than three days, more also has side effects.

       3. Balance fluid supply and prevent acidosis

       Infusion is the best treatment. If you can’t give your cat an infusion, you can give your cat a mixture of 10% glucose and normal saline every once in a while to help him replenish energy and water.

       4. Use antibiotics to prevent secondary infection

       The commonly used antibiotics are gentamicin, twice a day, once feeding 20000 units.

       Now a new antibiotic drug for animals is called prochloraz. You can consult the doctor about the dosage.

       5. Stop vomiting

       Weifuan injection is a good antiemetic drug, which is very important during the treatment. It can be injected or taken orally.

       6. Regulating digestive function

       During the treatment period, because of the intake of a large number of antibiotics, the cat’s normal digestive flora was destroyed at the same time. It is necessary to give the cat some drugs to regulate digestion, such as lactase and enterology. However, it should be noted that this kind of drugs should be used in the recovery period of cat plague, that is, when the cat starts to eat, and the interval between the drugs and antibiotics should be more than half an hour Take it.

       7. Other drugs such as dexamethasone and VC are all drugs to help metabolism, which can be added according to the situation.

       8. Pay attention to the foods that are not easy to digest (milk, eggs, canned food, meat, etc.) that are too high in protein. Generally speaking, the most common dry cat food with little oil content can be softened.

       You can also cook some rice soup or rice flour mixed with some cat food powder or flavor enhancer. You can also use a little canned soup and feed it to the cat after mixing.

       You can also buy a nutrition cream for your cat, which is more comprehensive and digestible.

       Clinical treatment of cat plague virus generally takes about 7 to 10 days. Cat plague, also known as feline leukopenia, is caused by feline parvovirus. The treatment generally follows the symptomatic treatment. It needs to stop vomiting and diarrhea, regulate the electrolyte balance in the body, supplement nutrients, stop bleeding, and eliminate inflammation. It also needs to inject anti-virus substance and anti-virus monoclonal antibody.

       Feline plague is mainly due to poor self resistance, vaccination is not successful, the main performance for vomiting, laxity, poor mental appetite, can be detected by colloidal gold test board, at the same time, blood routine can also be checked to find leucopenia. The treatment needs infusion and injection, intravenous infusion of anti-inflammatory, anti-vomiting, hemostasis, nutrient solution, etc. the injection is mainly anti-virus injection such as monoclonal antibody and interferon.


       First, good health of the cat, and no secondary infection, generally about 6 days can be out of the hospital


       Second, the cat with good body condition, not very bad biochemical index, but with secondary infection, can be cured after 9 days of treatment


       Third, cats with poor health and poor biochemical indicators may have a longer treatment cycle and may die at any time

       1. The so-called cat plague will have lifelong antibodies is that the cat has not been injected with monoclonal antibody serum, but has survived on its own. Such cats will be immune for life.

       But in fact, this possibility is very small.

       3. Other cats cured by cat plague can only produce short-term antibodies, so they must be vaccinated regularly to awaken their resistance. Cat triad, to tell you the truth, the preventive effect of nasal branch and cup-shaped is general, but it is quite effective for feline plague. Outbreak of cat plague, especially obvious, vaccinated basic will not be infected.

       Theoretically speaking, after feline fever has passed, life-long immunity to this disease is a suggestion to you. The vaccine should be given, because the vaccine contains not only antibodies against feline fever, but also antibodies against other diseases. Even if the cat is immune to this disease, it will not be immune to all other diseases. Moreover, the cat’s body will have a great loss after it gets sick, so it needs more protection from the vaccine. As for the interval, I suggest you ask the doctor, according to the cat’s physical condition to decide, under normal circumstances, if the cat is cured for more than 3 months, eat, drink and defecate normally, and the body recovers well, you can go to have a shot. Before the injection, the cat should not go out, and the owner should try to avoid contacting other kittens outside to prevent infection

       The purpose of vaccination is not to take a bath. Cats without vaccination can also take a bath. Vaccination is to prevent cats from getting some diseases that are difficult to cure. The cat triple therapy is OK. For intelway, 60 injections are given. After the first injection, another injection is given in 21 days, and then once a year. To prevent cat distemper, feline calicivirus infection and infectious rhinotracheitis, it is necessary to prevent feline fever, feline calicivirus infection and infectious rhinotracheitis In the first week, Baier cats were treated with insect repellent. The young cats were treated once every three months, and the adult cats were treated once half a year

       I think feline plague is especially terrible for cats. It may be that cats cure diseases and then lead to death. I think that as the owner, you should take care of the cat carefully and pay special attention to his safety. I think the cat owner can give the cat a bath in the next three months, because I think the cat’s recovery is not particularly good, and its self recovery ability is special Low, cat plague is easy to hurt the cat’s body, I think it should be three months later to give the cat a bath, so that the cat’s body can have a buffer period, so that she can enjoy life more healthily. I think as a master, you should have such knowledge, and you should take good care of your cat

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