How long can a cat be weaned? How long can a kitten wean

       It takes about 63 days for a cat to breed a kitten.

       1. Male cats are generally mature about one and a half years old, while female cats are mature around one year old to give birth to kittens.

       2. In the first 10 days of pregnancy, the female cat does not like to eat in the morning, which is the first sign of pregnancy. This usually lasts only 48 hours, during which she may vomit several times. Because the female cat is weak at this time, all must strengthen the nursing.

       3. Three weeks after the cat is pregnant, turn her over slowly and observe her sexual intercourse. After the female cat is pregnant, the color of * * begins to turn pink and bigger, and the hair around * * gradually fades away.

       After 4-5 weeks, the stomach was slightly raised. The size of the belly varies with the fetus. During this period, cats are prone to miscarriage, so don’t touch their bellies.

       After 5.7 weeks, the abdomen was more obvious and the mammary glands were opened. The body weight increased by 1-1.5 kg, and the movement was also slightly slow.

       6. When the female cat is nearly 2 months pregnant, she needs to be taken to the prepared delivery room to help her with the production work.

       Extended data

       1. Domestic cats usually oestrus from January to March, may to August, or October. Cats can produce 1-8 fetuses at a time, usually 3-5. A good cat can give birth twice a year.

       2. Newborn kittens, whose eyes and ears are airtight and have a little hair, open their eyes in about 7-20 days, and begin to learn to walk within 9-15 days. They can eat solid food when they are four weeks old and weaned in about eight to ten weeks. When kittens are 6 months old, they can live on their own, with a life span of about 10 years.

       3. Domestic cats have strong reproductive capacity. They live in human cities and have no natural enemies. According to IFAW calculation, theoretically, two cats without sterilization and their offspring can give birth to 420000 in seven years. Their amazing reproductive capacity has made them overgrown in many countries.

       Source: Baidu Encyclopedia – domestic cat

       When the kitten is born, it generally weighs only 90-120 g, but it develops rapidly after birth. It can reach about 200 g at 1 week old and 300 g at 3-4 weeks old. It begins to eat paper food on the plate and can move around with the mother cat to look for food. At 5-6 weeks old, the kitten gradually sleeps on its own, and can feed on a small insect or mouse to 7-8 When the body weight reaches 700-750 g, the kitten can be weaned at this time. The weaning method can be used to isolate the mother from the baby, or the female cat can be weaned automatically. This is the animal’s sex. At a certain time, the female cat will press under the abdomen, refuse to breast feed the kitten, or use the legs to drive the kitten to feed. In order to reduce the swelling of the female cat and avoid inflammation, the feeding amount of the female cat should be reduced one year before weaning. The female cat should not be fed on the day of weaning, and can be fed 1 / 4 of the normal food on the second day, and then gradually increase. The normal food intake can only be restored on the fifth day. If there is a female cat feeding, there is no need to worry about it

       If you feed milk powder yourself, you’d better cut it after 2 months

       Give him some diluted food first,

       Usually the kitten can leave the mother about a week after weaning. Take a week to familiarize it with the new food, and then go to the new owner to continue feeding in the same way, which is OK.

       The weaning time of a cat is not necessarily locked in about 40 days. It can be a little later or a few days earlier. It’s mainly about the physical fitness of cats. Healthy and active cats can quickly adapt to the new environment in a week after weaning. In addition, regular return visits should be made to remind the new owner of immunization or sterilization. Be a good host.

       A full moon is OK, but if you can, you’d better let her eat for three months, so your kitten will be healthier.

       There are four cats in my family. Only one cat who has eaten enough for three months is very healthy, and her physical quality is much better than the other three. Of course, there are certain breed factors in it. However, one of the cats bought from a cold-blooded person obviously has a serious lack of cover. Her teeth do not grow until she is six months old.

       So it would be better to eat more milk for a few months, of course, cat milk

       In order to adapt the kitten’s digestive system to eat food instead of suckling, the procedure is called weaning, which begins at the age of 3 weeks. At the beginning of weaning, you can eat liquid food mixed with milk, such as cereal porridge, and then gradually add meat to the diet until the kitten is completely weaned at 8 weeks. Since the food that kittens learn to eat will determine the way they eat when they become adults, it is worth providing kittens with a variety of nutritious and balanced diets from the beginning to develop good eating habits. Weaning after feeding by female cats

       Cat age: 3 weeks

       Food: cat’s milk replacer or human milk can be diluted with water, but the nutrition should be doubled.

       Feeding method: feed liquid with a spoon, 4 times a day.

       Cat age: 4 weeks

       Food: the above milk powder and milk mixed with wheat flour, canned and bottled food (fish, meat, cheese, etc.) mixed in milk.

       Feeding method: put in shallow basin or plate, 4 times a day. Let the kitten eat as much as possible.

       Cat age: 5 weeks

       Food: finely minced meat, finely chopped canned cat food, or minced fish and boiled with milk instead of feeding four times a day.

       Feeding method: once a day, let the kitten eat as much as possible, do not put too much at once.

       Cat age: 6-8 weeks

       Food: increase the amount of solid food, preferably eat canned nutrition balanced cat food.

       Feeding method: feed according to the above method, gradually use solid food to take milk twice.

       Cat age: more than 8 weeks old

       Food: kittens are generally completely weaned. Feed solid food 2-3 times a day with a dish of milk. When the kitten is 6 months old, you can use water instead of milk if you like.

       Feeding method: put solid food on the plate. Milk and water should be changed 2-3 times a day.


       It’s a good idea to give your kitten a drop of human multivitamin syrup every day. From the beginning of weaning to at least six months, mix it in the diet and feed it to the kitten.

       Take the kitten away from the mother

       Do not remove the kitten from the female cat 6 weeks ago, except in special circumstances (e.g. for medical purposes). Ideally, wait until the kitten has been weaned for 8 weeks before leaving the female.

       Cats begin to grow teeth in the second week, eat solid food in the third week, and then gradually eat the same food as the female. Generally, they can be weaned in the sixth week.

       Cooked or minced meat can be added at the fourth week. Feed 5-6 times a day, but the amount is not too much each time. If there is food left, it is given more, and it should be reduced next time. Don’t let the cat get into the habit of leftovers. After two months of age, they can be fed three or two times a day. At the age of 10 months, you can only feed cat food once or twice a day.

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