How long can a cat live with pus

       The wound must be kept clean to prevent infection. My family has a collar. Two weeks after the stitches were removed, the doctor let them be picked. In addition, if the wound is not clean and entangled with a lot of hair and dust, my doctors will not take out the stitches. To prevent the cat from jumping up and down and causing wound closure.

       Ad can, my family didn’t eat it after sterilization. It is said that the salt content of the new ad is relatively high, so I have been taking nutrition cream, 5cm a day, for a month and a half. Because you have been taking antibiotics, you must keep drinking water to metabolize waste. No salt water. Why don’t you try to buy a drink and fill it with cold boiled water.

       I hope meow will recover soon, and the cat’s survival ability is very strong. It must be OK

       Cats generally live longer than dogs. Under the condition of family feeding, if the nutrition is sufficient and the medical conditions are good, the average life span of male cats is estimated to be 13-15 years (the life span of female cats who have not been killed is 15-17 years), but the life expectancy of castrated male cats and female cats is 1-2 years longer than the average life span.

       According to records, the longest lived cat may have been a spotted cat named “Puss” raised by Mrs. holway of clighton, Devon. It celebrated its 36th birthday on November 28, 1939, and died the day after it.

       The puberty of cats is between 1 and 2 years old. A 10-year-old cat is basically considered to have entered the old age society.

       The average life span of a cat is 18-20 years old. People are in puberty at the age of 18, but cats are in advanced age at the age of 18. The puberty of cats is between 1 and 2 years old. A 10-year-old cat is basically considered to be in the old age society. After that, the cat needs to be more carefully cared for by the owner in order to make the cat live a long life. The specific age stages are shown in the table below:

       1.5 months = 4 years old

       3 months = 6 years old

       6 months = 10 years old

       9 months = 13 years old

       1 year = 15 years old

       2 years = 24 years

       3 years = 28 years


       5 years = 36 years

       6 years = 40 years

       7 years = 44 years

       8 years = 48 years

       9 years = 52 years

       10 years = 56 years

       11 years = 60 years

       12 years = 64 years

       13 years = 68 years

       14 years = 72 years

       15 years = 76 years

       16 years = 80 years

       17 years = 84 years

       18 years = 88 years old

       19 years = 92 years

       20 years = 96 years

       21 years = 100 years

       In fact, there are not many cases of pustulosis in cats, because relatively speaking, the sterilization rate of cats in China is relatively high, and the problem of pus accumulation can be completely avoided in sterilized cats. Therefore, most cats with pus accumulation are older female cats without sterilization, and severe pyogenesis can also endanger the life of cats.

       ***Pustulosis is a serious gynecological disease in cats. Up to now, the causes of pustulosis in cats are not clear. The main reasons for this are as follows: when a cat’s ovarian function is wrong, a large amount of progesterone will be secreted, and progesterone can trigger the growth of the intima of the cat and accelerate the secretion. In this way, liquid will be accumulated in the cat, and the volume of the pussy will increase gradually* **There is more and more fluid in the uterus. Once bacteria enter the chamber, a large number of bacteria will be generated in the chamber, and pus will be produced in the uterus. If the cat’s penis is not infected by bacteria all the time, the fluid may be clear and transparent, and it should be called effusion instead of pus. In addition, the use of estrogen or progesterone in female cats without birth control may also cause this situation.

       Cats with pustulosis have different symptoms at different times. If there is effusion, the cat’s general state is not obvious, it is not easy to be found. As time goes on, the cat will have some changes, such as loss of appetite, stomach enlargement, often licking, to the middle and late stage, the cat’s stomach will be significantly larger. ***There are two types of pus accumulation, open type and closed type. The open type of pus accumulation will continuously flow pus or pus blood from the female cat’s penis. The cat will often lick off the outflow liquid, which is not easy to find. The atresia type has no secretions, but cats often lick them. In the later stage, the cat will have fever, anorexia, vomiting, weakness, weight loss and other symptoms. ***Pus can endanger the life of the cat, because it will cause the cat to appear very serious anemia, if not treated in time, it will die soon.

       ***The most effective way to treat pyorrhea is to remove the diseased penis and ovaries. Other methods can not cure it. It should be noted that the operation must be completed quickly under the premise of the cat’s physical condition. If the cat has anemia, dehydration, endotoxin poisoning, it should be well conditioned before the operation. Anesthesia during surgery is also very important, so try to use high safety inhalation anesthesia. After surgery, cats may have septicemia, bacteremia, toxemia and other conditions, so careful observation and treatment should be carried out.

       The treatment of pyometra is mainly surgical removal of the diseased penis and ovaries, because conventional anti-inflammatory and flushing can not be cured in many cases. It is worth noting that the operation must be carried out as soon as the cat’s physical condition allows. When the cat has anemia, depigmentation, and endotoxin poisoning, it should be adjusted before the operation. How much money it costs depends on the situation. It is estimated that the pet shop will not spend much. Don’t worry about the cost of money.

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