How long do kittens open their eyes – how many days after kittens are born?

       It usually takes about 8 days for a kitten to open its eyes after birth. At this time, the cat’s eyes are not fully opened. To wait until the cat fully opens its eyes, it usually takes about 14-15 days after birth. In addition, different breeds of cats open their eyes for different periods of time. For example, short haired cats generally open their eyes earlier than long haired cats.

       If you can’t find a foster mother for your kitten, you can bottle feed the kitten. In order to provide the kittens with antibodies to prevent diseases, it is necessary to give the kittens a meal of Colostrum (the milk secreted by the female cats in the first few days after giving birth to the kittens), if possible. Squeeze a few drops of colostrum from the cat’s penis and feed the colostrum to the kitten with a dropper.

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       Eat less and eat more, and pay attention to the timing, ration and fixed point of feeding. Feed at a fixed time every day to form a good eating habit. Don’t eat too much or too little. With the increase of the age of the cat, the appetite of the kitten will increase gradually in a certain period of time (usually three or four months), and it will be stable after more than eight months.

       Generally, a cat about two months old should eat more than five or six times a day. Before three months, the kittens were usually fed four times a day, such as 9:00 a.m., 12:00 p.m., 6:00 p.m., and 10:00 p.m. When they are three to six months old, they are fed three times a day. Twice a day after six months old.

       When the milk for kittens is not enough or there is no milk, you can drink special pet milk powder. When you are bigger, you can add some rice flour in the milk powder. If you eat milk directly, it may cause diarrhea, because kittens can’t digest milk well.

       Reference source: Baidu Encyclopedia cat

       A milestone in the growth and development of kittens. Even in the same litter, the growth and development of each kitten may be different. Some of them are soon independent; others are very dependent on their mothers. Similarly, the degree of physical development may vary. Usually the last born kitten is always the smallest and weakest; the following figures refer to the general kittens.

       Visual acuity opened eyes: 8-20 days, eyes changed to fixed color: 12 weeks

       Sports ability: climbing: 16-20 days walking: 21-25 days running: 4-5 weeks

       Weaning start to eat solid food: 3-4 weeks complete weaning: 8

       Urine and urine at the beginning of training: 3-4 weeks

       Permanent teeth: 12-18 weeks

       Only one day, basically, as long as you pay attention to keep warm and do nothing else, just eat the milk of the female cat. Pay attention to observe whether there is normal defecation (the female cat will lick the kitten PP to stimulate defecation). In very rare cases, the female cat does not have milk or does not pay attention to the kitten. Only when the female cat does not have milk or does not pay attention to the kitten, she needs to use a bottle or a small needle tube to feed special milk powder for cats or * milk powder for brewing (note that it must be * *, and the adult milk powder must be drunk) Diarrhea). About 10 days, kittens will open their eyes, and some will open in a week. Don’t worry. Some kittens with poor congenital nutrition will open their eyes late. Do not use your hands to pick up their eyes. If you open your eyes forcibly, you will lose sight! If you observe the secretion around the kitten’s eyes after a week, you can use a cotton swab dipped in warm water to gently wipe the eyelid junction and eye socket. Be careful and light, and be sure to wait for the kitten to open itself.

       Female cats to strengthen nutrition, feed pregnant female cat special cat food, or buy some canned cats, wonderful fresh compartment, separated to add meals to the mother cat, once a day.

       Again, the most important thing in winter is to keep warm. Newborn cats are easy to catch cold. They are very vulnerable before vaccination, so they should not get cold. According to the situation of the mother cat’s milk, it can be weaned at the full month. If you don’t want to eat it, you can soak it with warm water or * milk powder, and gradually change to dry food. In two months or so, take it to the doctor for physical examination and vaccination, and the resistance will be improved a lot.

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